GH Update Monday 2/14/11

General Hospital Update Monday 2/14/11


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At Sonny’s restaurant, Jason asks Sam if she’s going to call the hospital regarding her pregnancy test results. Sam doesn’t want to know tonight. Jason asks Sam to dance; they kiss. Sam is unusually quiet. Jason asks what’s troubling Sam. Sam feels grateful for all the blessings in her life. Sam suggests that Jason join her in a bubble bath. Sam and Jason sit down for their dinner meal. Jason starts to pour wine for Sam but she tells him to stop. Sam says she isn’t pregnant but Jason urges her to call the hospital anyway. Sam wants to prove Maxie wrong. Sam admits that she hasn’t had any coffee today. Sam tries to change the subject but Jason won’t drop the issue. Jason says he needs to know if Sam’s pregnant. Sam calls the hospital and speaks to a nurse about her results. Sam learns that she is not pregnant. Sam has tears in her eyes. Sam rambles on that now is not the time to have a kid. Jason is concerned about Sam. Sam apologizes for being emotional. Sam admits that she was a little disappointed by the results. Sam tells Jason that she is not going to pursue any fertility procedures. Sam says that she wants to enjoy dinner with Jason. After dinner, Sam savors her cup of coffee. Jason presents Sam with a black jewelry box. Sam wonders if Molly helped Jason with the gift. Sam is flattered by the Hawaiian necklace. Sam thanks Jason; they proceed into Sonny’s office.

At the law office, Theo and Shawn are looking over a map and talking about kidnapping Brenda at the pavilion. Theo tells Shawn that Jason is getting in the way. Shawn agrees to take care of their problem tonight. Carly barges in the office. Carly says hello to Shawn. Theo is clearly irritated by Carly’s interruption. Carly inquires about Diane. Theo refuses to leave a message for Diane from Carly. Shawn quickly covers up the map. Shawn asks about Molly. Theo is rude toward Carly. Carly smiles at Shawn then leaves the room.

In the limo, Dante tells Lulu that he feels bad about not having a gift for her. Lulu is looking forward to a night at the opera. They share a laugh. Dante is thankful for Lulu’s change of heart. Lulu talks about the story behind the opera they will be seeing. Dante wonders if they should skip the opera and go somewhere else. Lulu says the tickets are non-refundable. When they get to the Met, Dante tells Lulu that they have good seats. Lulu reminds Dante that she gets perks from working for Kate Howard. Lulu and Dante talk about the opera’s background story before the lights dim. Lulu is crying during the opera. Dante reaches out for Lulu’s hand. Afterwards, Dante and Lulu return to the loft. Dante thanks Lulu for a wonderful night. Dante pulls Lulu into a passionate embrace.

At the cabin in the woods, Suzanne urges Brenda to cancel the wedding. Brenda asks Carol about the wedding location. Carol figures there is not enough time to host the wedding at Archer Pavilion. Carol suggests moving the locale to the tea garden. Suzanne comments that Sonny needs some Zen in his life. Spinelli defends Brenda. Sonny walks in carrying flowers. Sonny is sarcastic toward Suzanne and Carol. Suzanne has an ominous feeling about the wedding. Sonny and Suzanne butt heads. Sonny is convinced that he’s going to marry Brenda. Suzanne points out that Brenda is in danger. Spinelli interrupts on Sonny’s behalf. It is decided that the wedding will take place at the pavilion. Sonny asks Spinelli, Suzanne and Carol to leave. Carol announces that she and Brenda need to make wedding preparations.

In a darkened alley, two of the Balkan’s men are aiming guns at Lucky and Siobhan. Siobhan demands to know where Megan is. Siobhan points her gun at Lucky. Lucky is shocked. The men tie up Lucky. Lucky pleads with Siobhan to have him released. Siobhan tells Lucky that she can’t be trusted. Sirens can be heard in the distance. Siobhan agrees to keep an eye on Lucky while the men check it out. Lucky argues with Siobhan over her double-cross. Siobhan is worried about Megan. Lucky tells Siobhan that the Balkan is manipulating her. Siobhan blames herself for Megan’s kidnapping. Siobhan figures that she can trade Lucky for her sister. The men return to the alley. Siobhan wants to get the Balkan on the phone. The Balkan’s henchmen refuse to comply with Siobhan. Siobhan creates a diversion while Lucky gets free and hits one of the men. Siobhan is happy that her plan worked. However, Lucky is annoyed by Siobhan’s scheme. Lucky points out that Siobhan’s plan might have backfired. Siobhan apologizes but Lucky is still mad. Lucky warns Siobhan not to do that again. Siobhan and Lucky agree to work as a team. They search the men’s wallets. A cell phone is ringing. Lucky answers it. The Balkan isn’t surprised to hear Lucky’s voice. The Balkan implies that Siobhan is still lying.

At Jake’s, Terrell is telling Robin about one of his disastrous first dates. Patrick is watching from nearby. Patrick asks for another beer. Robin laughs at Terrell’s story. Lisa is eavesdropping from the bar. Lisa is acting strange. Lisa turns and falls into Johnny’s arms. Johnny tells Lisa that he’ll drive her home. They leave Jake’s. Robin and Terrell continue to flirt with each other. Patrick walks up and sits down in a chair. Robin is surprised to see Patrick. Patrick and Terrell swap basketball stories. Patrick suggests a bet – the winner of the dart game buys a round of drinks and walks away from the table. Robin is amused by Patrick’s suggestion. Robin watches as Terrell and Patrick shoot darts. Afterwards, Patrick kisses Robin. Patrick leaves the bar alone.

Lisa wakes up on Johnny’s couch. Johnny walks into the room and pours himself a drink. Lisa wonders if she slept with Johnny. Johnny says that he took a shower. Johnny confesses he had the waitress switch Lisa and Patrick’s beers. Lisa is irritated that her plan backfired. Lisa warns Johnny to back off. Lisa is convinced that Patrick and Robin are done. Johnny talks about Claudia’s obsession with Sonny. Johnny points out that Patrick loves Robin. Johnny urges Lisa to let go of Patrick. Lisa asks Johnny to leave her alone. Lisa storms out of the apartment.

Carly runs into Spinelli at Jake’s. They both feel depressed about being alone on Valentine’s Day. Spinelli informs Carly that Sonny and Brenda will marry as planned. Spinelli implies that Carly ripped up Brenda’s dress and flooded the pavilion. Carly says that the wedding needs to be stopped.

At the cabin, Brenda and Sonny are sitting on the couch drinking wine. Sonny senses that Brenda is nervous about the wedding. Brenda wants to tie the knot as soon as possible. Sonny asks to see his wedding ring. Brenda is shocked to find that the ring isn’t in the box.

Shawn sneaks into Sonny’s office. Shawn is searching through papers on Sonny’s desk when the door opens. Jason is aiming a gun at Shawn.

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