GH Update Monday 1/3/11

General Hospital Update Monday 1/3/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the MetroCourt, Jason and Carly are arguing about Brenda and Sonny’s engagement. Jason hopes that Carly will stay out of their love life. Carly continues to argue her position until she receives a call from Morgan. Morgan says that they haven’t arrived at the ski lodge yet. Morgan talks about stopping at a restaurant for dinner. Carly inquires about Michael. Morgan relays that Michael and Molly are chatting. Suddenly, the bus starts swerving on the road. Carly can hear screams before the line goes dead. Carly informs Jason that the bus crashed. Carly and Jason start panicking, making phone calls to Michael and Sam. Nikolas and Brook Lynn show up at the hotel. They are talking about Luke and Tracy’s wedding. Nikolas notices that Carly is pacing the floor. Carly announces that the GH ski trip’s bus crashed on the mountain road. Nikolas cancels his plans with Brook Lynn. They decide to go to the hospital.

The bus passengers are unconscious, lying in the snow near an embankment. Steven wakes up and sees Cameron by his side. Cameron appears to be okay. Steven asks Theresa, a female student, to keep an eye on his nephew. Matt finds that he can’t move his wrist. Maxie is worried about Matt. Michael, Molly and Kristina wake up. They wonder where Morgan is. Taylor and Michael talk about what to do next. Kristina wishes that Molly would be quiet. The bus driver is found nearby. Steven checks Matt’s wrist. Steven confirms that Matt has a bad fracture. No one’s cell phones work. Steven fears that they are nowhere near the ski lodge.

At Sonny’s office, Alexis and Sonny talk about the girls’ ski trip. Alexis and Sonny are surprised to see Theo having some wine in the restaurant. Theo asks Conan for some calamari. Sonny doesn’t want to speak to Theo right now. Theo is unimpressed with Sonny. Theo wonders how Sonny would feel if something happened to his own son. They talk about the wrongful death suit. Theo isn’t convinced that a jury would sympathize with Dante. Sonny receives a call from Carly. Sonny is shocked to learn about the bus crash.

At the police station, Luke shows up to speak to Lucky. Lucky wonders what Luke is up to. Luke is looking for a billionaire in Prague. Lucky’s curiosity is piqued when Luke starts talking about a jewel heist. Lucky advises Luke not to go after the diamonds. Lucky doesn’t want Luke manipulating Tracy. Luke goes over his plan. Lucky agrees to check out Salvadore’s profile. Tracy shows up at the police station. Luke makes up a story about being concerned for Lulu. Lucky plays along and agrees to protect his sister while Luke and Tracy are out of the country. After the couple leaves, Siobhan shows up for Lucky. Siobhan isn’t happy that Lucky stood her up for their date. Lucky apologizes for being preoccupied with Luke. Lucky receives a call about the bus crash. Lucky makes some phone calls to get a passenger list and a helicopter to check the mountainside. Siobhan is okay with cancelling their dinner date. Siobhan returns with coffee and sandwiches. An officer hands Lucky the passenger list. Lucky is sickened to learn that Cameron was on the bus.

Steven checks the bus driver and later pronounces him dead. Everyone is worried about Morgan. Kristina and Allie make the decision to start a fire. Allie worries about the wildlife roaming around. Michael and Taylor return to see how the teens are doing. Kristina points out that Morgan might still be in the bus. Michael fears that his younger brother is stuck in a ravine somewhere. Steven knows that two people are still unaccounted for – Morgan and Olivia. Unbeknownst to everyone, Olivia’s body is hidden near some bushes. Olivia manages to crawl into the open. Michael finds Olivia, who is grabbing at her side. Olivia claims that she’s okay. Morgan’s stocking cap is lying nearby. Olivia is impressed by Michael’s resilience. Steven checks on Olivia. Steven believes that Olivia has internal injuries. Using a man-made stretcher, Olivia is moved toward the rest of the passengers. Matt and Maxie are thankful to see Olivia. Maxie talks to Matt about her heart transplant many years ago.

At the hospital, Epiphany, Robin, Patrick and Lisa are busy at work. Patrick and Lisa converse over a patient file. Nikolas and Brook Lynn arrive at GH. Nikolas announces to everyone that the ski trip bus crashed. Everyone wonders how Liz will take the news. The staff starts making phone calls to get information. Nikolas informs Elizabeth about the bus crash. Elizabeth is horrified. Brook Lynn stands by while Nik comforts Elizabeth. Elizabeth fears the worst about her son. Sonny and Alexis show up at the hospital. Robin can’t tell them any news. Alexis feels helpless. Sonny asks Alexis to calm down. Sonny gets some coffee for Alexis. Alexis continues to pace the hospital floor. Sonny knows that the kids will get through this. Dante and Brenda arrive at GH, hand in hand. They run into Patrick. Patrick informs them that Olivia was a passenger on the bus. Dante is shocked by the news. Brenda hugs Dante.

In the car, Carly is panicking about her children. Jason says that it isn’t her fault. Carly wishes she would have been on the ski trip as planned. Carly has regrets in not protecting her children. Carly wishes that Jason would drive faster but he says the roads are slick. Carly calls 911 again but there is still no word about the bus’s location.

Molly, Kristina and Allie hear noises in the mountains. Kristina is concerned about Morgan. Michael and Taylor return; they can’t find Morgan. Kristina agrees to join Michael in the search for Morgan. Allie hears a truck in the distance. Michael grabs a flashlight and starts climbing up the embankment. Nearby, Olivia wakes up and starts mumbling to Steven. Steven holds Olivia’s hand. Olivia fears that she is dying. Matt and Maxie are shivering from the cold. Maxie tells Matt that she’s glad they are together. Steven gets Olivia to laugh. Olivia asks Steven to tell Dante she loves him.

Michael manages to get to the highway but there’s no one on the road.

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