GH Update Tuesday 2/15/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/15/11


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In an alley, Lucky and the Balkan have a phone conversation. Lucky criticizes the Balkan for his bad choice in guards. The Balkan threatens to have Megan killed. Lucky thinks that the Balkan is making stupid mistakes. Lucky refuses to play along anymore. Siobhan grabs the phone and issues death threats to the Balkan. The Balkan laughs at Siobhan then hangs up on her. Siobhan believes that the Balkan will kill Megan. Lucky says that he and Siobhan have to think like the Balkan to locate her sister. The Balkan’s men wake up and receive a call from their employer. The Balkan wants Megan killed tomorrow. Lucky and Siobhan are listening nearby.

At the loft, Lulu pulls away from Dante when he kisses her. Lulu says she had a fun night but feels awkward around Dante. Lulu walks over to the door but Dante closes it. Dante begs Lulu to stay. Dante thanks Lulu for a wonderful night. Dante suggests drinking wine and talking about the opera. Lulu makes it clear that she won’t sleep with Dante. Lulu rushes out the door before Dante can stop her.

At the cabin, Brenda is frantically looking for Sonny’s wedding ring. Sonny doesn’t think that Carol lost it. Brenda wonders if there was some sort of mix-up at the jewelry store. Brenda realizes that Carly stole the ring. Brenda asks Sonny to fix the problem. Sonny swears that Carly didn’t do it. Brenda is irritated that Sonny continues to defend his ex-wife. Sonny asserts that Carly doesn’t have time to sabotage the wedding when she’s worried about Michael. Brenda assumes Carly is using Michael as an excuse. Sonny refuses to tell Brenda about Michael’s rape. Brenda asks Sonny who could have stole the ring if it wasn’t Carly. Sonny and Brenda discuss the situation. Suzanne walks in, surprised that Sonny has summoned her to the cabin. Brenda relays to Suzanne about the missing ring. Suzanne claims that Carly is to blame. Sonny points out that Carly didn’t have access to the ring. Suzanne says that it could be the Balkan. Sonny accuses Suzanne of sabotaging the wedding. Suzanne is offended by the accusation. Sonny says that all the evidence points to Suzanne. Suzanne looks at Brenda and admits to everything. Brenda is devastated that her friend betrayed her. Suzanne understands that Brenda is mad. Brenda yells at Suzanne. Brenda says that Suzanne wanted her to marry Murphy then rambles on about Suzanne being money-hungry. Suzanne is convinced that the Balkan will nab Brenda on her wedding day. Brenda tells Suzanne that their friendship is over. Suzanne hands the ring to Brenda. Brenda starts crying. Sonny consoles Brenda. Sonny and Brenda agree that they will get married as planned. However, Sonny thinks that Suzanne had Brenda’s good interests at heart. Brenda hugs Suzanne. Once alone, Brenda and Sonny talk about Suzanne being the saboteur. Brenda praises Sonny for being more forgiving. Sonny knows that Brenda has been feeling guilty about killing Aleksander. Sonny is thankful that Suzanne looked out for Brenda at the time.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Carly is working when Michael shows up. Carly inquires about Michael’s latest therapy session. Michael is vague about talking to the therapist. Michael lets slip that Dante went to therapy when he shot someone in the line of duty. Carly speaks of her concerns regarding Abby’s line of work. Carly asks that Michael stay away from the strip club for fear it could affect his parole. They share a hug before Luke walks up to them. Michael says hello to Luke then hurries out of the restaurant. Carly tells Luke that she raised an “extraordinary man”. Carly says Michael is doing better but hints at the fact she still hates Dante. Carly tells Luke that she has proof of Dante’s lies. Luke is speechless after looking at the document regarding Brenda and Dante’s child. Carly plans on spilling the beans at the wedding. Luke wonders how Carly came up with the legal document. They make a toast. Carly admits that she can’t wait to ruin Brenda and Dante’s lives. Luke warns Carly that with every revenge plan comes the fallout. Luke advises Carly to watch out. Carly admits that she’s vengeful and wants revenge for what happened to Michael. Carly knows that both Michael and Sonny will be hurt by her announcement. Luke convinces Carly to confront Brenda before the wedding.

Shawn is caught looking around in Sonny’s office by Jason and Sam. Jason recognizes Shawn because he works for Theo. Shawn explains that he has a message from his boss. Shawn says Theo didn’t appreciate Jason running a background check on him. Jason senses that Theo is hiding something. Shawn pleads with Jason to leave Theo alone. Jason continues to aim a gun at Shawn. Jason tells Shawn that he made a mistake coming to Sonny’s office. Shawn reassures Jason they are on the same side. Jason agrees to let Shawn go but warns he’ll shoot him the next time. Shawn says goodbye to Sam then leaves the office. Sam asks Jason why Theo would hire Shawn.

Jason summons Theo to the office. Jason informs Theo that he’s off the civil case. Jason relays that Shawn was caught snooping around Sonny’s office. Theo is surprised to learn that he is being fired. Theo points out that Brenda will be volatile on the stand. Jason listens as Theo tries to change his mind. Theo brings up Michael and the situation with Dante. Theo is adamant that Michael could return to Pentonville if Dante winds up in prison. Theo says that Judge Carroll could change his mind on the ruling. Jason agrees to keep Theo on the case – for now. After Theo leaves, Sam confronts Jason on his decision. Jason admits that he set a trap for Theo. Sam likes Jason’s idea. Jason is suspicious of Theo’s motives. Jason and Sam believe that the Balkan and Theo are somewhat connected to each other. Jason wants to find out more about Anton’s family, the ones responsible for filing the civil lawsuit. Jason thinks that the Balkan might have hired Theo.

At Kelly’s, Michael meets up with Abby. Michael talks about his therapy session. Abby is inspired by Michael’s bravery. Abby says she had a breakthrough after the attack. Abby confides that she’s going to quit stripping. Michael is happy by the news. However, Abby explains that Johnny might not like it because he gave her an advance at work. Michael agrees to talk to Johnny.

Abby and Michael head over to Johnny’s apartment. Johnny offers the two some drinks. Johnny feels sorry for the attack on Abby. Johnny offers his assistance then tells Abby and Michael that security at the strip club has been strengthened. Abby announces her plans to quit stripping. Johnny is okay with the idea but points out there’s some complications. Abby brings up her advance of salary. Johnny agrees to have Abby pay him back in the future. Johnny tells Abby that she can have her stripping job back if she changes her mind. Michael seems uncomfortable.

Lulu is walking on Baker Street when she runs into Dante. Lulu says she was hungry for French fries. Dante suggests going back to the loft and having some wine. Lulu is hesitant to join Dante. Dante says he has an aria recording from the opera they just saw. Lulu reluctantly agrees to the invite. At the loft, Lulu listens intently to the aria. Dante tells Lulu that she’s beautiful and the love of his life. Dante apologizes for lying and asks Lulu to keep an open heart. Dante is willing to prove his love to Lulu. They share a kiss.

Theo returns to his office and finds Suzanne sitting in his chair. Theo smiles at Suzanne. Suzanne relays to Theo about her visit with Sonny and Brenda. Theo kisses Suzanne. It is revealed that she is his wife. Theo tells Suzanne that he wants vengeance for their son’s death.

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