GH Update Monday 1/17/11

General Hospital Update Monday 1/17/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Lucky’s apartment, Siobhan announces her intentions of breaking up with Lucky. Lucky is shocked. Lucky senses that Siobhan is lying about something. Lucky wonders what Lulu said to Siobhan to change her mind. Siobhan refuses to settle down. Siobhan says that she has no intentions of a green card marriage. Lucky demands the truth. Lucky insists that he and Siobhan have a connection. Siobhan wants a clean break. When Siobhan brings up Elizabeth, Lucky gets defensive. Siobhan is convinced that Lucky wants to get back together with his ex. Siobhan suggests that she would rather be with Ronan O’Reilly. Siobhan continues to insist that she and Lucky have no future. Lucky asks Siobhan to stop lying. Siobhan says she might go back to Ireland. Siobhan says goodbye to Lucky and walks out the door. Lucky has tears in his eyes.

At Sonny’s office, Carly warns Sonny that he and Brenda are doomed. Carly continues to bicker about the wedding. Carly is convinced that Brenda is manipulating Sonny. Sonny asks Carly to show Brenda some respect. Sonny doesn’t want to fight with Carly. Carly claims that she’s only trying to protect Sonny. Sonny brings up Morgan being in the wedding. Carly says it is Morgan’s decision if he wants to. Carly is sickened that Sonny is going through with the nuptials.

At the penthouse, Dante confirms to Jason that Jerry is not Aleksander’s father, so in turn he’s not the Balkan. They both agree that the Balkan is still coming after Brenda. Jason believes that Jerry’s shooting was staged. Dante wonders where the Balkan is now. Jason warns Dante that he’s in danger. Jason and Dante talk about picking up Brenda from the law office. Dante updates Jason on the prostitution bust and Abby’s arrest. Jason is thankful that Michael didn’t punch Ronnie. However, both wonder if Michael should continue seeing Abby.

At the law office, Brenda and Theo talk about the civil suit. Theo brings up Aleksander. Brenda is certain she never mentioned his name. Brenda doesn’t want to go on the stand. Theo asks Brenda to be candid about everything. Brenda starts confusing details from the two separate shootings. Brenda spills the beans about Aleksander’s death. Brenda tells Theo that Alek was stalking her. Theo looks enraged when Brenda confesses she killed Aleksander in self-defense. Brenda recounts what happened; Theo keeps his anger in check. Brenda admits that Dante was at the scene of the crime. Theo can’t believe that Dante was at both shootings. Theo asks what happened to Aleksander’s body. Brenda wonders why Theo is so interested in the shooting. Theo points out that this information cannot come out at trial. Theo asks Brenda why the authorities were never called. Brenda says that Dante dumped Alek’s body in a swamp. Jason and Dante barge in the room. Brenda wants to speak to Jason. Theo asks Dante to stay so he can question him. After Jason and Brenda leave, Theo inquires about Aleksander’s shooting. Dante can’t believe that Brenda told Theo about it. Dante swears that Brenda shot Aleksander in self-defense. Dante badmouths Aleksander. Theo is irate.

At the hospital, Johnny shows Lisa the syringe. Lisa wishes Johnny would leave her alone. Terrell is watching from nearby. Johnny relays that Patrick is onto them. Lisa warns Johnny to stay away from her workplace. Johnny says that Lisa has no chance with Patrick. Terrell intervenes on Lisa’s behalf. Terrell introduces himself to John. Johnny reminds Lisa that they have dinner reservations. After Johnny vacates, Terrell confronts Lisa. Terrell knows he is being played. Lisa insists that her situation with Johnny is nothing.

Sam meets with Kelly in the hospital lobby. Sam inquires about an experimental fertility procedure. Sam is surprised to learn that she might be able to conceive and carry a child.

At Kelly’s, Kristina and Michael talk about Allie’s funeral. Kristina insists that Allie liked Michael. Kristina wants Michael to come to the memorial. Michael is hesitant but finally agrees to join Kristina at the memorial. Kristina wishes that Michael would date a girl at Madison. Michael refuses to talk about his love life, pointing out that he only likes Abby. Michael hopes that Kristina will learn to accept Abby. Michael offers to give Kristina a ride to the memorial.

Sonny is sitting in his office when Claire walks in. Sonny finishes up his business call. Claire informs Sonny that she’s working at Diane’s law firm now. Claire says that Sonny has some permit violations. Sonny announces that he and Brenda set a wedding date. Claire congratulates Sonny but wonders why he and Brenda are getting married so quickly. Claire wishes Sonny the best. Jason and Brenda walk in the office. Sonny introduces Brenda to Claire. Claire rushes out the door. Jason says that Jerry is not the Balkan. Jason proposes that Sonny and Brenda postpone the wedding.

Outside of Kelly’s, Abby runs into Brandon. Abby asks Brandon to leave her alone. Brandon comments that he knows about her arrest. Abby realizes that Brandon was the one who called the police. Carly eavesdrops from nearby. After Brandon leaves, Carly confronts Abby. Carly asks Abby if she’s a hooker. Abby insists she isn’t but Carly doesn’t care. Carly wants Abby to stay away from her son. Abby and Michael run into each other inside the diner. Abby is acting distant. Michael senses something is wrong. Abby announces that she is a prostitute. Michael is speechless.

Dante shows up at Lucky’s apartment. Lucky talks about his break-up with Siobhan. Lucky is convinced that Siobhan is carrying a secret.

In a confessional booth, Siobhan meets with Theo (the Balkan). Theo tells Siobhan that Brenda killed his son. Siobhan wonders what the Balkan’s next step is. Siobhan lies and says Lucky broke up with her. Theo wants Siobhan and Lucky to reconcile so she can be at Sonny and Brenda’s wedding. Siobhan receives an urgent call from her sister. Siobhan asks the Balkan to release her. Theo wants Siobhan to start cooperating.

Sam returns to the penthouse. Sam does a search online for fertility reconstruction. Jason returns home. Jason updates Sam about the Balkan. Sam can’t believe that Abby was arrested for prostitution. Sam and Jason discuss Michael and Abby’s relationship. Carly shows up at Jason’s place. Carly wants to talk about Abby’s arrest. Carly and Sam get into an argument.

At the office, Sonny and Brenda talk about their wedding. Sonny believes they should call it off. Brenda convinces Sonny that they should get married as planned.

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