GH Update Wednesday 2/2/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/2/11


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At Sonny’s office, Dante and Jason talk about Abby’s assault. Dante figures that there’s enough evidence to put Brandon in prison. Jason thanks Dante for helping Michael. Dante is worried about his brother. Lucky shows up unexpectedly. Lucky announces that Brenda will be grabbed at the wedding. Jason and Dante are shocked to learn that Siobhan is working for the Balkan. Lucky updates them about Siobhan’s suspicious phone calls. Lucky admits that he set up Siobhan. Lucky is certain that Siobhan’s sister was kidnapped. Dante wonders if Siobhan staged the whole thing. Lucky believes that Siobhan is telling the truth about Megan. Lucky confirms that Megan McKenna has been missing for a while. However, Dante and Jason aren’t convinced. Dante figures that Lucky can’t be objective when it comes to Siobhan. Dante gets a phone call about Abby. Alone, Lucky asks Jason what their next step is. Lucky trusts Siobhan but Jason senses that she’s lying. Lucky will do anything to protect Siobhan. Lucky tells Jason that he and Siobhan will find the Balkan in time.

On Baker Street, Siobhan gets a call from the Balkan. Shawn is waiting nearby. Siobhan speaks to the Balkan then bumps into Shawn. Shawn wants to talk to Siobhan. Shawn says that he is working for Theo Hoffman. Shawn brings up the civil lawsuit and Anton’s death. Siobhan doesn’t have anything to say about it. Shawn reminds Siobhan that she was kidnapped by the Balkan’s henchmen. Shawn asks if Siobhan remembers anything from that time. Siobhan admits that she didn’t hear anything useful. Siobhan adds that Shawn can check out her police statement if needed. Molly shows up and says hello to Shawn. Siobhan flees the scene. Molly tells Shawn that she’s in therapy. Shawn is happy that Molly is getting treatment. Shawn and Molly talk about their PTSD symptoms. Molly suggests that Shawn go to a meeting at the Y. Shawn believes that Molly should stick to her therapy sessions for now. Molly thanks Shawn for listening.

At the Metro Court, Nik and Brook Lynn are meeting with Roberto, a business partner. Roberto and Brook Lynn talk about music. Nikolas looks bothered. Nikolas praises Brook on her singing. Roberto brings up Moon Park, an event in Argentina. Roberto asks Brook Lynn to dinner. Nikolas smiles nervously. Nikolas tells Roberto that he and Brook already have dinner plans. After Roberto leaves, Brook Lynn confronts Nikolas. Brook Lynn believes that Nik is jealous. Brook Lynn admits that she likes Roberto. Nikolas suggests that he and Brook go out to dinner. Brook rips up Roberto’s business card.

Suzanne shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Brenda asks about the charity work. Suzanne speaks briefly of her trip to Africa. Brenda brings up the baby. Suzanne is surprised because the topic has always been forbidden. Suzanne wonders why Brenda wants to talk about her miscarriage. Brenda thanks Suzanne for keeping her secret hidden. Brenda wants to tell Sonny about the baby. Suzanne thinks that Brenda shouldn’t marry Sonny. Brenda is adamant that the wedding will happen.

At the hospital, Terrell tries to flirt with Epiphany but she’s not interested. Lisa is listening from nearby. Terrell is flattered to find a gift and note from Robin. Terrell is convinced that Robin likes him. Lisa wonders if Terrell can seduce Robin. Robin approaches the nurses’ station. Terrell pulls Robin aside. Patrick interjects and asks Robin about Valentine’s Day. Patrick and Robin walk away from Terrell. Epiphany gives Steven a hard time about calling Olivia. Nearby, Patrick and Robin talk about spending time with Emma on Valentine’s Day. In private, Terrell asks Robin out but she already has plans for the holiday. Lisa teases Terrell.

Michael visits Abby in her hospital room. Michael inquires about Abby’s condition. Abby feels better than last night. Michael offers to get Abby some breakfast. All Abby wants is to talk to Michael. Michael asks Abby if she was raped by Brandon. Unbeknownst to them, Carly is listening near the door. Michael rambles on about the rape. Abby asks Michael what’s wrong. Michael confides that he was raped in Pentonville. Abby is saddened by the announcement. Abby becomes teary-eyed. Abby maintains that she wasn’t raped because Michael saved her in time. Abby thanks Michael for protecting her. Carly walks in. Carly apologizes to Abby then tells her that she’s been a good friend to Michael.

Brenda is on the phone with the wedding planner when Carly shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Carly inquires about Jason’s whereabouts. Brenda brings up Carly’s break-up from Jax. Carly doesn’t want to talk about it. Brenda figures that Carly will turn to Sonny now. Carly’s only concern is her children. Brenda senses that something is wrong with the boys. Carly asks Brenda to butt out of her life. In fact, Carly doesn’t want Brenda anywhere near Michael and Morgan. Carly warns that the truth will come out. Brenda wonders what Carly means.

Dante shows up at Abby’s hospital room. Dante asks some questions. Michael blabs that he was raped in prison. Dante is speechless. Dante blames himself. Michael doesn’t want Dante to feel guilty. Dante thinks that Michael is a better man than he’ll ever be. After giving their statements, Dante agrees to talk to the DA on Michael’s behalf. Michael agrees to testify at trial. Michael leaves to get Abby some vanilla pudding. Abby thanks Michael for listening. Michael is hesitant to tell Sonny about the rape. Michael tells Abby about going to therapy. Abby thinks it’s a good idea. Michael admits that he still has flashbacks of Carter. However, Michael is happy to say that he no longer feels powerless.

Lucky and Siobhan meet on Baker Street. Lucky tells Siobhan to meet the Balkan in the church. Siobhan fears that Megan will be killed. Lucky says that he’ll be incognito at the church. Lucky hugs Siobhan. Lucky goes to the church, a hooded sweatshirt covering his head. Siobhan walks past Lucky and heads for the confessional. Theo is waiting inside. Siobhan says that the wedding locale has changed. Shawn hits Lucky on the side of the head. Theo tells Siobhan that she was followed.

Jason returns home. Brenda says that Carly is on the warpath. Jason informs Brenda that Siobhan is working for the Balkan. Jason worries that no one knows what the Balkan’s true identity is. Brenda wants to marry Sonny as planned. Jason fears that there will be an ambush at the wedding. Brenda worries what Carly plans to tell Sonny about her.

Dante returns home, clearly bummed about Michael. Dante takes out his gun and badge and sets them on the coffee table. Dante has flashbacks of Michael being detained in the courtroom. Carly shows up at the loft. Dante admits that he knows the truth. Dante apologizes but Carly refuses to listen to his excuses. Carly is mad that Dante isn’t the one in prison. Dante feels guilty for what happened to Michael. Carly picks up Dante’s gun and aims it at him.

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