GH Update Monday 12/27/10

General Hospital Update Monday 12/27/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the Quartermaine den, Edward is speaking to Lila’s picture. Edward is relieved that Tracy has finally found happiness with Luke. Edward turns around and sees Jason and Michael standing there. Michael insists that it was Jason’s idea to visit. Edward admits that he didn’t support Jason after his brain injury. Jason doesn’t want Edward blaming himself. Michael pipes in that no one should feel guilty about the situation. Edward and Michael talk about his future. Edward criticizes Sonny’s parenting. Jason intervenes and says that they were all to blame for the cover-up that sent Michael to prison. Michael defends Jason, saying that he protected him in Pentonville. Edward implies that Michael start acting like a true Quartermaine. Michael has no intentions on working at ELQ right now. Jason and Michael join the guests in the other room.

In Lila’s rose garden, Sonny asks Brenda to marry him. Brenda is hesitant to answer. Brenda doesn’t want to rush things with Sonny. Sonny begs Brenda to say yes. Brenda confides that she went to Rome hoping to move on from Sonny. Both admit that they are most happy when they are together. Sonny makes Brenda laugh. Brenda starts crying. Sonny wonders why Brenda is scared to get married. Sonny promises he won’t leave Brenda. Finally, Brenda agrees to marry Sonny. They share a passionate kiss.

At the wedding reception, Dante dances with Tracy whereas Luke dances with Lulu. Luke and Tracy swap partners. Tracy and Luke bicker about the bogus pre-nup. Luke insists that he wanted to marry Tracy one way or the other. Alice interrupts their dance. Alexis and Mac are dancing the tango. Jax laughs at the sight of Alexis and Mac. Alexis and Mac flirt with each other. Dante wonders what happened to Sonny and Brenda. Nikolas is impressed that Brook Lynn got Tracy to marry Luke.

In the adjoining room, Carly and Spinelli are talking about Brenda and Dante. Carly can’t believe that Brenda had a child with Dante and that he gave her full custody in 2007. Carly plans on telling all about Brenda and Dante’s baby. Spinelli wants to remain quiet. Jax walks in the room. Jax senses Carly is up to something. Carly covers for Spinelli. Carly says she wants Michael’s parole hearing bumped up. Spinelli rambles on. Jax thinks that Spinelli is acting strange. Alone, Carly confides to Jax that Spinelli is bummed about breaking up with Maxie. Carly admits that her plans usually backfire.

Diane is working at the office. Diane gets a call from Max. Theo overhears Diane talking to Max. Diane is surprised to see Theo. They chitchat for a few minutes. Theo has no intentions of going anywhere. Theo wants to help Dante and Brenda with the civil lawsuit. Diane and Theo discuss her clients Sonny and Jason. Diane goes on about Sonny being a dedicated father to his four children. Theo thinks that the lawsuit plaintiffs will want Dante and Brenda to speak in open court. Theo suggests meeting with Brenda tonight.

At the reception, Ethan makes an announcement about the throwing of the bouquet. Alexis is acting tipsy. Carly is happy to see Michael and Jason. Brenda catches the bouquet. Sonny tells everyone that Brenda accepted his marriage proposal. All the guests are speechless. Michael hugs the newly engaged couple. Tracy whispers to Lulu that Sonny’s announcement was “rude”. Jax is in shock. Edward walks up to Jason and asks him to change Brenda’s mind. Jason grabs Spinelli and demands to know why he’s at the wedding. Spinelli says he wanted to apologize to Dante. Nearby, Michael and Carly talk about Sonny’s engagement. Carly notices Dante is upset about the announcement. Brook Lynn comments that Lois will love that Sonny and Brenda are marrying. Tracy badmouths Sonny to his face. Jason congratulates Sonny and Brenda. Lulu pulls Dante into a kiss. Edward drags Ethan and Maya to the den.

In the den, Edward talks about wanting an heir to run ELQ. Edward hopes that Ethan will cooperate with his wishes. Maya hates the idea of Ethan working for Edward. Maya tries to talk Ethan out of it but he is reluctant to decline the offer. In fact, it seems Ethan likes the idea.

The reception is coming to an end. Mac and Alexis agree to go for a nightcap. Brook Lynn welcomes Luke to the family. Brook Lynn is happy that Tracy got married. Nearby, Tracy warns Nikolas to stay away from Brook. Nikolas reminds Tracy that he and Brook have a contract. Tracy is convinced her granddaughter will end up dead because Nik is a Cassadine.

Lulu and Dante return to the loft. Lulu is still in shock that Luke and Tracy tied the knot. Dante lies down on the sofa and closes his eyes. Dante thinks back to saying goodbye to Brenda. Dante remembers talking to Brenda about raising the baby together. Dante wakes up and tells Lulu that he had a bad dream.

Jason drives Brenda back to the penthouse. Brenda senses that Jason isn’t very happy with her announcement. Jason reminds Brenda that the Balkan is still after her. Jason promises to stand by Brenda. Jason is summoned to Diane’s office. Diane has bad news for Jason – the lawsuit can’t be dropped. Diane says she discussed the case with Theo Hoffman.

Brenda is resting at the penthouse when there’s a knock on the front door. It’s Theo. Theo wants to talk to Brenda about the lawsuit.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s house. Carly wants to talk about Brenda. Sonny doesn’t understand why Carly is criticizing his choice to marry Brenda. Carly claims she is protecting Sonny. Sonny wonders what Carly is hiding.

Alone, Luke and Tracy dance in the reception room. Tracy throws the prenup in the fireplace. Tracy has tears in her eyes. Tracy pulls Luke into a passionate embrace.

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