GH Update Wednesday 2/16/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/16/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the woods, Siobhan and Lucky are hiding behind some bushes. Siobhan wonders if Megan is inside the secluded cabin. Lucky thinks the whole thing could be a set-up. They hear a woman scream loudly. Siobhan panics and hurries toward the cabin. A man locks the front door then leaves. Lucky and Siobhan rush to a window and look inside. Siobhan confirms that the blindfolded woman is her sister. Lucky picks the lock then asks Siobhan to stay back. After checking the cabin, Lucky motions for Siobhan to enter. Siobhan runs over to Megan and takes off her blindfold. Siobhan tells Megan that Lucky will help them. Lucky begins uncuffing Megan’s shackles. Megan wonders why she was kidnapped. Siobhan tells her sister that she had to comply with the Balkan. Megan and Siobhan hug. Lucky promises that the two will be safe. After Lucky gets the last shackle off, he and Siobhan help Megan to the door. Before they can leave, gunfire erupts.

At the cabin, Carly shows up looking for Brenda. Sonny tells Carly that Brenda’s not home. Carly implies that the wedding won’t happen. Sonny says that he knows Carly didn’t sabotage the wedding since she’s focused on Michael’s recovery. Sonny admits that Suzanne was the culprit. Carly starts walking out the door but Sonny asks her to stay. Carly refuses to fight with Sonny. Sonny asks Carly to back off Brenda. Carly brings up Sonny’s first nervous breakdown when he cut his hand. Sonny insists that he’s doing okay now. Carly wonders how Brenda would deal with one of Sonny’s breakdowns. Carly thinks that Brenda is naïve. Sonny assumes Carly is jealous of Brenda. Carly feels sorry for Sonny. Carly badmouths Brenda to Sonny’s face. Carly is adamant that she’s going to stop the wedding.

At Kelly’s, Luke is behind the counter when Shawn walks in. Shawn asks for a coffee to go. Lulu shows up and inquires about Mike. Luke says that Mike cut himself at work. Luke asks Lulu to help him. After Shawn leaves, he runs into Molly outside the diner. Molly is glad that Shawn is working at the law offices. Shawn inquires about therapy. Molly and Shawn speak briefly before she picks up some cupcakes at Kelly’s.

At the penthouse, Sam and Jason talk about Theo’s connection to the Balkan. Jason worries that Theo has an ulterior motive. Jason and Sam know that the Balkan wants revenge for Aleksander’s death. Jason assumes that Jerry showing up in Port Charles is suspicious. Sam believes that Theo only wants publicity since Brenda is a well-known model. Jason doesn’t know what Theo’s angle is.

At the law office, Suzanne and Theo talk about Aleksander, their son. It sickens Suzanne that Brenda has shown no remorse in killing Aleksander. Suzanne tells Theo that she plans on helping Brenda with wedding preparations. Theo says he will be visiting Robin at the hospital. There is a knock on the door. It’s Brenda. Brenda is surprised to see Suzanne. Suzanne says Theo called her to the office to question her about the civil suit. Brenda thanks Theo for his help. Theo announces that the judge granted a continuation so the trial will be postponed for two months. Brenda is thrilled by the news. Brenda shakes Theo’s hand.

At the hospital, Robin runs into Patrick. Patrick brings up last night at Jake’s. Patrick has no regrets in kissing Robin. Robin asks Patrick for a favor. Robin needs to help Brenda with the wedding preparations so she asks Patrick to examine a patient – Theo Hoffman. Patrick refuses to help. Patrick can’t stand Theo and fears he will file a malpractice suit again. Robin urges Patrick to have compassion. Theo shows up unannounced and says hello to Robin. Patrick is rude toward Theo. Robin relays to Theo that he’ll be examined by Patrick today. Theo is annoyed but doesn’t have a choice. Robin says goodbye then heads for the elevator. Theo criticizes Patrick on his lack of compassion. After the exam, Patrick tells Theo that his tests will likely come out okay. Nevertheless, Theo asks that Robin look over his results. Patrick says that Robin doesn’t have the time, she’s busy with Brenda’s wedding. Patrick walks away from Theo.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sam continue to talk about Jerry. There is a knock on the door. Kristina shows up. Brenda returns minutes later. Brenda hugs Jason and tells him the case has been delayed. Jason is surprised to hear that Theo helped.

Robin visits Sonny at his office. Robin is thrilled that Sonny and Brenda are marrying. Sonny refuses to hang out with Spinelli and Carol while they talk about the wedding. Sonny admits he wants the ceremony over as soon as possible. Robin calls Patrick and thanks him for examining Theo. Once off the phone, Sonny inquires about Robin’s marriage. Robin says that she and Patrick are on good terms but aren’t getting back together. Sonny brings up Stone. Robin and Sonny have tears in their eyes.

At the PI office, Carly shows up to speak to Spinelli. Spinelli is wrapping a juicer for Brenda and Sonny’s wedding. Carly implies that the wedding won’t happen. Carly tells Spinelli that she’ll confront Brenda prior to the ceremony. Carly and Spinelli are interrupted by Jason and Sam. Jason asks Carly to stay away from the wedding. After Carly leaves, Jason talks to Spinelli about doing research on the Balkan. Jason informs Spinelli that there’s a new lead. Jason wants Spinelli to check and see if any Europeans are visiting the Port Charles area right now. The three wonder if they can get a hit off of Aleksander’s DNA. Spinelli is having a hard time getting into the databases because of a new firewall. Jason asks him to check out hospitals and clinics in the area. Jason hopes that the Balkan made a careless error.

At Kelly’s, Luke is happy that they have no customers. Lulu knows that Luke doesn’t know how to cook. Luke brings up the wedding. Lulu relays that she and Dante made up. Luke looks bothered by the announcement. Lulu grabs her coat and purse. Lulu senses that something is troubling Luke. Luke admits he is surprised about Lulu and Dante. Luke warns Lulu to be careful.

At the penthouse, Brenda and Kristina are working on wedding favors. Kristina is in awe of Brenda. Brenda wishes she knew the girls better. Kristina insists that she and Molly like Brenda. Molly walks in carrying a box of cupcakes. Molly presents Brenda with a wedding to-do list. Molly hopes that Brenda doesn’t get too stressed by the festivities. There is a knock on the door. It’s Suzanne. Brenda introduces her friend to Molly and Kristina. Suzanne apologizes for being the saboteur. After Suzanne leaves, Robin shows up minutes later. Kristina explains how she is putting rose petals inside the wedding favors. Robin is irritated to learn that Carol will be joining them. Molly goes over the to-do list. Brenda rambles on about her three rings from Sonny. Someone is at the front door. It’s Carly. Brenda looks mad. Carly says she knows Suzanne was the saboteur. Brenda apologizes for the misunderstanding. Carly asks to speak to Brenda in private. Robin sticks up for Brenda. Robin wants Carly to leave. Before Carly can say anything more, Robin slams the door in her face.

Sonny summons Max and Milo to his office. Sonny offers them a drink. Sonny tells Max and Milo that they are getting raises. Sonny brings up Carly. Sonny wants Max to keep an eye on Carly. Sonny is convinced that Carly will try to stop the wedding. Sonny asks that Max and Milo guard Carly until the ceremony is over.

At the office, Theo and Shawn discuss tomorrow’s plan. Theo tells Shawn that he can grab Brenda in the bride’s room. Theo makes it clear that Shawn’s employment will be over after tomorrow. Theo wants Brenda to pay for Aleksander’s death.

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