GH Update Monday 2/21/11

General Hospital Update Monday 2/21/11


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Sam and Jason arrive at Theo’s hotel room but he isn’t there. Sam wonders if they have the wrong room number. Jason finds a note from Theo. They concur that someone will try to nab Brenda at the pavilion. Sam and Jason realize that Theo hired Shawn to kidnap Brenda. They leave the hotel room.

At Archer Pavilion, Edward refuses to walk Brenda down the aisle. Edward has no intentions of supporting Brenda’s marriage to Sonny. Kristina asks Edward to be civil for one day. Dante inquires about the delay. Dante wonders where Jason is. The women ask Edward to reconsider but he’s stubborn. Molly proposes that Brenda walk down the aisle alone. Someone suggests calling Jason but Molly rejects the idea. Everyone senses that Carly is behind the delay.

In the adjoining room, Sonny is panicking because Brenda hasn’t walked down the aisle. Steven and Olivia wonder if Brenda changed her mind about marrying Sonny. Patrick pipes in that it’s payback for the time Sonny left Brenda at the altar. Steven thinks Sonny looks nervous. Nearby, Brook Lynn and Nikolas are thinking the same thing. Nikolas comments that love doesn’t always last. Luke and Tracy are flirting with each other. Ethan has become impatient. Lulu asks Spinelli if Brenda has been acting strange. Spinelli admits that he’s been busy with writing a book. Alexis and Jax look around but there’s no sign of Carly. Jax fears Carly will try to sabotage the wedding. However, Jax hates the idea that the two are getting hitched. Luke pulls Sonny aside and says that he doesn’t need to worry about Carly. Luke figures that Carly escaped from Max and Milo. Sonny assumes that Jason is a no-show. Sonny wonders if there’s a lead on the Balkan. Morgan asks Michael about Carly. They agree that their mom must be up to something.

In the bride’s room, Carly confronts Brenda about her baby. Brenda begs Carly not to ruin her wedding day. Brenda asks that Carly back off for now. Carly reminds Brenda that she has made Sonny a grandfather. Unbeknownst to them, Shawn is listening from outside the room. Carly produces the legal document. Brenda is sickened to see how low Carly will go to stop the wedding. Carly insists she’s only trying to protect Sonny. Brenda asks why Carly didn’t wait until the ceremony to drop this bombshell. Carly says she doesn’t want to hurt her children. Carly gives an ultimatum – if Brenda goes through with the wedding, she’ll tell everyone about her baby with Dante. Carly figures that Brenda doesn’t truly love Sonny. Brenda brings up the fact that Carly slept with Tony, her mom’s husband at the time. Brenda tells Carly that her marriage to Jax was doomed from the start. The wedding music begins downstairs. Brenda walks past Carly and out the door.

In the cabin in Ireland, Siobhan and Megan pretend to be sleeping. Lucky surprised the Balkan’s men. Megan hits a guy on the head with a piece of wood. Siobhan grabs the man’s gun. The Balkan’s goon warns that his employer won’t back off. Lucky, Siobhan and Megan return to the hotel room. Siobhan wants to lie low for now. Lucky hands Megan a passport then asks her to tell them everything about the Balkan. Megan says she doesn’t know much. Megan admits that the men spoke in English. Lucky asks some more questions. Megan announces that one of the men called the Balkan at a bad time. Lucky and Siobhan can’t believe that the Balkan is married. Lucky is happy that the Balkan has a weakness. Lucky suggests that Megan hide out in Barcelona. Megan wants Siobhan to accompany her. Lucky thinks it’s a good idea. Lucky insists he’ll be okay on his own. Siobhan is worried about Lucky’s safety. Lucky will do anything to protect Siobhan.

The wedding guests are growing impatient as time goes on. Ethan jokes he should have brought along a Kevlar vest. Ethan can’t wait to drink at the open bar. Luke and Tracy continue to flirt with each other. Spinelli stands up and starts pacing the floor. Lulu wonders why Spinelli is so freaked out. Brook Lynn and Nikolas hope the ceremony will begin soon.

Sonny leaves the altar area and walks out to the foyer. Sonny inquires about Jason’s whereabouts. Robin informs Sonny that Edward won’t walk Brenda down the aisle. Robin defends Sonny when Edward starts arguing with the groom. Brenda surprises everyone when she shows up unannounced. Sonny can’t take his eyes off Brenda. Edward returns to his seat. Sonny hugs Brenda. Sonny and Dante return to the altar. Dante smiles at Lulu. Sonny announces to the guests that a member of the wedding party didn’t show up.

Carly walks by Brenda and Robin. Robin asks Carly to leave but she refuses to go. Carly sits down in the front row. Brook Lynn and Nikolas assume that Carly’s here to cause trouble.

Jason and Sam return to the pavilion just in time. Molly pulls Sam aside and asks about Theo. Sam tells Molly that she shouldn’t worry. Robin informs Jason that Carly is at the wedding. Jason promises to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch.

Johnny summons Lisa to his apartment. Johnny asks Lisa to take off her clothes. Lisa is offended when Johnny threatens to come clean about the syringe. In fact, Johnny warns that he’ll call Patrick if Lisa doesn’t comply to his demands. Lisa takes off her shirt then leans in to kiss Johnny. Johnny comments Lisa is just like Claudia. Johnny wants Lisa to get dressed. Lisa is confused by Johnny’s mind games. Johnny compares Lisa to Claudia. Johnny rambles on about Claudia’s obsession with Sonny. Johnny thinks Lisa should move on from Patrick. Lisa wants to have a drink with Johnny. Johnny wishes he would have been a better brother to Claudia. Lisa pats Johnny’s shoulder. Johnny kisses Lisa. They start undressing each other.

At the wedding, Sam sits near Brook Lynn. The doors open, the music begins. Molly walks down the aisle. Molly hugs Sonny. Kristina smiles at Ethan then hugs her dad. Shawn is hiding behind a column. In the foyer, Jason asks Brenda if she wants to go through with the wedding. Robin smiles at Patrick before getting to the altar. Jason escorts Brenda down the aisle just as all the guests stand up. Jason moves back Brenda’s veil. Brenda is crying. Sonny and Brenda face each other. Jason realizes Sam is gone. The priest says a few words then Morgan makes a speech about family. Morgan welcomes Brenda to the family. Carly appears to be rethinking her decision to sabotage the ceremony.

Shawn returns to the law office. Shawn calls Theo and relays there was a problem with the kidnapping. Sam shows up and asks Shawn to drop his phone. Sam aims a gun at Shawn but he manages to get it. Shawn says that Sam has complicated things. Sam asks to be let go. Sam blurts out that she and Jason know that Theo is the Balkan. Jason barges in and aims a gun at Shawn. Shawn refuses to release Sam.

Theo walks through a cave to a hidden office. An attendant is waiting for him inside. Theo is convinced that his plan will work out.

The wedding ceremony begins. The priest asks if there’s any objections. Carly opens her purse and pulls out the document. Brenda looks at Carly. Brenda tells Sonny that she’s sorry. Sonny is confused. Brenda announces that she has to object. Sonny looks shocked.

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