GH Update Tuesday 2/1/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/1/11


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In her room at Kelly’s, Siobhan shows Lucky a picture of Megan. Siobhan says that she needs to comply with the Balkan’s demands. Siobhan worries that Megan will be killed. Lucky hugs Siobhan and reassures her that everything will work out. Siobhan tells Lucky that Megan is a college student. Siobhan admits that she has been in agony ever since Megan was kidnapped. Siobhan informs Lucky that the Balkan is keeping him alive only because he’s a source of information. Lucky is surprised that Siobhan has been protecting him this entire time. Siobhan figures that the Balkan will have Megan killed now that Lucky knows the truth. Lucky insists that Megan will be okay. Lucky pulls Siobhan into a hug.

Lucky and Siobhan talk about a plan to catch the Balkan and save Megan at the same time. Siobhan admits that she doesn’t know Megan’s location. Siobhan has no intentions of double-crossing the Balkan. Lucky asks Siobhan to tell him everything about the Balkan. Siobhan reveals that the Balkan will be kidnapping Brenda on her wedding day. Siobhan says that she meets the Balkan in a confessional. Siobhan insists that the Balkan wants vengeance for his son’s death. Theo barges in the room and senses that Siobhan is in trouble. Theo admits that Lucky talked to him about Siobhan’s green card status. Siobhan gets defensive but plays along with Lucky. Siobhan apologizes for her irritating behavior these past few days. Theo says that Siobhan can talk to him anytime.


At the loft, Dante asks Brenda about the baby then apologizes for prying. Brenda says that she left New York and went to Rome where she met Suzanne. Brenda adds that she received the okay from the doctor to travel overseas for a relief trip. However, Brenda says that she came down with a fever and collapsed. Dante asks Brenda to continue. Brenda says that when she woke up, she knew the baby was gone. Dante apologizes for Brenda’s situation. Dante asks what triggered Brenda’s mood. Brenda talks about her chat with Sam. Brenda tells Dante about Sam’s stillborn baby. Dante figures that Brenda could relate to Sam’s situation. Brenda starts crying when she says that she never got to hold her baby boy. Dante pulls Brenda into a hug. Lulu walks in and storms out when she sees the two. Brenda demands that Dante go after Lulu.

At the Jacks house, Carly and Jax argue about Brenda. Carly is furious that Jax lied about the London trip. Carly tells Jax that their marriage is over. Jax brings up Sonny which infuriates Carly. Jax insists that he’s not sleeping with Brenda. Carly doesn’t want to argue since she is convinced Jax wants Brenda. Carly compares Brenda to a “princess”. Carly knows that Jax would choose Brenda over her. Carly brings up her troubles with Michael. Jax assumes that Michael is doing fine. Carly reminds Jax that he lied to her about London. Jax wonders why Carly can be friends with Jason but he can’t talk to Brenda. Carly says that she has always been honest with Jax. Jax wonders what will happen to the kids if he and Carly break up. Carly says that she resents Jax. Carly is saddened that she isn’t a priority in Jax’s life. Carly feels sickened that Jax played her. Jax is adamant that he isn’t interested in Brenda. Carly walks to the foyer. Carly says that she’ll always love Jax but they can’t be together anymore.

At the penthouse, Jason is silent after Michael comes clean about being raped in Pentonville. Michael wonders if Jason knew the truth. Jason admits that he wasn’t sure. Jason compliments Michael on his courage. Jason doesn’t want Michael blaming himself. Michael believes that he should have stopped Carter. Michael and Jason are teary-eyed. Jason hugs Michael. Michael continues to cry. Michael thinks that he is pathetic. Michael points out that Jason saved him from Carter. Jason speaks warmly of Michael’s heroism. Jason wants Michael to move on. Michael brings up Abby’s assault. Michael admits that he panicked when he saw Abby and Brandon. Michael says that he felt like he was back in prison again. Jason reminds Michael that he was the one that saved Abby in time. Jason apologizes to Michael because of Franco. Michael insists that Jason isn’t to blame. Michael thinks that Carter was a sick freak. Michael regrets not killing Carter himself. Michael wants to prove to himself that he’s not weak. Jason feels guilty for not protecting Michael. Michael wonders if Abby was raped. Michael recalls when Jason returned to the prison cell after the rape. Michael realizes that Jason sensed something then because he sent him to the infirmary to get HIV meds. Michael doesn’t remember a lot from that time. There is a knock on the door. It’s Carly. Michael hides in another room. Carly is hysterical. Jason insists that now is not the time to talk. Carly is offended that Jason won’t listen. Michael returns to the room. Carly is shocked to see her son.

Lulu returns to her apartment. Lulu tells Maxie that she found Dante hugging Brenda. Maxie asks Lulu a bunch of questions regarding the two. Lulu admits that Dante and Brenda were chummy. Maxie is resolute that Dante is in love with Lulu. There is a knock on the door. It’s Dante. Maxie runs out of the apartment. Lulu doesn’t want to talk to Dante. Dante apologizes for hugging Brenda. Dante insists that there was nothing else to it. Dante proclaims his love for Lulu. Lulu remains silent. Dante and Lulu admit that they both had bad nights. Dante updates Lulu on Abby’s attack. Dante says that Brenda was waiting in the loft when he returned home. Lulu is thankful for Dante’s honesty but insists that they are still over. Dante says goodbye to Lulu.

At the Jacks home, Jax and Morgan sit down in the living room. Morgan senses that something is wrong. Jax admits that he made a mistake with Carly. Jax talks about his trip to London. Morgan realizes that Carly found out the truth. Morgan starts crying when he thinks Jax won’t be around. Jax suggests teaching Josslyn to sail in the summer. Jax has no plans of bailing on his family.

Brenda shows up at Jax’s office. Jax demands to know why Brenda told Carly the truth. Brenda doesn’t regret speaking the truth. In fact, Brenda is happy that Jax and Carly could be breaking up. Brenda badmouths Carly to Jax’s face. Jax admits that he’s staying at the MetroCourt for the time being. Jax is irritated that Brenda won’t apologize. Jax can’t understand why Brenda wants to marry Sonny. Brenda defends Sonny but Jax isn’t listening. Jax is concerned about Brenda’s welfare.

Theo and Shawn meet at the law office. Siobhan calls Theo (the Balkan). Siobhan relays that she has photos from the bridal room. The Balkan suggests meeting tomorrow. Afterwards, Theo tells Shawn to drop by the church because he is worried that Siobhan might try to double-cross him.


At the penthouse, Jason tells Carly about Michael saving Abby from Brandon. Carly feels sorry for Abby. Michael rambles on about Abby almost being raped. Carly senses that Michael is talking about something else. Michael blabs that Carter raped him in Pentonville. Carly is saddened to hear Michael’s words. Carly hugs her son then tells him that everything will be fine. Carly asks when Jason found out. Michael says that helping Abby triggered his memories of that night in prison. Carly wishes that Michael would get counseling but he hates the idea. Michael says that Carter is dead so he doesn’t need therapy. Carly points out that Michael has survived the worst. Carly and Michael sit down on the couch. Carly tells her son that he has her full support. Michael reluctantly agrees to go to counseling.

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