GH Update Tuesday 2/22/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/22/11


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At the airport in Ireland, Lucky patiently waits for his flight back to Port Charles. Siobhan sits down next to Lucky. Lucky is surprised to see Siobhan. Lucky points out Siobhan is missing her flight. Siobhan says she changed her mind about going to Barcelona with Megan. Lucky urges Siobhan to go to Spain where she can live freely and not worry about anything. Siobhan says she isn’t scared of Lucky. In fact, Siobhan is adamant that she’s not leaving Lucky. Lucky wonders if Siobhan cares about him. Siobhan admits she feels obligated to go back to Port Charles. Siobhan wants to help Coleman and owes rent on her room at Kelly’s. Siobhan tells Lucky she already bought a plane ticket. A security guard allows Lucky to board but stops Siobhan. The man tells Siobhan that her Visa expired. Lucky shows the man his badge then says Siobhan is needed in the States to testify. Lucky gives the man a business card from Agent Bates and asks him to call Interpol. The man agrees to let Siobhan board but maintains she can stay in New York for only one month.

At the law office, Jason continues to aim a gun at Shawn. Shawn refuses to let Sam go. Shawn isn’t impressed with Jason’s threats. Shawn urges Jason to shoot him. Jason wishes Shawn would help them find the Balkan. Jason asks Shawn to make a choice – protect the Balkan or help him. Nevertheless, Shawn won’t release Sam. Sam explains to Jason how she tailed Shawn to Theo’s office. Shawn goes over the plan of how he would have kidnapped Brenda. Jason asks if Theo wanted Brenda killed. Shawn says his orders were not to kill Brenda. Shawn adds that he couldn’t kidnap Brenda because he had no access to her, that Brenda and Carly argued before the ceremony. Shawn claims he wouldn’t have hurt Brenda. Jason wonders how Shawn knows Carly. Shawn relays that he met Carly through Molly. Sam confirms what Shawn said. Shawn says he did research on Carly but wouldn’t kill her. Diane walks in and cringes at the sight of guns. Jason blurts out that Theo is the Balkan. Jason asks Diane’s help in tracking down Theo. Diane panics that Theo has access to all her clients’ information. Jason asks Diane to calm down. Diane agrees to help them find Theo. Jason and Sam escort Shawn out of the office.

Suzanne arrives at Theo’s hideout in the cave. Suzanne hands Theo a drink. Theo jokes that Suzanne must have had a hard time finding his location. Theo wonders if Brenda has been kidnapped by now. Suzanne senses trouble. Suzanne points out that Theo’s true identity has been exposed. Theo doesn’t want to worry. Theo is convinced that Sonny won’t marry Brenda. Suzanne says that Brenda is being heavily guarded at the pavilion. Theo senses that his wife has become sympathetic toward Brenda. Suzanne insists that revenge isn’t the answer. Suzanne worries that Theo’s organization has been compromised. Theo talks about when Aleksander first went missing. Theo warns that Sonny and Brenda will pay dearly.

At the hospital, Terrell and Monica are discussing a patient. Terrell wants to perform surgery on Edmund but his mother won’t sign off on the operation. Elizabeth interrupts; Monica goes back to work. Elizabeth tells Terrell that the mother isn’t sure of Edmund’s paternity.

Later, Liz runs into Monica. Elizabeth is holding Aiden. Liz updates Monica on Edmund. Monica comments that Aiden looks just like Lucky did as a baby. Elizabeth is shocked. Elizabeth asks Epiphany’s opinion. Epiphany thinks Liz is crazy to think Lucky fathered Aiden. Liz points out that Helena could have switched the results. Epiphany suggests that Elizabeth let it go. Epiphany wishes Elizabeth would concentrate on her work and her children. Elizabeth continues to harp on the possibility that Nik isn’t Aiden’s father.

At the pavilion, Brenda objects to marrying Sonny. Sonny can’t believe what he’s hearing. Brenda says she has to tell the truth or Carly will. Michael looks over at Carly and asks her what’s going on. Carly pipes in that she has legal proof of Brenda’s secret. Brenda announces that she and Dante had an affair four years ago. Lulu starts to cry. Sonny looks at Dante for confirmation. Sonny is mad that Brenda lied to him. Sonny realizes why Dante and Brenda acted so uncomfortable around each other. Sonny accuses Brenda of sleeping with Dante. Sonny is disappointed that Brenda couldn’t tell him the truth. Dante looks at the legal document. Everyone is shocked to learn that Dante signed a petition to waive all legal rights to Brenda’s baby. Dante admits the document is legit but he lied to protect Brenda. Dante proceeds to tell everyone about guarding Brenda in 2007. Dante denies sleeping with Brenda. Dante implies that Brenda was pregnant with Aleksander’s child. Sonny wants Carly to leave but she remains planted in her seat. Brenda apologizes to Sonny for keeping quiet about the secret. Brenda believes she isn’t good enough for Sonny. Brenda tells Sonny she’s sorry and that she loves him. Brenda starts walking down the aisle but Sonny asks her to stop. Sonny refuses to leave Brenda at the altar again. Sonny wants to forgive Brenda but it’s hard for him. Sonny and Brenda have tears in their eyes. Sonny tells Brenda she deserves to be loved then says he forgives her. Sonny asks Brenda if she still wants to get married. They hug. The wedding ceremony proceeds on. Sonny and Brenda say their vows. During the wedding, Robin looks over at Patrick. Once the exchange of rings has concluded, Carly shakes her head at the bride and groom. Molly is crying. The priest pronounces Sonny and Brenda as husband and wife. The guests stand up and clap as Sonny kisses Brenda.

Jason, Sam and Shawn return to the penthouse. Shawn asks to be released. Shawn claims he is done working for Theo. Jason wonders what to do next.

Theo makes a call to someone. Theo learns that Brenda wasn’t nabbed at the pavilion. Theo tells Suzanne that Brenda made an announcement at the wedding, claiming she was pregnant with Aleksander’s baby. Theo is irritated that Suzanne didn’t tell him about the pregnancy. Suzanne admits she knew that Brenda miscarried. Theo asks why Suzanne kept quiet. Suzanne knew the truth would hurt Theo. Theo is more outraged than ever. Theo is devastated that he has no heir. Theo’s hatred for Brenda is deepening. Theo wants revenge for the baby and Aleksander’s death. Suzanne puts on her coat and tells Theo she’s going to the wedding. Suzanne plans on following through with their scheme. Theo talks to Shawn via his cell phone. Shawn relays that he couldn’t kidnap Brenda and asks about a plan B. Theo agrees to meet secretly with Shawn. After the call concludes, Theo tells Suzanne that Shawn is working with Jason now. Theo wants to ambush Jason at the meet.

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