GH Update Monday 2/28/11

General Hospital Update Monday 2/28/11


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At the Jacks home, Carly asks Shawn not to shoot her. Carly warns that Jason and Sonny will come looking for him. Carly reluctantly hands Shawn her car keys. Shawn continues to point the gun at Carly. Shawn walks toward the foyer and collapses on the floor. Carly manages to get Shawn back on the couch. Carly says Shawn’s wound is getting worse. Shawn senses Carly trusts him for some reason. Carly admits that she wants information on Theo. Carly hopes that Shawn will let his wound heal. Shawn asks Carly why Sonny’s goons haven’t shown up yet. Shawn tries to convince Carly not to help him. Shawn believes he’s a bad guy. Carly gives Shawn some leftover antibiotic medicine. Shawn talks about working for Theo. Shawn and Carly agree that Theo has another meeting place in town.

Suzanne barges into Theo’s cave hideout. Suzanne announces that Brenda is dead. Theo is shocked by the news of the limo explosion. Suzanne accuses Theo of planting the bomb. Theo asserts he wants Brenda alive. Theo and Suzanne argue over Brenda. Theo hopes that Brenda is still alive because he wants to ask her questions about his grandson. Theo believes Brenda’s son might not be dead. Theo and Suzanne agree that one of Sonny’s rivals rigged the limo with explosives. Suzanne makes it clear that Theo will pay if Brenda is dead. Theo brings up his long marriage to Suzanne. Theo wonders if Suzanne is against him now. Suzanne speaks of the difficulty she went through befriending Brenda. Suzanne insists she loathes Brenda. Suzanne fears that all her hard work was for nothing if Brenda is dead. Suzanne apologizes to Theo. Theo is happy that Suzanne is still on board with their plan.

Outside the pavilion, a paramedic informs Sonny and Jason that Sam is barely alive. Both wonder where Brenda is. Jason touches Sam’s face but she is unconscious. The paramedic refuses Jason’s request to ride in the ambulance. Nearby, Patrick makes some calls to the hospital. Edward and Luke talk about the bombing. Edward is concerned about Sam. Luke has no idea where Brenda is located. Luke offers to take Edward home. Edward asks Michael to join them but he declines the offer. Michael wants to stay with Sonny. Michael tells Abby he feels sorry for his great-grandfather. Abby thinks Michael is being too hard on himself. They head over to the hospital.

At the Davis home, Alexis learns that Theo is the Balkan. Kristina wonders why Molly stayed quiet about the information. Molly says that Sam and Jason told her to remain silent. Molly feels bad about what happened. Alexis reassures Molly that it isn’t her fault. Alexis is thankful that her daughters are okay. Jax shows up with news about Sam. Alexis is saddened to hear Sam was in the limo explosion. Jax has no information on Brenda’s whereabouts. Alexis asks Ethan to stay with the girls. After Jax and Alexis leave, Molly goes online. Kristina tells Ethan that she’s scared for Sam. Kristina confides about her near-escape from Johnny’s car bombing. Kristina apologizes to Ethan for getting emotional.

At the pavilion, Dante and Sonny agree that Sam and Brenda look alike. They realize that Theo wanted to create a diversion so Sam could be switched with Brenda. Sonny knows that Theo wants Brenda alive. Sonny points out Theo wanted to bide some time to nab Brenda. Dante thinks Theo wants to interrogate Brenda for some information. However, Sonny disagrees. Sonny believes Theo is making it personal since Brenda is responsible for Aleksander’s death.

Lucky and Siobhan are on a plane heading back to Port Charles. Lucky asks if Siobhan plans on going to Barcelona. Siobhan and Lucky joke at extending her stay by having a green-card marriage. Siobhan claims that she isn’t romantic. Lucky agrees that marriage is a complicated thing. Lucky asks Siobhan if she would consider marrying him. Lucky comes clean about his pain pill addiction as well as Jason being Jake’s biological father. Siobhan is speechless. Siobhan asks Lucky if he wants to work things out with Elizabeth. Siobhan apologizes for being out of line. Lucky admits that his relationship with Liz was a volatile one. Lucky maintains he has moved on from Elizabeth and won’t be getting back with her.

Luke and Edward return to the Quartermaine house. They inform Tracy that Sam was in the limo. Edward worries what will happen to Jason if Sam dies. Edward feels regret about choices he has made. Tracy looks alarmed when Edward loses his train of thought. Edward is saddened by all the violence that surrounds his loved ones. Tracy has tears in her eyes. Edward leaves the room to go to sleep. Tracy speaks of her concerns regarding Edward. Tracy asks Luke to stay. Luke hugs his wife.

Sam is wheeled in on a stretcher to the hospital’s ER. Jason approaches Steven but he is preoccupied. A nurse refuses to speak to Jason. Jason is beside himself; he sits down on a chair. Patrick and Robin tell Jason that they are going to examine Sam. Patrick and Robin are worried that Sam could have cerebral edema or a brain bleed. Robin wants to run some tests. Michael and Abby show up. Jason relays that Sam is stable. Olivia rushes into the lobby. Olivia inquires about Dante. Alexis and Jax barge into the hospital. Alexis asks about Sam. Alexis sits next to Jason. Jason informs Alexis about the events leading up to the limo explosion. Alexis says Sam never returned to the wedding reception. Jason thinks Theo hired another man to be at the wedding. Jason says that the limo’s bomb proofing saved Sam.

Patrick informs Jason and Alexis that Sam has no brain bleeds or serious injuries. Patrick adds that Sam was drugged. Alexis visits with Sam. Sam has her eyes closed. Nearby, Michael tells Abby he feels useless. Michael feels he owes Sam because she introduced him to Abby. Morgan calls Michael and asks him for a ride home. Michael and Abby leave the hospital. Olivia and Jax step aside to talk about the limo explosion. Jax admits it is a rollercoaster of emotions thinking Brenda was dead.

Sonny calls Jason. Jason informs Sonny that Shawn is at Carly’s house. Sonny promises to take care of Shawn. Suzanne is listening from the hospital corridor. Suzanne runs into Jax. Jax relays that Sam was in the limo not Brenda. Alone, Suzanne makes a call to an unknown person.

Michael arrives at the Davis home. Michael is surprised that everyone knows about Sam being in the limo. After Michael and Morgan leave, Kristina thanks Ethan for being a good friend.

Carly covers Shawn with a blanket. Carly wonders why Shawn didn’t kill her at the pavilion. Shawn admits he was wrong in working for Theo. Sonny and his guards barge into the house. Sonny relays that Brenda wasn’t in the limo – it was Sam. Sonny demands to know where Brenda is.

Lulu shows up at the pavilion to support Dante. Dante wonders how Brenda got grabbed. Dante makes a phone call. Dante thinks a truck outside the pavilion earlier in the night might be part of the plan. Dante thanks Lulu for helping. They share a kiss.

Franco calls Jason. Jason is irritated. Franco talks about missing Port Charles. Franco tells Jason he has a present for him. Robin tells Jason that Sam is waking up. Jason holds Sam’s hand. Sam opens her eyes and looks at Jason strangely. Sam can’t hear Jason’s words.

Brenda wakes up in the cave hideout. Brenda appears to have a bad headache. Theo is standing over Brenda. Brenda is shocked to learn she was sedated. Brenda inquires about Sonny. Theo tells Brenda he is Aleksander’s father.

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