GH Update Wednesday 2/9/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/9/11


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Robin is shocked to find Terrell in room 581. Robin apologizes for the mistake. Terrell asks Robin to stay for dinner since his date was a no-show. Robin agrees to have a drink. Patrick is watching from the hallway. Terrell gets dressed. Robin feels uncomfortable. Terrell tells Robin that he ordered some steaks for dinner. Robin speaks of her plan to see Patrick about a patient’s chart. Robin says that Emma is with the nanny. Terrell wonders if their dinner date is inappropriate. Robin asks for some more red wine. Robin feels guilty for bailing on Patrick. Terrell brings up the fiasco with the garage door. Terrell pours some wine. Terrell gives his opinion of Patrick. Terrell says that Patrick wants Robin back. Robin admits that Lisa has meddled in their marriage. Robin wonders if she can trust Patrick after he slept with Lisa. Robin thanks Terrell for dinner. Robin apologizes for rambling on about Patrick. Terrell confides that he hasn’t had any serious relationships. Terrell implies that he’ll never get married.

At the loft, Michael asks Dante about Franco’s whereabouts. Michael is mad because Franco sent Carter after him. Michael knows that Franco wanted to get back at Jason. Michael says that Franco needs to pay. Dante disagrees with Michael’s opinion. Michael wants to know everything about Franco. Dante says that Franco is cunning. Michael can’t forget what Franco did. Dante wishes that Michael would move on. Dante is convinced that revenge isn’t the way to go. Dante brings up the cop who died by Sonny’s orders. Dante says that he blamed Sonny for a long time. Dante tells Michael that vengeance never works. They talk about Claudia’s death. Dante knows he made a mistake turning Michael in. Dante begs Michael to change his mind about his vendetta against Franco. Michael doesn’t want to let it go. Dante says that if Jason kills Franco, he’d be a vigilante. Michael and Dante discuss Judge Carroll’s ruling. Dante says that the judge screwed up. Michael reminds Dante that Lulu wants him to remain a cop. Dante agrees to stay on the force.

At the cabin in the woods, Carol tells Brenda and Sonny that Archer Pavilion is flooded. Carol mentions that someone set off the sprinkler systems on purpose. Brenda believes that Carly is to blame. Carol says Archer Pavilion won’t be available for a month. Brenda wants a new location for the wedding. After Carol leaves, Sonny suggests eloping. Brenda will only agree to it if the kids are present.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Carly tells Ronnie that she didn’t have anything to do with the Archer Pavilion flooding. Ronnie wants to charge Carly with malicious intent. Ronnie says that Carly’s business card was found at the scene. Jason stares at Carly. Ronnie asks Carly to come to the police station for questioning. Carly is adamant that she didn’t do it. Carly mentions Brenda’s wedding dress which piques Ronnie’s curiosity. Jason agrees to call a lawyer for Carly.

At Jake’s, Nikolas compliments Brook Lynn on her singing talents. Liz admits that Brook has a great voice. Brook Lynn has regrets that Nikolas was unable to join her in the recording studio. Brook Lynn wants to hang out with Nikolas when she’s in New York City. Elizabeth looks irritated. Liz asks when Brook Lynn is moving back to the city. Brook Lynn tells Nik that she can still attend events with him. Elizabeth brings up Spencer. Brook Lynn says that Liz and Nikolas are great parents. Elizabeth knows that Steven is preoccupied with Olivia so she asks Nik for a ride home. Nikolas offers to call a cab for Elizabeth. Once alone, Nikolas and Brook Lynn have some champagne. Nikolas tells Brook that she is a classy lady.

Nearby, Steven and Olivia are chatting about their upcoming dinner date. Steven offers to do household chores for Olivia. Olivia admits that some shelves need to be fixed. Patrick pulls Steven aside. Patrick says that Terrell and Robin are in a hotel room. Patrick is worried about his wife. Olivia interrupts their conversation. Olivia thinks that Patrick should do everything he can to win Robin back. Matt grabs a beer for Patrick. Patrick relays to Matt what he saw at the MetroCourt. They both agree that Lisa is nuts. Patrick worries that Terrell is taking advantage of Robin. Patrick makes the decision to confront Terrell.

Lulu runs into Luke at the MetroCourt restaurant. Lulu senses that something is wrong. Luke admits that he and Tracy had an argument. Lulu admits she knows about the jewelry smuggling. Luke says that Tracy was arrested. Luke skirts around the subject. Lulu confides that she broke up with Dante but wonders if she made the right decision. Lulu confides that Dante and Brenda had a secret but won’t go into details. Luke says that Dante loves Lulu. Lulu hates their situation; she feels insecure when it comes to Brenda. Luke advises Lulu to accept Dante as he is.

Ronnie questions Carly at the police station. Carly denies the allegations. Carly thinks Ronnie should interrogate Brenda. Jason shows up. Jason calls Sonny but is shocked to find out that he already knows about Archer Pavilion. Sonny doesn’t want Jason to help Carly. Alone, Carly tells Jason that she brought Michael to therapy. Jason feels that Carly’s alibi won’t hold up. Carly swears that she didn’t do it. Ronnie tells Carly that she’s free to leave. Jason vacates the premises. Carly signs a statement then bickers with Ronnie.

At the cabin, Sonny and Brenda bicker over Carly. Brenda doesn’t want Sonny running to the police station to see Carly. Sonny plans on setting Carly straight. Brenda believes that Carly is seeking attention from Sonny. Sonny feels if he ignores Carly, she’ll never back down.

Sonny shows up at the police station. Sonny asks Carly to stop meddling in his life. Carly brings up Michael’s therapy session. Sonny is convinced that Carly is trying to sabotage the wedding. Carly brings up Sonny’s marriage to Claudia and how it affected Michael. Sonny is hurt by the cheap shot. Carly says that she’s telling the truth.

Sam and Jason return to the penthouse. They agree that the proof points to Carly. Jason isn’t totally convinced. Sam mentions Murphy Sinclair and Maxie but neither seem likely suspects.

Matt and Patrick return to the hotel. Matt thinks it is a bad idea for Patrick to talk to Robin. Patrick fears that Terrell and Robin had sex. Patrick feels that Robin is in a vulnerable situation. Patrick tells Matt that Terrell is playing Robin. Matt suggests speaking to Robin on Patrick’s behalf. Before Matt and Patrick can board the elevator, Robin and Terrell walk by, smiling, as they leave the hotel.

Lulu returns to the loft. Michael answers the door. Michael tells Lulu that Dante’s out buying groceries. Lulu admits that she knows about the rape. Lulu feels sorry for Michael. Michael blabs that Dante isn’t resigning. Lulu wonders why Michael isn’t more mad at her and Dante. Michael admits he was before going to prison. Michael advises Lulu to forgive Dante. Dante returns home. Dante announces that he’s still a cop. Dante asks Lulu to stay for dinner. Lulu agrees to the invitation for Michael’s benefit.

At the penthouse, Sam calls Spinelli and asks him to look into the Archer Pavilion flooding. Suzanne shows up unexpectedly. Sam relays to Suzanne what happened to Brenda’s dress and the flooding at the wedding location. Strangely, Suzanne doesn’t seem too surprised. When Brenda returns, Suzanne confronts her about it. Brenda rambles on about Carly being responsible for the sabotage. Sam tells Brenda that Jason is trying to help her. After Sam leaves, Suzanne reminds Brenda that marrying Sonny is a mistake.

Luke is eating at the MetroCourt restaurant when Carly walks by his table. Carly worries that Luke is looking for another complimentary meal. Carly asks Luke to defend her to Sonny. Carly brings up Brenda’s ruined wedding dress. Luke thinks Carly could have done it. Carly implies that she has some proof to stop the wedding. Carly knows that Brenda is bad for Sonny. Luke mentions that Carly might still have feelings for Sonny.

Sonny and Jason meet at the office. Sonny asks Jason to stop enabling Carly. Jason agrees to talk to Carly. Sonny doesn’t want Carly sabotaging the wedding. Jason wonders who else could have set off the sprinkler systems if it wasn’t Carly.

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