GH Update Monday 1/24/11

General Hospital Update Monday 1/24/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court restaurant, Dante and Carly argue with each other. Dante assumes that Carly wants to start a petition regarding Michael’s parole. Carly brings up Abby and calls Dante a hypocrite. Dante lets slip that Lulu broke up with him. Carly is stunned by the news. Dante points out that Carly isn’t perfect. Dante can’t believe that Carly knows about Aleksander’s death. Dante justifies his actions by saying he was only protecting Brenda. Carly wonders how Dante could turn Michael in but kept quiet for Brenda. Carly warns Dante that he’ll get what he deserves.

At the penthouse, Michael and Jason talk about prison. Michael speaks vaguely of his nightmares of Pentonville. Jason reminds Michael that it will take time for him to get over it. Michael confides in Jason about his feelings for Abby. Michael tells Jason about his chat with Carly regarding Abby. Jason figures that Carly will keep her promise to stop meddling. Michael feels like a coward and vents that life in prison was terrible. Michael compares himself to Kristina when she was dealing with the Kiefer situation. Jason advises Michael to set boundaries when it comes to Kristina and Carly. Michael is frustrated because Abby won’t see him anymore. Michael storms out of the apartment.

At the hospital, Sam meets with Kelly. Kelly explains that she’s done more research on the experimental fertility treatment. Kelly confirms that there are setbacks for the treatment. Sam is stunned to learn that there is only a fifty-percent chance of carrying a full-term baby.

Molly is in shock after witnessing a car accident on Baker Street. Molly runs into a man named Sean Butler. They sit on a bench. Sean offers to call Alexis but Molly doesn’t want him to. Molly rambles on about having bipolar depression. Molly admits that she self-diagnosed herself. Sean figures that the car accident was the trigger for Molly’s panic attack. Molly fears that she’ll end up in a mental institution. Sean admits that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Sean talks about being in the Marines. Molly believes she is suffering from PTSD too. Sean admits that his symptoms got worse when he got home. Molly confides about the bus crash, recalling the accident. Sean advises Molly not to internalize her emotions. Carly is walking by and stops when she sees Molly. Molly introduces Sean to Carly, adding that he’s helping her with a problem. Sean Butler interjects that he works in private security then hands Carly his business card. Molly tells Carly about her symptoms. Carly thanks Sean for listening then proceeds to bring Molly home.

Lucky comes to Siobhan’s rescue in a dark alley. Lucky demands to know what kind of trouble Siobhan is in. Lucky is convinced that Siobhan is lying. Siobhan worries that Lucky might wind up dead because of his job. Lucky knows that Siobhan cares about him but she’s evasive toward his questions. Lucky asks Siobhan what secret she is hiding. Lucky teases Siobhan which infuriates her even more. Lucky kisses Siobhan. Siobhan walks away.

At Jake’s, Matt and Patrick watch as Robin and Terrell shoot darts. Patrick is visibly jealous. Robin and Terrell talk about Paris. Matt defends Robin to Patrick. Matt walks up to Robin. Robin is surprised to see Patrick. Matt pulls Robin aside. Matt brings up taking Maxie to dinner. Robin realizes that Matt is trying to create a diversion. Nearby, Patrick and Terrell start a game of darts. Patrick reminds Terrell that he is still married to Robin. Terrell says that he and Robin are just friends – for now. Terrell is acting arrogant. Robin can’t believe that Patrick is jealous. Matt asks Robin to give Patrick a break. Matt and Terrell leave Jake’s. Alone, Robin talks to Patrick. Robin confronts Patrick about his jealousy.

Lucky and Lulu slip into a booth at Jake’s. Lulu comes clean about her break-up with Dante. Lulu is mad at Lucky for keeping quiet about Dante and Brenda’s secret. Lucky stresses that he had to keep quiet about the cover-up. Lucky hates that he lied to Lulu but she’s furious. Lulu says that all trust is lost with Dante. Lucky thinks that Lulu is selling herself short when it comes to relationships. Lulu refuses to get hurt anymore. Lulu asserts that she can’t be with someone she doesn’t trust. Lulu makes it clear that she and Dante are over. Lucky doesn’t want Lulu giving up on Dante. Lulu wishes that her brother would be more supportive. Lucky apologizes then tells Lulu that she can count on him.

Kristina shows up at the loft. Kristina wants Michael to come ice skating with her and her friends. Michael doesn’t want to go, nor does he want to talk about Allie. Kristina will stop at nothing to set Michael up with Chelsea, a girl from Madison. Michael asks Kristina to stop hounding him. Kristina wishes that Michael would stop hanging out with Abby. Kristina badmouths Abby which angers Michael. Kristina points out that Abby could get a different job, like waitressing at Kelly’s. Kristina is convinced that Abby is just a distraction because Michael keeps thinking about his time in Pentonville. Michael orders Kristina to leave. Kristina tells Michael that he yells just like their father.

Jason returns home. Jason finds Sam waiting in the living room. Jason’s mind is scattered as he tells Sam about his talk with Michael. Jason is worried about Michael’s state of mind. Jason wonders if Abby should tell Michael the truth about not being a prostitute.

At home, Alexis is making a call about Siobhan when Molly and Carly return. Carly tells Alexis about Molly’s conversation with Sean Butler then hands her his card. After Carly leaves, Molly tells Alexis that she might have PTSD. Alexis is shocked by the news. Alexis asks Molly to tell her everything. Molly admits that she threw the vase. Molly says that she was convinced she had bipolar depression until her talk with Sean. Alexis suggests that Molly see a therapist. Molly agrees to talk to someone.

Michael is at home, working out when he starts thinking about Carter. Michael becomes so preoccupied with his memories that he grabs Dante by the neck. Michael apologizes for his behavior. Dante notices that Michael is in a sour mood. Michael refuses to talk about anything, especially Pentonville.

On Baker Street, Brandon ambushes Abby. Abby asks Brandon to leave her alone. Brandon wants Abby to quit her stripping job. Abby implies that Brandon was physically abusive in the past. Jason intervenes on Abby’s behalf. Brandon flees the scene. Abby tells Jason that Brandon is her ex-boyfriend. Abby inquires about Michael. Unbeknownst to them, Brandon is listening nearby. Jason confides that Michael seems withdrawn. Jason urges Abby to tell Michael the truth. Before Abby can answer, Brandon shows up with a gun.

Carly returns to the restaurant where she runs into Sean again. Sean asks about Molly. Carly thanks Sean for his help. Carly brings up the car crash. Carly offers to put all of Sean’s drinks on the house. Carly appears to have a hidden agenda.

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