GH Update Wednesday 2/23/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/23/11


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At the penthouse, Jason, Sam and Shawn discuss the meeting at the Pine Barrens. Jason is worried about an ambush. Jason tells Shawn that he’s not going to attend the meeting. Jason worries that Shawn might try to set him up. Shawn promises to help Jason but he’s reluctant to believe him. Jason finally agrees but warns he’ll kill Shawn if he tries to double-cross him. Jason refuses to give a gun to Shawn. Sam would rather go to the meeting with Jason. However, Jason wants Sam at the wedding reception. Shawn and Jason know they can’t trust Theo. Sam pleads with Jason to take her to the meeting instead. Sam reluctantly agrees to Jason’s wishes. Sam tells Jason to be careful. Jason and Shawn leave for the meeting.

At Jake’s, Johnny runs into Maxie. Johnny asks if Maxie went to the wedding. Maxie says she was invited but didn’t want to go. Johnny wonders if Spinelli’s the reason. Maxie insists she’s not jealous. Maxie has regrets in hurting Spinelli. Maxie tells Johnny that she’s happy with Matt. Maxie brings up Lisa. Johnny defends Lisa which irritates Maxie. Lisa is listening from nearby. Lisa interrupts the conversation and tells Maxie to back off. Lisa compares herself to Maxie. Maxie laughs and says she’s not as bad as Lisa. Maxie wonders why Johnny can’t see how crazy Lisa is. Lisa makes some threats. Matt breaks up the catfight. Matt tells Lisa to stay away from Robin. Johnny remains quiet. After Matt and Maxie walks away, Johnny confides to Lisa that he defended her to Maxie. Johnny makes a bad joke about Lisa stalking him. Maxie continues to glare at Lisa from across the bar. Maxie is sickened to think that Johnny and Lisa are together. Matt is convinced that Lisa still wants Patrick. Maxie realizes that Johnny is holding the syringe for Lisa. Maxie asks Matt to help her find the syringe.

At the hideout in the cave, Theo and Suzanne talk about meeting with Shawn. Suzanne plans on going back to the wedding. Theo is convinced that Shawn and Jason are working together now. Theo fears that Jason will try to ambush him. Suzanne apologizes for keeping quiet about Brenda’s pregnancy and miscarriage. Theo appears to be okay with Suzanne’s apology. Suzanne comments that his office is a gloomy place. Suzanne suggests going somewhere tropical in the future. Suzanne plans on creating a diversion so Theo can go into hiding again. Theo insists he can take care of the problem.

After the wedding, everyone claps in approval. Brenda and Sonny are happy to finally be married. Lulu is mad; she gives Dante a dirty look. Michael asks Carly if she’s okay. Carly says that it was Sonny’s decision to marry Brenda. Sonny stares at Carly. Robin congrats Sonny and Brenda. Brook Lynn and Nikolas chat with the newlyweds. Brook Lynn promises to take pictures for her mother Lois. Nearby, Spinelli and Lulu are talking. Jax and Carly speak briefly. Carly believes that Jax is disappointed she couldn’t stop the wedding. Olivia is worried about Dante. Olivia confronts her son about sleeping with Brenda. Dante maintains he didn’t have sex with Brenda. Olivia thinks Brenda was unfair to Dante. Brenda and Sonny can’t stop smiling.

The reception gets underway. Morgan and Carly can’t wait to have cake. Edward tells Brenda he would have helped her with the pregnancy situation. Brenda plans on moving on with her life. Carly tells Spinelli that he shouldn’t feel guilty about the Brenda situation. Carly urges Spinelli to let go of his guilt. Both wonder what happened to Jason. Spinelli senses trouble. Luke congrats Brenda then calls her a classy lady. Sonny realizes that Luke knew about Carly’s scheme. Nevertheless, Sonny is just happy to be married to Brenda. Tracy pulls Luke aside and asks if he knew about the document. Tracy wonders how Lulu is coping with the announcement. Luke figures that Lulu will forgive Dante.

In the foyer, Lulu confronts Carly about her bombshell. Carly says she confronted Brenda before the wedding. Lulu wonders if she’s want to be with Dante. Nearby, Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Molly talk to Sonny and Brenda. Molly compares the wedding ceremony to a tragic love story. Molly is relieved that the couple is no longer in danger. Dante runs past the happy group in search of Lulu.

At the reception, Spinelli congratulates Brenda and Sonny. Sonny is having a hard time being civil to Spinelli. However, Sonny thanks Spinelli for helping Brenda. Brenda is a little irritated when Spinelli starts defending Carly. After Spinelli walks away, Brenda jokes that he should live with them at the cabin in the woods. Brenda and Sonny admire their wedding cake. Nearby, Ethan and Kristina sit down to talk. Kristina brings up Ethan’s Vegas wedding to Maya. Ethan admits he doesn’t remember much. Kristina asks why Ethan doesn’t get an annulment. Ethan updates Kristina on Edward’s plan. Ethan has no intentions of working at ELQ but knows Maya needs the money. Kristina thinks Ethan’s actions are admirable but wonders how he can stay married to Maya if he’s not in love.

In the foyer, Robin is crying. Patrick walks by and tells his wife she’s beautiful. Patrick and Robin reminisce about their two wedding ceremonies. Patrick says Anna cried at their wedding. Robin admits it was a perfect day. Patrick asks Robin if she regrets getting married. Robin doesn’t regret marrying Patrick. Robin is happy they have Emma. Patrick and Robin agree not to analyze their marriage for one night. Robin says Patrick changed her life. Steven and Olivia walk past Robin and Patrick. Olivia admits to Steven that she’s still shocked about Dante’s confession.

Nearby, Brenda talks to Edward, Tracy and Nikolas. Brenda leaves the table to take a family photo. Jax stops Brenda. Jax congratulates Brenda and wishes her well. Carly walks out. Sonny follows her to the foyer. Sonny asks if Carly is leaving. Carly is looking forward to eating cake. Carly wonders if Sonny is going to thank her. Sonny can’t understand why Carly didn’t come to him earlier with the information. Carly apologizes but then says she talked to Brenda in the bride’s room. Sonny is thankful that Brenda didn’t leave town. Sonny is visibly happy which seems to annoy Carly. Sonny thanks Carly for allowing him to get married with no secrets. Carly grabs a glass of champagne. Carly runs into Dante. Dante confronts Carly about her announcement. Dante figures that Carly hates his guts. Carly maintains that she was trying to protect Sonny. Dante worries that the revelation broke Lulu’s heart. Dante swears that he’s in love with Lulu. Carly isn’t convinced.

At the table, Tracy asks Edward if he thinks Sonny and Brenda’s marriage will last. Edward is sure that Sonny will end up ruining Brenda’s life. Tracy worries about Lulu. Edward thinks Lulu is resilient. Nearby, Suzanne pulls Brenda aside. Suzanne is happy for Brenda. Suzanne apologizes for sabotaging the wedding. Suzanne wonders if she can ever be friends with Brenda again. Brenda pulls Suzanne into a hug then jokes that they both survived Carly.

At the reception, Luke and Sonny talk about Carly’s scheming. Sonny wants to move on. Luke comments that Sonny is a changed man because he forgave Brenda. Luke walks over to Carly. Carly is ticked off that Luke allowed her to be kidnapped by Max and Milo. Luke is impressed by Carly’s resilience. Luke suggests that he and Carly scheme together sometime.

Nearby, Tracy and Dante argue with each other. Tracy warns Dante to leave Lulu alone. Lulu hurries out the door. Michael is walking around the foyer when Abby shows up. Michael is thrilled to see Abby. Abby apologizes for being late; she had a job interview. Abby tells Michael she didn’t get the job because of her stripper past. Abby inquires about the wedding ceremony. Olivia talks to Sonny about Dante. Olivia is worried about her son.

Alexis asks Jax if he’s okay. Jax fears that Carly wants nothing to do with him. Jax looks over and sees Carly taking photos with the kids.

Shawn and Jason arrive at the Pine Barrens. Shawn asks Jason for a gun. Jason threatens to shoot Shawn if he doesn’t cooperate. They hide behind some boulders. Jason instructs Shawn to stand up. Shawn walks a few feet away but gunfire erupts around them.

Robin makes an announcement that Brenda and Sonny will share their first dance together. The lights are dimmed; everyone watches as they dance. After a minute, Luke and Tracy, Ethan and Kristina, Edward and Carly, and Robin and Patrick join in. Sonny kisses Brenda. In the foyer, Michael asks Abby to dance.

Dante shows up at Lulu’s apartment. Dante yells that he knows Lulu’s home. Lulu opens the door and pulls Dante inside. Lulu is visibly embarrassed. Lulu punches Dante in the face.

Sam gets into her vehicle to go to the reception. Sam is shocked to see Theo sitting in the backseat.

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