GH Update Monday 2/7/11

General Hospital Update Monday 2/7/11


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At Lucky’s apartment, Jason argues with Lucky about going to Ireland. Jason is convinced that Siobhan is playing Lucky. Jason wonders if Siobhan’s sister is a decoy to get Lucky out of the country. Lucky shows Jason the picture of Megan. Siobhan remains quiet. Jason says that Siobhan is lying about the whole thing. Lucky talks about his plan to have Siobhan detained for twenty-four hours at the police station. Lucky’s main priority is to find Megan. Siobhan says that she heard some background noise when the kidnapper called. Jason isn’t buying Siobhan’s story. Lucky is adamant that he and Siobhan are going to Ireland. Jason asks Siobhan to prove that she’s telling the truth. Siobhan says that all Jason has is her word. Jason thinks that the whole thing is fishy. Jason asks Lucky to stay in New York. Lucky reminds Jason that they have no other leads. Lucky doesn’t want to know where Brenda and Sonny are getting married, the less info the better. Jason warns Siobhan that Lucky better not end up dead. After Jason leaves, Siobhan refuses to go to Ireland with Lucky. Siobhan doesn’t want to put Lucky in danger. Lucky thinks that Siobhan is acting like she is really working for the Balkan. Siobhan is silent. Lucky suggests going to the airport. Siobhan wants to go to Ireland by herself. Lucky admits that Siobhan changed his life. They are both crying. Before they can leave, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Ronnie. Siobhan hides in another room. Ronnie asks about Siobhan’s whereabouts. Ronnie wonders why Siobhan isn’t in Cell A at the police station. Lucky relays that he and Siobhan are checking out a lead on the Balkan. Ronnie doesn’t like the idea but agrees to cover for Lucky. After Ronnie is gone, Lucky and Siobhan leave for the airport.

At Jake’s, Lulu and Maxie ask Sam if she’s pregnant. Sam admits that she has some of the classic symptoms but is sure she’s not pregnant. Lulu and Maxie aren’t convinced. Maxie suggests that Sam take a pregnancy test. Maxie figures that Sam is scared to find out the results. Sam believes that there’s a slim chance she’s pregnant.

Tracy is detained at the police station. Tracy proclaims her innocence to Mac. Mac says that Interpol released a warrant for Tracy’s arrest. Tracy says that she knows nothing about the stolen diamonds. Lucky, Ethan, Maya, Brook Lynn and Nikolas show up. Tracy gets mad when Brook calls her “Granny”. Tracy is furious with Luke. Luke tries talking to Tracy but she ignores him. Alexis shows up in her pajamas. This initiates a laugh from everyone. Alexis is embarrassed to be seen like this by Mac. Alexis thinks it is ridiculous that Tracy got arrested for drug smuggling. Tracy would rather stay in lockup than go home with Luke. Luke is hurt by Tracy’s words. Brook Lynn offers to have Tracy stay at Wyndemere but Nikolas hates the idea. Tracy announces in front of everyone that she wants a divorce from Luke. Luke is stunned by the announcement.

At the penthouse, Brenda and Robin stare in horror at the shredded wedding dress. Brenda thinks that Carly is to blame. Brenda implies that Carly won’t get away with it.

At the MetroCourt, Carly speaks to an employee about housekeeping problems. Carly urges the man to speak to Olivia. Jax shows up and wants to speak to Carly. Carly asks Jax to leave her alone. Carly is thinking about her children. Jax urges Carly to tell him what’s troubling her. Carly is visibly upset but won’t come clean about Michael. Carly brings up Jax’s obsession with Brenda. Jax doesn’t want a divorce. Carly says that Jax needs to call his divorce lawyer. Jax reminds Carly that Brenda is marrying Sonny. Carly implies that the wedding won’t happen. Carly resumes her work duties. Jax hounds Carly again about the children. Jax is convinced that Carly still loves him. Brenda and Robin storm in through the lobby. Brenda grabs at Carly’s arm. Jax pulls Carly aside. Brenda accuses Carly of shredding her wedding dress. Carly is offended by the accusation. Brenda makes it known that no one will stop her from marrying Sonny. Jax defends Brenda. Carly is hurt by Jax’s behavior. Carly storms out of the lobby. Jax asks for Robin’s opinion. Robin is hesitant to say that Carly cut the dress. Suzanne walks off the elevator. Suzanne asks about Brenda’s whereabouts the past hour. Suzanne wants to speak to Brenda about a Cartulo event. Brenda is rude toward Suzanne. In fact, Brenda yells at Jax when he says she and Sonny shouldn’t marry.

At the loft, Sonny asks Michael if he can help him. Michael realizes that Sonny knows the truth. Dante offers to leave. Michael assumes that his brother told Sonny about the rape. Dante hurries out the door so Sonny and Michael can be alone. Michael wonders what he should do next. Sonny admits that he’s at a loss for words. Michael says that he didn’t tell Sonny because he felt embarrassed and ashamed by the rape. Sonny tells Michael that he loves him. They share a hug; both are near tears. Sonny reassures Michael that he’s not a disappointment. Michael wishes that Sonny wouldn’t blame himself for the rape. Sonny points out that he brought Claudia into their lives. Sonny tells his son that he’s a survivor. Sonny knows that Abby has helped Michael. Michael comments that he’ll be going to therapy. Michael is shocked to learn that Carly was the one who told Sonny about the rape. Sonny asks for Michael not to internalize his feelings. Sonny speaks warmly of Abby’s friendship to Michael. Michael says that he’s looking forward to the wedding. Sonny and Michael share a laugh.

Dante shows up at Jake’s. Lulu and Maxie try to ignore Dante. Maxie wishes that Lulu would make up with Dante. Lulu is irritated when Maxie walks over to Dante’s table and sits down. Dante doesn’t want to hear Maxie ramble on about his relationship with Lulu. Lulu interjects on Dante’s behalf. Maxie leaves Jake’s. Lulu asks Dante if he’s still a cop. Lulu begs Dante not to resign. Dante says that he lost focus when he took on the undercover case. Dante blames himself for Michael’s stint in prison. Lulu suggests that Dante let go of his guilt.

At the penthouse, Robin and Jason speak briefly about Brenda’s latest dilemma. Robin informs Jason that Brenda’s convinced that Carly ripped her wedding dress. Jason knows that Carly doesn’t have the time to do this when she’s concerned about Michael. Robin and Jason bicker over the situation. Jason wonders if the wedding is still a go. Jason wishes that he could catch the Balkan beforehand.

At the cabin in the woods, Brenda is staring at her ruined wedding dress. Brenda puts the dress in a black garbage bag. Sonny shows up. Sonny notices that Brenda is acting strange. Brenda inquires about Michael. Sonny asks what upset Brenda. Brenda worries that everyone is trying to sabotage the wedding. Brenda shows Sonny the dress. Brenda announces that Carly is to blame. Sonny is speechless.

Sam walks into Jason’s apartment. Sam hides a pregnancy test behind a pillow. Jason returns home. Jason thinks that he’s interrupting something. Sam relays to Jason about her talk with Maxie and Lulu. Sam says that she’s had dizziness and nausea. Sam tells Jason that she bought a pregnancy test.


Carly visits Michael at the loft. Carly promises not to hover. Michael tells Carly that he isn’t mad that she told Sonny about the rape. Carly apologizes to Michael but he doesn’t want her to blame herself. Carly hates what happened to Michael.

In a MetroCourt hotel room, a pair of scissors and pieces of Brenda’s dress are laying on a bed. Nearby, a pair of gloves and Carly’s business card are displayed on a dresser.

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