GH Update Wednesday 1/26/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/26/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia is getting ready to leave the hospital. Olivia is finishing packing her bag when Dante walks in. Dante inquires about her condition. Dante offers to give his mom a ride. Olivia senses that Dante is sad about something. Dante blurts out that Lulu broke up with him. Olivia demands to know all the details. Dante admits that he messed up big time. Dante brings up his past feelings for Brenda.

At their apartment, Maxie finds Lulu lounging in the living room. Lulu tells Maxie that she’s not coming into work today. Maxie wishes that Lulu would stop moping around and thinking about Dante. Maxie worries that Luke and his diamond smuggling will get them in trouble. Maxie tells Lulu to be strong. Lulu thinks that Dante still has feelings for Brenda. Lulu wonders if Dante was the one.

At the hospital, Terrell grabs Lisa’s hand and pulls her aside. Lisa refuses to make out with Terrell. Lisa reminds Terrell that he has to get Robin in bed. Terrell insists that sleeping with Robin will take some time. Patrick walks up to them. Patrick inquires about Robin’s whereabouts. Robin shows up, claiming that she got stuck in traffic. Robin explains that her garage door got stuck. Patrick offers to fix it but Robin doesn’t like the idea. Robin apologizes for missing their morning consult. Terrell interjects that there was a semi accident near Robin’s house. Nearby, Elizabeth asks Steven if he’s going to the hospital meeting. Steven wants Liz to take notes because he has other plans.

Sam is on the phone with Kelly as she makes her way inside Jason’s penthouse. Sam talks about the fertility reconstruction procedure. Sam tells Kelly that she’s not ready to have a baby. Jason walks down the stairs. Sam can’t believe that Spinelli is helping sample wedding cakes. However, Sam thinks it is funny that Spinelli is so fixated on Brenda’s wedding. Jason implies that Spinelli is working on a book. Sam and Jason butt heads about Spinelli’s latest project. Sam asks Jason for his feedback on Michael and Abby. Jason is convinced that Abby won’t change her mind about seeing Michael. They share a kiss. Spinelli returns from the cake-tasting. Jason leaves to meet with Diane. Sam confides to Spinelli that Michael is going through a tough time. Sam thinks that Jason needs a distraction right now. Sam and Spinelli talk about their PI cases. Sam drops a hint that she knows about Spinelli’s book. Sam wonders if Spinelli has grown tired of their PI business. Nevertheless, Sam hopes that Spinelli will stop obsessing over Brenda. Spinelli and Sam decide to stop working for the night. Spinelli hurries out the door.

Ethan shows up at the hospital. Ethan reminds Maya that she was supposed to drop off the apartment deposit for the landlord. Ethan informs Maya that they lost the place. Maya isn’t too bothered. Ethan senses that Maya wants to live at the Q’s house. Ethan thinks that Maya has taken a liking to Edward.

Tracy summons Brook Lynn to the Quartermaine mansion. Brook Lynn assumes that Tracy has some kind of ulterior motive. Tracy urges Brook to quit being Nik’s companion. Brook Lynn isn’t scared of the Cassadines. In fact, Brook Lynn raves about Nikolas. Brook confides to Tracy that Elizabeth won’t stop meddling in Nikolas’s life. Tracy asks if Brook Lynn is falling for Nik. Brook Lynn admits that she likes Nik but wonders if she has a shot with him. Tracy says that Nikolas better not hurt Brook. After Brook Lynn leaves, Edward talks to Tracy about Maya and Ethan living in their own apartment. Edward thinks the whole thing is nonsense. Maya and Ethan walk in. Maya informs Edward and Tracy that she and Ethan won’t be living in an apartment. Ethan looks bummed about living with the Quartermaines. Edward and Ethan leave the room to discuss ELQ. Tracy figures that Maya only cares about the money. Maya admits that she doesn’t want to disappoint Edward.

At the law offices, Shawn and Theo meet to talk about their plans. Shawn agrees to work for Theo as his mercenary. Shawn implies that he’ll be the one kidnapping Brenda at the wedding. Diane and Alexis show up. Theo introduces Shawn to the women. Alexis recognizes Shawn’s name. Alexis tells Theo and Diane about Shawn helping Molly. Theo says that Shawn will be helping with security and investigating during the civil lawsuit. After the women leave, Shawn tells Theo that he’ll get to work right away.

Olivia and Dante continue to talk about Lulu. Dante says that nothing happened between him and Brenda. Dante worries that he has told too many lies to Lulu. Olivia understands that Lulu feels betrayed. Dante has no clue what to do next. Olivia suggests that Dante fight for Lulu’s love. Olivia tells Dante that she doesn’t need a ride home. Steven walks in. Dante realizes that Steven will be driving Olivia home. Olivia wants to cook dinner for Steven but he’s against it. Alone, Dante confronts Steven about his intentions toward Olivia. Dante doesn’t like Steven’s advances. Steven insists that he and Olivia are just friends. Olivia pulls Dante aside and asks him to butt out of her love life. Olivia asks Dante to leave Steven alone. Dante worries that Steven is a rebound romance. Olivia reminds Dante that his love life is a mess right now. Dante admits that he’s worried about his mom. They hug each other.

Johnny is walking near Baker Street when Shawn calls out his name. Johnny stops on the sidewalk. Shawn punches Johnny in the gut. Johnny has a bloody nose. Shawn makes some threats. Shawn walks away. Lulu finds Johnny lying on the pavement. Lulu starts to call 911 but Johnny doesn’t want to involve the authorities.

At Diane’s office, Jason shows up to sign some insurance documents. Diane complains that Max is working too much overtime guarding Brenda. Jason defends Brenda. Jason encourages Diane to speak to Sonny about her complaints. Theo walks in. Jason refuses to have any dealings with Theo. Jason says that he’ll only confer with Diane. Theo wants to ask Jason questions about the suit. Jason worries that Brenda will be put on the stand. Shawn returns to the office. Shawn meets Jason. Jason is surprised to hear that Shawn was hired as a security advisor. Theo interjects that Shawn will be his own personal security guard. Jason is still confused but keeps quiet. Jason agrees to be accommodating but wonders what Theo’s agenda is.

At the hospital, Robin tells Elizabeth that she called all of the garage door repair shops and they’re booked for two weeks. Robin and Liz share a laugh over the fact that they are both single moms. Terrell interjects that he’s a handyman. Terrell offers to fix the garage door. Robin is thankful for Terrell’s generosity. Terrell agrees to come to the Drake house on Saturday. When Terrell walks away, Patrick confronts Robin. Patrick reminds Robin that he asked to fix the door earlier. Robin gives Patrick the cold shoulder. Nearby, Lisa and Terrell are all smiles. Terrell says that he has a few days to learn about fixing garage doors. Later, Robin pulls Terrell aside and asks him to fix the garage door tonight. Terrell reluctantly agrees.

Near the nurses’ station, Elizabeth runs into Nikolas. Elizabeth asks Nik to join her and Aiden for dinner tonight. Nikolas agrees to the invite but seems awkward about it. Brook Lynn interrupts their conversation. Brook Lynn suggests that she and Nikolas try out a sushi restaurant. Nikolas tells Brook that he already has plans with Liz.

Steven brings Olivia home. Steven doesn’t like the fact that they skipped dinner. Olivia offers to cook. Steven reminds Olivia that she needs to take it easy. Steven apologizes for being overbearing. Olivia thinks Steven is charming. Steven makes grilled cheese sandwiches for himself and Olivia. Olivia notices that Steven can’t handle compliments. They flirt back and forth with each other.

On Baker Street, Johnny asks Lulu for help. Lulu wants to consult with a doctor. Johnny requests that Lulu bring him back to his apartment. When they return, Johnny brings up some old memories when he and Lulu were a couple. Lulu doesn’t miss dealing with all the danger. Lisa is searching the apartment when Lulu and Johnny walk in.

In the office, Theo and Shawn talk about Jason. Theo is certain that Jason has no idea that he’s the Balkan. Theo inquires about Johnny Zacchara. Shawn says that Johnny got the message. Theo has no intentions of dropping his vendetta against Brenda. Dante walks in unannounced.

Jason returns home to find that Spinelli is no longer there. Jason sees the fertility pamphlet on the desk. Sam doesn’t know what to say. Jason asks if Sam wants to have a baby.

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