GH Update Monday 1/10/11

General Hospital Update Monday 1/10/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonny’s office, Michael tells his father about Abby. Sonny wants Michael to steer clear of the strip club. Michael insists Abby is only stripping to pay for school. Sonny admits that Carly is having a hard time with Michael and Abby’s friendship. Michael brings up his coma. Michael knows that his mom lost valuable time with him. Sonny admits that Carly has high expectations of Michael. However, Sonny does agree that Abby is way too old for Michael. Michael insists that he is just friends with Abby. Sonny is worried about Abby’s occupation. Sonny warns Michael that Carly won’t stop interfering in his love life. Sonny reminds Michael that he can’t get into any fights. Michael agrees to stay away from the strip joint. Sonny asks Michael to be careful. After Michael leaves, Sonny meets with a jeweler. Sonny wants a simple, unexpected ring for Brenda.

At Kelly’s, Abby makes it clear to Carly that she won’t stop seeing Michael. Carly hands Abby a check but she refuses to take it. Carly wishes Abby would leave Port Charles. Abby doesn’t want any money from Carly. Abby says that she listens to Michael. Carly is irritated; she brings up Michael’s anger issues. Carly is concerned that Michael could violate his parole. Carly will do anything to protect Michael. Carly warns Abby to stay away from Michael. Abby insists that Michael won’t come to the club. Carly calls Abby a “mistake” in Michael’s life. Michael walks into the diner. Abby hurries out the door. Michael senses that Carly said something to Abby. Carly knows that Michael will be mad at her. Michael is relieved to learn that Abby declined Carly’s offer of money. Michael maintains that he’s going to continue seeing Abby. Carly hates the idea. Michael says he can’t relate to high-schoolers. Michael asks Carly for respect. Carly starts to cry. Michael warns that he’ll shut Carly out of his life if she doesn’t back out of his business. Before leaving Kelly’s, Michael tells his mom to leave Abby alone.

At the PI office, Jason asks Spinelli and Diane about Theo Hoffman. Jason requests that Diane get him Theo’s resume. Jason is suspicious of Theo. Diane is horrified when Jason suggests that Theo has an offshore account somewhere. Jason demands to have a background check run on Theo immediately. Diane is reluctant to help. Jason points out that Michael could be sent back to prison. Diane defends Theo’s attorney skills. Jason worries that Brenda is unreliable on the stand. Jason brings up Sonny and Brenda’s marriage. Spinelli clearly does not support their nuptials. Jason and Diane argue in front of Spinelli. After Jason vacates, Spinelli is typing on his computer. Spinelli hates that Diane keeps hovering over his shoulder.

At Jason’s penthouse, Theo is asking questions about the shooting. Brenda is more concerned with her wedding to Sonny. Dante defends Brenda in front of Theo. Theo fears that Brenda will be found guilty at trial. Theo isn’t impressed by Brenda; he thinks the jury will not sympathize with her. Dante and Brenda both assert that they are telling the truth. Theo isn’t convinced. Theo says that Brenda’s celebrity status doesn’t help her situation. Brenda asks Theo what she should say on the stand. Theo advises that Brenda show some remorse. After Theo leaves, Dante tells Brenda that everything will work out in their favor. Dante is relieved that Theo doesn’t know Brenda shot and killed Aleksander.

At Jake’s, Siobhan is working when Lucky shows up. Lucky wants to go see a Celtic band. Siobhan tells Lucky that she already has plans. Lucky brings up Siobhan’s lie about Fiona. Siobhan is evasive toward Lucky’s questions. In fact, Siobhan wants Lucky to let it go. Lucky begs Siobhan to tell him the truth. Finally, Siobhan comes clean. Siobhan lies and says she is receiving calls from an old boyfriend. Lucky can’t understand why Siobhan lied about this. Siobhan says her ex will be calling tonight. Lucky returns to work. Siobhan receives a call from the Balkan (Theo). The Balkan wants Siobhan to start cooperating or there will be consequences.

Lisa and Terrell walk into Jake’s. Lisa is freaked out that someone might see them together. Terrell wants to get back together with Lisa. Lisa points out that can’t happen until he sleeps with Robin. Lisa and Terrell talk about knowing each other in Houston. They start a game of pool. Terrell comments that there is a photo of him and Lisa in a newspaper. Patrick walks in. Patrick is shocked to see Lisa and Terrell so chummy. Lisa announces that she and Terrell both lived in Houston. Lisa and Terrell flirt with each other. Patrick advises Terrell that Elizabeth isn’t romantically available. Terrell leaves Jake’s. Patrick makes a comment that Terrell can have Lisa. Lisa is irritated by Patrick.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Jason tells Brenda that he talked to Spinelli. Brenda asks Jason for a favor – walk her down the aisle. Jason is reluctant to answer. Brenda begs Jason to be supportive. Finally, Jason agrees to Brenda’s suggestion. They hug.

Ronnie and Dante meet at Jake’s. Ronnie inquires about Olivia. Dante says that his mom is recovering nicely. Dante brings up Theo Hoffman. Dante asks Ronnie to check out the Manhattan lawyer. Dante doesn’t like how Theo keeps being pushy. Lulu walks in; Ronnie says goodbye to her. Dante confides in Lulu about Theo Hoffman. Dante figures that Brenda will be going back to Rome. Lulu points out that Brenda is engaged to Sonny. Lulu asks Dante if he has feelings for Brenda.

Siobhan shows up at Diane’s office. Theo is there. Siobhan introduces herself to Theo. Siobhan explains that her VISA is running out. Theo wonders how Siobhan could afford to pay Diane. Theo suggests helping Siobhan for free. Theo demands to know personal details of Siobhan’s life. Siobhan is uncomfortable by the questions. Theo inquires about Siobhan’s reasons for being in Port Charles. Siobhan refuses to talk about her past, like former arrests. Lucky barges in the office. Lucky wonders what Siobhan is doing there.

Sonny shows up at the penthouse. Brenda closes up her wedding magazines so Sonny can’t see the dresses. Brenda is excited to tell Sonny about Jason. Sonny wants Dante to be his best man. They flirt with each other. Brenda and Sonny agree to get married on February 18. Spinelli returns home; Sonny is annoyed. Spinelli introduces the couple to Carol Chang, their new wedding planner.

At the hospital, Sam and Kelly speak briefly. Sam is shocked when Kelly says that she could have a baby. Kelly explains that there is an experimental procedure called fertility reconstruction. Sam tells Kelly that she and Jason aren’t looking to have a child right now.

Carly and Jason meet at Sonny’s office. Carly is visibly upset. Carly insists that Abby can’t be with Michael. Jason thinks it is nice that Michael can confide in Abby. Carly hates that Michael and Abby are close. Carly begins sobbing; she is scared for her son.

Abby is dancing at the strip club. Unbeknownst to her, Michael is watching in the shadows.

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