GH Update Monday 12/20/10

General Hospital Update Monday 12/20/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At his apartment, Lucky tells Luke that Siobhan has been lying to him for weeks. Luke thinks that Lucky is jumping to conclusions. Lucky confides to Luke about the phone call from Fiona, Siobhan’s sister. Lucky wonders who Siobhan was talking to over the phone. Luke points out it could have been a former flame or a child of Siobhan’s. Lucky senses trouble. Luke brings up Lucky’s relationship with Liz. Luke points out that Siobhan helped Lucky in many ways. Luke is relieved to see Lucky happy again. They leave the apartment.

At Pier 52, Jerry is on the phone with the Balkan – Theo Hoffman. Siobhan is shocked to learn that Jerry isn’t the Balkan. Jerry wants Siobhan to bring Lucky to the pier. Theo hates the idea. Jerry doesn’t like to be threatened. Jerry reminds Theo that the plan is to avenge Aleksander’s death. Theo is clearly disappointed in Jerry. Theo believes that Brenda has information on Aleksander’s murder. Theo realizes that it was stupid for Jerry to pretend to be the Balkan. Jerry is becoming irritated with Theo. Siobhan and Jerry argue with each other. Jerry pulls a gun on Siobhan. Theo wants Jerry to reconsider. Jerry asks Theo for $10,000,000. Otherwise, Jerry will tell Jason where he can find Theo. The Balkan comes to the decision to terminate Jerry’s employment. A sniper shoots Jerry. Siobhan doesn’t know what to do. Siobhan talks to Theo over the phone. Theo instructs Siobhan to call Lucky and get him to the pier. Theo wants Siobhan to tell Lucky she saw a man shot then fall into the river.

Lucky and Luke show up at the Haunted Star. Maya and Ethan warn Luke that Tracy is in a sour mood. Tracy is convinced that Luke won’t show up at the wedding tomorrow. Luke reassures Tracy that he’ll be there. Lucky receives an urgent call from Siobhan, asking him to meet her at Pier 52. Lucky listens as Siobhan tells him that she witnessed a man being shot. Lucky rushes to the pier and finds Siobhan in a hysterical state. Siobhan goes over what she saw, implying that she recognized the man. Lucky shows Siobhan a picture of Jerry. Siobhan confirms that she saw Jerry shot then fall into the river. Lucky contacts the Harbor Patrol. Jerry’s body hasn’t been recovered yet.

At Sonny’s office, Carly rambles on about knowing Brenda’s secret (that she shot and killed Aleksander). Jason wants Carly to remain quiet. Sonny agrees with Jason for Brenda’s sake. Carly insists that she’s going to tell all. Carly is mad that Dante sent Michael to prison. Carly tells Sonny that Jerry showed up at her house and was holding Josslyn. Sonny reminds Carly that Brenda is the victim. Carly is outraged because Michael had to go to Pentonville. Sonny acknowledges Carly’s hatred for Dante. Sonny admits that Dante is a hypocrite. Carly reluctantly agrees to keep quiet for now. However, Carly makes it clear that Sonny owes her.

At the penthouse, Jax tells Brenda that he’ll protect her from Jerry. Brenda wishes Jax would go home to Carly and Josslyn. Jax feels that Jerry is his problem. They reminisce about old times. Jax warns Brenda that Jerry is extremely dangerous. Brenda doesn’t want Jax to kill his brother.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Lulu confides in Maxie about Dante. Lulu wonders if Dante has feelings for Brenda. Unbeknownst to them, Dante is hearing every word. Dante interrupts and asks Lulu to go back to the loft. Maxie says that Lulu needs to meet with Francesca. Alone, Maxie demands to know what Dante’s intentions are toward Lulu.

Alexis shows up at Sonny’s office to talk about the civil lawsuit. Sonny offers Alexis some wine but she declines the offer. Alexis relays that Brenda will probably have to testify. Sonny is irritated by the news. Sonny figures he can bribe someone so the suit doesn’t go to court. Alexis says a man named Theo Hoffman is helping them with the case. Sonny thinks that Alexis and Diane can protect Brenda. Alexis wishes that Sonny would stay away from Brenda. Sonny says that things are different between himself and Brenda now. Sonny refuses to say goodbye to Brenda. Alexis believes that Sonny will end up breaking Brenda’s heart. Sonny asserts that he and Brenda will stay together.

Dante visits Brenda at the penthouse. Brenda is happy to be dating Sonny again. Dante is glad to see Brenda so cheerful. Brenda refuses to talk about the baby. After Dante leaves, Jason returns home. Jason updates Brenda about the lawsuit. Brenda insists that she can’t testify. Brenda worries that her secret would come out. Spinelli returns. Brenda wants to go for a walk. Spinelli offers to tag along but Jason leaves with Brenda. Spinelli receives a mysterious phone call.

Lulu finds the loft decorated for a Mexican-themed party. Lulu laughs at Dante wearing a sombrero. They drink some margaritas. Lulu figures that Dante heard her venting about Brenda. Lulu talks about her insecurities. Dante promises that he isn’t interested in Brenda. They share a kiss.

While taking a walk outside, Brenda and Jason run into Theo Hoffman. Theo hands Brenda a glove she dropped on the sidewalk. Jason gives Theo a suspicious look.

Carly shows up at the penthouse looking for Spinelli. Spinelli tells Carly that he did some digging and found out something about Dante. Spinelli relays that in 2007, Dante paid $1,000 to a family law firm. Carly wonders why Dante would do this.

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