GH Update Monday 1/31/11

General Hospital Update Monday 1/31/11


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Lucky catches Siobhan sneaking into the church’s bride room. Lucky is convinced that Siobhan has been lying to him. Lucky accuses Siobhan of working for the Balkan. Siobhan thinks that Lucky is acting like a stalker. Siobhan brings up Lucky’s fixation with Elizabeth. Lucky is offended that Siobhan would bring up his ex. Lucky points out that Siobhan has been acting tense lately. Lucky brings up the fact that Siobhan asked a lot of questions about the wedding locale. Lucky admits that he lied about the location. Siobhan is shocked by the revelation. Lucky says that Siobhan took the bait. Siobhan makes up a story that she’s taking photos for Lucky. Lucky doesn’t buy Siobhan’s excuses. Lucky is sure that Siobhan is working for the Balkan. Siobhan gets defensive. Lucky is saddened that Siobhan manipulated him. Lucky reminds Siobhan that Brenda could end up killed. Siobhan starts to cry and suggests that Lucky arrest her.

At the law office, Theo continues to ask Lulu questions about the civil lawsuit. Lulu senses that she is in danger. Theo confirms that Lulu is not safe because of the Balkan. Theo asks Lulu if she has received any threats lately. Lulu says that she hasn’t. Theo tells Lulu that she’ll be called to testify. Lulu doesn’t understand why the plaintiff would call her to the stand since she’d be considered a hostile witness. Theo suggests going over Lulu’s testimony. Shawn shows up unannounced. Shawn introduces himself to Lulu as Theo’s investigator and security consultant. Shawn informs Lulu that the Balkan is a serious threat to everyone involved in the lawsuit. Lulu wonders why she has to be scared of the Balkan. Shawn reminds her that she is Dante’s girlfriend. Lulu says that she and Dante are no longer seeing each other. Theo pipes in that Lulu could have pertinent information that the Balkan wants. Lulu insists that she knows nothing. Theo tells Lulu that he’ll call her about the deposition date. After Lulu leaves the office, Shawn wants to set some ground rules with Theo. Shawn admits that Theo is paying him well but has boundary issues. Shawn says that Theo’s plan is messy regarding Brenda. Theo is adamant that he will get revenge for Aleksander’s death. Theo admits that he got the ball rolling with the civil lawsuit. Theo wants to win Brenda’s loyalty then take everything away from her.

At the loft, Dante and Jason talk about Lucky’s preoccupation with Siobhan. Dante’s only concern is protecting Brenda. Jason reminds Dante that he isn’t being objective about the Balkan situation. Jason offers to take care of the mess with Siobhan.

In an alley, Brandon pushes Abby against a dumpster. Michael shows up on the scene. Michael has flashbacks of Pentonville. Michael remembers Carter assaulting him. Michael grabs Brandon and punches him. Michael is rambling on about Carter. Michael pushes Brandon to the ground then starts choking him. Abby is screaming loudly. Jason runs to the scene and pulls Michael off of Brandon. Michael is in a trance-like state. Michael rushes over to Abby and asks if she’s okay. Jason informs the two that Brandon is still alive. Abby is shivering. Jason calls Dante. When Dante shows up, he wants to call the police. Jason doesn’t like the idea. Dante asserts that a cover-up isn’t the way to go. Jason reluctantly agrees with Dante. Dante handcuffs Brandon. Abby tells Jason and Michael that Brandon didn’t rape her. Jason wants Abby to be checked out by a doctor. Abby is reluctant but finally agrees when she realizes it will help corroborate Michael’s story. Jason walks Abby to his vehicle. Michael seems anxious.

At the penthouse, Brenda announces to Carly that Jax went to London for her. Carly is sickened by the news. Brenda praises Jax on his loyalty and generosity. Carly is convinced that Brenda will do anything for attention. Carly wonders if Brenda is telling the truth about Jax. Brenda is thankful for Jax’s help. Brenda rambles on about her friendship with Jax. Carly is enraged. There is a knock on the front door. It’s Robin. Robin wants to talk about the wedding. Carly is snippy towards Robin then tells Brenda that her wedding to Sonny won’t happen. After Carly leaves, Robin informs Brenda that Carly is up to something.

At the Jacks home, Alexis and Jax are talking about his London trip. Alexis takes Carly’s side, claiming that Jax is being disloyal to his wife by helping Brenda. Jax doesn’t see the problem. Alexis brings up Josslyn. Jax points out that Brenda is in danger so he needs to help her. Alexis figures that Jax is jealous of Brenda’s upcoming wedding to Sonny. Alexis advises Jax to let go of Brenda.

Carly returns to an empty house. Spinelli shows up to meet with Carly. Carly informs Spinelli about her visit with Brenda. Carly wants to know if Jax went to London on Brenda’s behalf. Spinelli agrees to trace Jax’s movements abroad. After checking online, Spinelli confirms Carly’s suspicions. Spinelli says that Jax met with Interpol in London. Carly is upset by the news. Spinelli reassures Carly that Jax loves her. Carly admits that she is insecure when it comes to Brenda. Carly feels betrayed by her husband. After Spinelli leaves, Jax returns home. Jax tells Carly that he was busy with paperwork. Carly admits that she knows the truth – that Jax went to London for Brenda. Jax says that he didn’t want to hurt Carly. Carly informs Jax that Brenda told her everything. Jax updates Carly about his trip – giving Jerry’s financial records to Interpol. Carly isn’t impressed. In fact, Carly makes it clear that she isn’t happy that Jax lied again. Jax insists that he isn’t going to say no to Brenda. Carly believes that Jax wants Brenda back. Carly implies that she is through with Jax.

At the hospital, Abby is wheeled into a hospital room by Steven. Jason asks Michael if he’s okay. Michael feels guilty that he froze while Abby was being attacked. Michael has memories of Carter. Jason praises Michael for helping Abby in time. Steven informs Jason and Michael that Abby has some bruising but she’s okay overall. Michael asks if he can see Abby. Abby thanks Michael for saving her life. Dante and Jason barge in the room. Dante wants to take Abby’s statement. Abby says that she dated Brandon a long time ago. Abby adds that Brandon has recently been hassling her. Abby recounts the events of tonight. Michael listens intently but looks uncomfortable. Abby is crying as she talks about Brandon grabbing her. Abby says that Brandon didn’t rape her because Michael saved her. Michael hurries out of the room; Jason follows behind. Dante asks if Abby will testify against Brandon. Abby wants Brandon to pay. Abby is concerned about Michael. Dante says that Abby is a true friend to Michael. Dante thinks that tonight was a turning point for Michael.

Lucky shows up at Theo’s office. Theo is surprised to see Lucky. Lucky wants to talk about Siobhan and her green card problems. Theo senses that Lucky and Siobhan are fighting for another reason. Theo thinks that Siobhan misses Ireland. Lucky says that it is imperative that Siobhan stay in Port Charles. Lucky fears that the Balkan is after Siobhan. Lucky asks Theo to talk to Siobhan. Lucky confides to Theo about his thoughts regarding the Balkan. Theo agrees to speak to Siobhan.

Siobhan is sleeping in her room at Jake’s when there is a knock on the door. It’s Lucky. Siobhan threatens to call the police. Lucky wants to talk about his relationship with Siobhan. Lucky knows that Siobhan cares for him. Siobhan brings up Elizabeth. Lucky tells Siobhan that she’s not good at lying. Lucky begs Siobhan to tell him the truth about the Balkan. Siobhan is teary-eyed. Siobhan shows Lucky the picture of her sister Megan. Siobhan tells Lucky that the Balkan will kill Megan if she doesn’t cooperate.

Dante returns home to find Max outside the loft. Max informs Dante that Brenda is inside his apartment. Brenda asks Dante if he needs help with anything. Dante wants to know what happened to Brenda’s baby.

Jason and Michael return to the penthouse. Jason thinks that there’s a good case against Brandon. Jason is impressed by Michael’s heroism. Michael wonders if Abby was lying about being raped. Michael begins to cry as he recounts what happened in prison. Through tears, Michael tells Jason that Carter raped him in Pentonville.

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