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General Hospital Update Friday 2/25/11


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As Sonny and Brenda make their exit from the Archer Pavilion, the remaining guests of Port Charles gather around to throw rose petals at the newlyweds.  Happy and in love, Sonny opens the limo door for Brenda. Before Sonny can join her for their departure, however, he returns to his guests and gives Luke a hug, as Luke hands him something. Then, as history seems to repeat itself, the vehicle bursts into a nasty explosion, as the patrons witness the death of Brenda. Ethan drags the kids away while Dante and Luke hold Sonny back.

Meanwhile, Jason enters Carly’s home, gun in hand. Sean pulls his gun, and Jason tells Carly that Sean was working for the Balkan and had him set up for an ambush. Sean then fires back that he was only trying to help Jason; and that the Balkan was responsible for him being shot.

At the other end of the park (near the Pavilion), Michael and Abby hear what they assume to be fireworks. Their embrace is disrupted as sirens scream through the air, seemingly headed to the place where his father, Sonny, and his new step-mother were wed just moments before.

Still sitting in the Metro Court bar, Alexis and Jax discuss their failed relationships: Alexis and Sonny, and the Jax-Brenda-Carly triangle.

Back at the wedding site, Ethan tries to calm the children. All three of them are in tears as they address the resemblance to Lily’s car explosion. Molly wonders what happened when Brenda was inside the car. Did she know what was happening when it happened?

Patrick tries to restrain Robin; Luke tells Sonny that Brenda is gone; Lulu arrives afterwards and Sonny cries into Dante’s shoulder.

Carly convinces Sean to hand over the gun. Luke calls Jason and explains that he needs to get to the pavilion as soon as possible.  “Sonny’s limo blew up!”  Carly convinces Jason to leave to help Sonny- and he leaves, but not before threatening Sean with his life if anything were to happen to her.

Molly grabs her laptop for research and Morgan tries to explain that it is no use- Brenda is dead. Still, Molly wants to research to help her get through her pain.  She is still dealing with her PTSD- this explosion certainly doesn’t help things!

Alexis receives a call while chatting with Jax. Kristina explains to her that someone planted a bomb inside the limo and that Brenda was inside.

Back inside the Pavilion, Robin is frantic and tells Patrick that she blames herself. “They never would have gotten married if it wasn’t for me!” “If she is dead, I did this to her”. 

Outside, Dante and Lulu watch Sonny assault the driver of the Limo. Michael shows up and helps Luke and Dante break up the grasp Sonny had on the irresponsible driver.

Carly waits with Sean, as he tells her she doesn’t need the gun. He tells her that he didn’t know where he was- as he’s dealing with PTSD as well.  He never intended to kill Brenda and he claims he never intended to hurt Carly either.

Instead of sitting around playing the scene over and over, Ethan tries to distract the kids by teaching them how to play poker. Reluctantly, they agree. Molly, the romantic, says she will never read a romance novel again. As she compares Sonny and Brenda’s romance to that of Romeo and Juliet, she explains that while Juliet’s tragedy may have seemed romantic as she died in Romeo’s arms- the death of Brenda (the heroin in Molly’s “story”) is nothing to be romanticized.

Jason arrives to the scene and speaks to Sonny privately. Luke, Dante, and Lulu huddle together to discuss what happened. As Luke walks away, Lulu tells Dante that she was wrong and she was just being weak by trying to push him away.  Jason tells Sonny that Theo is the Balkan. Then, a firefighter walks up and says that a body was found in the car. In order to retrieve the body, they must cut her out of the vehicle. Jason tries to comfort Sonny.

Ethan tries to comfort Molly, as she recaps the look on her uncle Sonny’s face during the explosion. “How is he supposed to enjoy life when all of his hopes and dreams for the future died with Brenda” she asks. Ethan responds back with a poem called In Memorium. The part he quotes states:  “I hold it true, whatever befall. I feel it when I sorrow most. Tis better to love and lost, than never to have loved at all”.  He then compares Brenda’s courage to Kristina’s strength after what happened to her months before. He tells Molly that she has that same courage.

Carly points a gun at Sean and demands he doesn’t move or she will shoot. He explains that it is much harder to shoot someone pointblank. Carly is baffled that he is willing to take Brenda’s life- and he corrects her by saying his job was to just kidnap her.  Turns out, he’s just a sell-out.

Sonny stares into space as he waits for the rescue crew to remove Brenda from the car. “I’m not leaving without my wife” he tells Jason. Lulu tries to comfort Dante, just as Abby tries to do with Michael. Michael chooses to stay with his dad. Shortly after, Jax and Alexis arrive to the scene. Jax explodes and tells Sonny that it is his fault that he lost 2 wives to car bombs. “It should be YOU in that car!” And then tells Sonny to take a gun to his head and shoot himself. That way, he claims, he can be with Brenda forever. “How many more people have to die?!” he screams. Alexis then apologizes to Sonny for his loss. She assures him that she will take care of the kids, as he should take care of himself.

Edward arrives to the scene to see what he heard from Tracy about the accident. As usual, he blames Sonny. He then tries to make Michael promise to not follow in his father’s footsteps.

Back in Carly’s living room, Sean explains his difficulties to enter civilian life after he was in the marines. He tells her that as a soldier, it was his job to protect- but now he must live with the consequences of his part in Brenda losing her life.

As Sonny sits waiting for something to happen, Robin tells Patrick that she will not leave Sonny’s side. She comes out and they embrace. Sonny then tells Robin that he should have just left Brenda at the alter- that way none of this would’ve happened. Robin reassures him that this is what Brenda wanted- to marry Sonny.  A few steps away, Jason is unsure that this is the Balkans work. After all, Theo could have had Brenda killed long ago. This just doesn’t seem to make sense. Just then, Jason's phone rings.

“I’m back -- you miss me?,” asks the caller. “Who is this,” Jason responds. The audience sees that it’s Franco.  Franco asks how he’s been. It’s obviously the same type of games that he enjoys playing with Stone Cold. Franco makes a joke that doesn’t seem to impress Jason. As their conversation comes to a close, Franco states, “Do not worry, we will be together soon. Keep a light on for me. And I trust you enjoyed the fireworks. Peace.” Jason hangs up the phone, aware that he had something to do with the explosion.

The fireman tells Dante that the body is now out of the car as the camera flashes to Sonny, who overheard the news.

Sean tries to stand and Carly notices that he is bleeding “pretty good.” She moves over to check his bandage and puts down the gun. She put her guard down at the wrong time. Sean grabs the gun and points it back at her.

Alexis arrives at her house and comforts Molly, Kristina and Morgan. She thanks Ethan for his help, right before Molly breaks the news to her mom that she knew Theo was the Balkan.

As the body is on the stretcher, Sonny demands to see his bride. As he pulls the cover off of the body, Sonny and Jason realize that it is not Brenda-- it’s Sam.

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