GH Update Tuesday 2/8/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/8/11


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At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that she isn’t pregnant. Jason urges Sam to take the test but she doesn’t want to. Sam says that Lulu and Maxie are wrong. Sam admits that Kelly gave her some new hope about carrying a child but insists that now is not the time to have a baby. Sam feels that her life is not suited for a baby. Jason changes the subject. Jason asks for Sam’s help.

At Jake’s, Patrick and Johnny meet to talk about Lisa. Patrick warns Johnny that Lisa is insane. Unbeknownst to them, Lisa walks into the bar. Lisa sits down nearby to eavesdrop. Johnny insists he knows nothing about the syringe. Patrick says that Lisa tried to drug Robin but wonders why Johnny would keep quiet for Lisa. Patrick assumes that Johnny has needed medical attention from Lisa. Johnny stays mum. Patrick gets mad when Johnny continues to defend Lisa. Lisa leaves Jake’s. Johnny tells Patrick that he’s acting paranoid. Patrick begs Johnny to help him. Patrick asks for Johnny to hand over the proof. Johnny won’t take any bribes. Johnny refuses to help Patrick.

At the hospital, Lisa suggests to Terrell that they get a room at the MetroCourt. Terrell agrees to the offer. Nearby, Elizabeth and Epiphany talk about their busy hours at work. Steven intervenes and asks Liz to go to Jake’s with him. Elizabeth is happy to get the night off.

From the house in the woods, Sonny calls Max and asks who had access to Jason’s apartment. Brenda returns to the room. Brenda doesn’t want Sonny blaming Max for her wedding dress. Brenda is adamant that Carly’s the guilty party. Brenda criticizes Carly’s behavior. Sonny says that Carly hates all of his exes. Brenda believes Carly is jealous because she was Sonny’s first love. Sonny doesn’t want to fight. Brenda won’t back down regarding Carly. Sonny suggests that the Balkan was responsible for Brenda’s ruined wedding dress. Brenda is tired of Carly’s meddling. In fact, Brenda accuses Carly of wanting Sonny back. Sonny refuses to tell Brenda about Michael’s rape. Sonny changes the subject back to the wedding. Sonny wonders if he and Brenda should elope. Sonny suggests Vegas or Rio. Brenda has no intentions of disappointing Sonny’s kids. Brenda wants to go through with the wedding at Archer Pavilion. They share a kiss. Brenda is convinced that fate is on their sides. The wedding planner barges in the room.

At the loft, Carly tells Michael that she has a confession to make. Carly admits that she made an appointment for Michael to see Dr. Bailey tonight. Michael is irritated but then quickly apologizes for his anger. Michael wants to do this himself. Carly suggests that Michael go to the therapy session. Michael asks that Carly not blame herself. Michael tells Carly that she’s a great mom. They hug. Dante and Lulu return. It is an awkward moment. Lulu interjects on Dante’s behalf. Dante admits that he wants to resign. Michael is shocked. Lulu senses something is off. Carly brings up Michael’s parole. Carly asks for Dante to hold off on resigning. After Michael and Carly leave, Lulu confronts Dante about their odd behavior. Lulu figures out that Michael was raped in prison. Dante confirms Lulu’s suspicions. Lulu is speechless. Dante tells Lulu that Carter raped Michael. Lulu remembers that Franco talked about Carter at the art exhibit. Lulu is sickened by the news. Dante admits that he knew Michael was raped. Dante talks about Michael grabbing him last week. Dante blames himself for the rape. Dante says that Abby’s assault was the breakthrough Michael needed. Lulu feels sad for Dante. Lulu asks that Dante not blame himself anymore. Lulu hopes that Dante remains a cop.

Carly and Michael show up at GH for the therapy appointment. Carly is proud of her son. Michael asks a nurse for directions to Dr. Bailey’s office. Michael gets on the elevator. Carly sighs to herself. After the session, Michael is walking through a dark alley. Michael thinks back to telling Jason about the rape. Michael gets angry and starts throwing crates and a garbage can around the alley.

Lisa shows up at the MetroCourt. Lisa bribes a hotel employee. Lisa asks for Terrell’s room number. Lisa advises the man to tell Robin to go to room 581. Lisa runs into Olivia. Olivia senses trouble. Lisa talks about her spa treatment.

At the hospital, Robin is about to leave when Epiphany hands her one of Patrick’s files. Robin is irritated by the late notice. Robin plans on bringing the file to Patrick’s hotel room.

Jason and Sam return to the penthouse. Sam agrees with Brenda that Carly is the most likely culprit. Sam thinks that Jason should question Carly about the wedding dress. Jason figures that Carly doesn’t have the time since she’s preoccupied with Michael.

An unknown person sets off the smoke alarms at Archer Pavilion. The fire sprinkler system is activated.

Steven and Elizabeth arrive at Jake’s. Liz is irritated to see Nikolas with Brook Lynn. Steven offers to get some drinks for Liz. Elizabeth badmouths Brook Lynn to Steven. Steven is happy to see Olivia. Steven pulls Olivia aside. Steven’s surprised to see Olivia at the bar. Olivia admits that this is her first night out since the bus crash. Olivia implies that she’d like to make dinner for Steven. Nearby, Elizabeth interrupts Nik and Brook’s conversation. Brook Lynn smiles nervously. Brook Lynn stands up and walks toward the bar. Liz brings up Cam and Jake. Suddenly, Brook grabs the microphone and begins singing “Fever”. Nikolas is intently watching Brook Lynn. Elizabeth looks bothered. Afterwards, everyone claps in approval. Brook smiles at Nikolas.

In room 581, Terrell calls Lisa and leaves a voicemail message. Terrell wonders where Lisa is. Downstairs in the lobby, Robin is just arriving at the hotel. The hotel employee says that Patrick’s room has been changed to 581. Robin thanks the man then boards the elevator. Lisa pays the employee some more money before leaving. Minutes later, Patrick shows up at the hotel. Patrick is directed to room 581. Robin knocks on the hotel door for 581. Terrell answers wearing only a towel.

Carly is working at the MetroCourt restaurant when Jason shows up. Carly informs Jason that Michael is at therapy. Jason hopes that Carly remains focused on Michael. Jason brings up Brenda’s wedding dress. Carly is insulted to think that Jason would accuse her of such a thing. Carly is adamant that she didn’t ruin the dress. Jason says that they don’t have any other suspects. Ronnie shows up to question Carly. Ronnie relays that the fire sprinklers went off at Archer Pavilion.

Michael returns to the loft. Michael asks Dante if he’s mad at Lulu. Dante admits that Lulu knows about the rape. Michael isn’t surprised. Michael speaks of Lulu’s friendship after he woke up from the coma. Dante says that Lulu will keep quiet about the rape. Michael tells Dante that he talked to a shrink. Dante says he went to therapy once after he killed a man in the line of duty. Michael speaks warmly of Dr. Bailey. Michael admits that he blames Franco for what happened to him.

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