GH Update Tuesday 1/25/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/25/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Jake’s, Lulu and Lucky are discussing Dante. Lulu is adamant that she is done with Dante. Lulu thinks that she’ll never be able to trust Dante again. Lucky is certain that Dante and Brenda aren’t sleeping with each other. Lulu points out that there is emotional infidelity. Lulu reminds Lucky that since Dante is a cop, he’s very good at lying. Ethan shows up. Lucky admits that he and Siobhan broke up. Ethan interjects that his relationship with Maya is not doing well. Ethan is having a hard time committing to Maya. Nevertheless, Ethan cares about Maya but wonders if he can stay married to her. The three agree that they have terrible luck when it comes to love. Lucky comments that the Spencers are cursed. Lulu leaves the bar. Maxie walks in a minute later. Maxie is looking for Lulu. Maxie’s cell phone rings; it is Luke. Maxie tells Lucky and Ethan that Luke wants to do a costume jewelry piece in an upcoming issue of Crimson. Ethan and Lucky realize that Luke wants to smuggle in diamonds. Maxie is horrified to learn this. Maxie figures that Kate will fire her immediately. Siobhan walks in to start work. Lucky confronts Siobhan about her evasiveness. Siobhan refuses to tell Lucky the truth. Lucky returns to Ethan and Maxie. Maxie is freaking out about the stolen diamonds. Maxie wonders how Kate will react. Maxie continues to ramble on. Ethan convinces Maxie that she’s overexaggerating the situation. Siobhan interjects with a sarcastic reply. Lucky asks Siobhan why she is acting so strange. Lucky wants Siobhan to trust him. Siobhan comments that Lucky is in danger.

At the Davis home, Molly tells Alexis about texting on Baker Street. Molly says she witnessed a car accident. Alexis figures that the crash triggered Molly’s panic attack. Molly says that the smell of burning rubber reminded her of the bus accident. Molly speaks highly of Shawn Butler, an ex-marine suffering from PTSD. Later, Molly does some research online. Alexis wants Molly to be completely honest about her feelings. Alexis insists that Molly has her full support. Alexis hugs Molly.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Carly offers to get Shawn a room for free. Carly asks why Shawn helped Molly. Shawn admits that he has been suffering from PTSD since returning from his tour of duty. Shawn says that he is a security consultant. Carly thanks Shawn for listening to Molly. While Shawn is leaving, he almost bumps into Theo. Theo makes a comment to Shawn. Carly scolds Theo for being so rude. Theo asks to speak to Carly. Carly doesn’t want to talk about Sonny. Theo wants Carly to sign a document regarding her boys’ trust fund. Theo adds that the document is time-sensitive. Carly refuses to rush into anything. Theo announces that he is representing Dante and Brenda at the trial. Carly laughs at the idea, saying that it would be a waste of Theo’s time. Theo points out that Sonny is paying him a lot of money to defend the two. Theo says that he met Morgan in the hospital. Theo questions why Carly isn’t defending Sonny. Carly implies that Sonny and Brenda’s wedding won’t happen. Theo asks if Carly is withholding any important evidence. Theo brings up Sonny and Brenda’s history together. Carly insists that she won’t sign the document without Diane present. Theo is irritated that he can’t get his way.

At the loft, Dante inquires about Michael’s bad mood. Michael doesn’t want to talk about his problems. Dante changes the subject to Lulu. Dante says that Lulu is devastated that he kept a secret from her. Michael wonders if Dante still cares about Brenda. Dante admits that he did a stupid thing by keeping quiet about the secret. Dante knows that Lulu is justified in her anger. Dante has no idea if Lulu will forgive him.

On Baker Street, Jason and Abby are talking when Brandon shows up wielding a gun. Brandon demands that Jason stay away from Abby. Brandon assumes that Jason is sleeping with Abby. Abby urges Brandon to leave but he won’t listen. Jason and Brandon engage in a scuffle. Jason grabs Brandon’s gun. Jason warns Brandon to stay away. Alone, Abby tells Jason that she can’t hang around Michael anymore. Jason wants to know about Abby’s ex. Abby says that Brandon was out of the picture until just recently. Abby adds that Brandon won’t stop hassling her. Abby feels that she can’t be friends with Michael because of her job. Jason asks if it’s an age thing. Abby admits that she and Michael have similar interests but their lives are so different. Abby says that she and Michael have a connection but they are wrong for each other. Abby thanks Jason for protecting her against Brandon. Jason urges Abby to give Michael another chance.

Jason returns home where he kisses Sam. Jason updates Sam about Abby and Brandon. Sam has no clue that Brandon was harassing Abby. Jason figures that he won’t be able to change Abby’s mind about talking to Michael. Sam brings up the subject of babies. Sam says that she is blessed but feels sad that she doesn’t have children. Jason thanks Sam for sticking by him during his stint in Pentonville. Sam speaks warmly of Michael. Sam thinks that Michael is turning into an amazing man.

Michael meets with Abby on Baker Street. Michael wonders what Abby wants to tell him. Michael feeds Abby a bunch of compliments; she is near tears. Abby admits that she cares about Michael but refuses to see him anymore. Michael asks Abby not to give up on him. Abby admits that she isn’t a prostitute. Michael is stunned by the revelation. Michael asks why Abby lied to him. Abby says that she doesn’t want Michael end up hurt. Michael still wants to hang out but Abby hates the idea. Abby asks Michael to respect her by staying away.

Lulu is eating ice cream at her apartment when there’s a knock at the door. Dante, wearing a tux, asks Lulu to accompany him to the opera. Lulu refuses to go anywhere with Dante. Dante proclaims that he still loves Lulu. Lulu doesn’t believe anything Dante says. Lulu reminds Dante that they are no longer together. Dante is getting nowhere with Lulu. Lulu yells that she doesn’t trust Dante anymore. Dante says that Lulu can ask him anything. Lulu asks if Dante loves Brenda. Dante admits that he thought he did back in 2007. Dante says that he had a crush on Brenda but that was it. Dante promises to love Lulu forever. Lulu asks Dante to leave. Alone, Lulu begins sobbing.

Michael shows up at the penthouse. Sam hurries out the door so Jason and Michael can be alone. Michael apologizes for interrupting. Michael reveals that Abby told him the truth – she is not a prostitute. Jason plays stupid about not knowing. However, Michael says that Abby still doesn’t want to see him. Jason assumes that Abby is being like this to protect Michael. Jason compares Abby to Carly in this regard. Michael vents about prison and Carter. Michael wonders if he can be normal again. Jason thinks that prison will always be a part of Michael. Jason believes that Michael is a brave kid. Michael implies that he failed at defending himself against Carter.

In a darkened warehouse, Theo meets with Shawn. Theo agrees to hire Shawn as an investigator regarding Brenda and Dante’s lawsuit. Theo implies that he will stop at nothing to avenge Aleksander’s death.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Spinelli and Carly meet to talk about Dante. Carly says that she got the document certified. Spinelli hates the idea of dropping the bombshell at Sonny and Brenda’s wedding. Carly is adamant that the truth will come out about Brenda and Dante’s baby.

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