GH Update Monday 12/13/10

General Hospital Update Monday 12/13/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Johnny’s apartment, Lisa asks him for a favor. Johnny laughs in Lisa’s face. Lisa threatens to come forward to the police. Lisa explains how Robin witnessed her taking antibiotics from the hospital drug cart. Lisa is certain that Patrick wants her back. Johnny thinks that Lisa’s story is funny. Lisa begs Johnny for his help. Lisa is worried that she’ll lose her job because of Robin. Lisa is tired of Robin’s antics. Johnny is surprised to see Lisa crying.

At the diner, Michael introduces his mom to Abby. Abby makes up a story that Michael is her tutor. Carly is surprised to find out Sam introduced Abby to Michael. Carly demands to know more about Abby and her job. Michael pulls Carly aside and asks her to leave. Carly is curious about Abby. Michael tells his mom that Abby is a good friend. Carly senses that Michael is attracted to Abby. Carly and Michael leave Kelly’s together.

At the penthouse, Dante asks Jason if he’ll keep the secret about Aleksander. Dante talks about when Brenda shot Aleksander. Dante worries what to do next. Jason shares some helpful insight. Jason talks about sleeping with Elizabeth when she was still married to Lucky. Jason regrets his actions. Dante assumes that the Balkan knows the truth (that Brenda shot his son). Steven shows up unexpectedly. Steven says that Aleksander’s body will be released tonight at the east loading dock. Dante and Jason come up with a plan. Jason doesn’t trust Jerry. Jason loads his gun which worries Dante. Dante and Jason argue about Jerry.

Sonny and Brenda share a kiss in their new place. Brenda and Sonny profess their feelings for each other. After kissing, they head to the bedroom where they undress and proceed to make love. Sonny and Brenda have an intimate conversation in the living room. They have some wine and talk about their relationship. Sonny tells Brenda he missed her. Sonny promises he won’t hurt Brenda again. Sonny wants to make plans for the summer but Brenda doesn’t want to rush into things. Sonny and Brenda reminisce about the old days.

The Haunted Star is open for business. Luke asks Ethan’s help in paying for the wedding. Siobhan and Lucky show up. Luke brings up his money woes. Siobhan is outraged that Luke would use his son to make some money. Tracy walks in. Tracy wonders what Luke is up to. Luke and Tracy argue about paying for the wedding. Luke suggests going on a vacation instead. Ethan receives an urgent call from Johnny. Nearby, Brook Lynn and Nikolas sit down at one of the tables. Brook Lynn talks about music. Brook says hello to Lucky and Siobhan. Brook Lynn asks Siobhan about her trip to Manhattan. Brook is surprised to hear about Tracy’s upcoming wedding. Brook Lynn confronts Tracy about it. Tracy says that Brook Lynn can come to the wedding. Brook Lynn insists that Nik be her date. Tracy hates the idea. Tracy thinks that Luke will be a no-show for their wedding. Luke invites Nikolas to the wedding. Alone, Siobhan and Nikolas talk about Lucky. Siobhan shares her concerns about Lucky being on the Balkan case. Nearby, Luke admits to Lucky that he’s anxious about the wedding. Lucky warns that Luke better not run away again.

At the hospital, Sam apologizes for bothering Patrick about a case. Robin intervenes and asks about Brenda. Alone, Patrick talks briefly to Robin. Maxie and Matt ask the two to join in on their dinner date. Maxie tells Robin that she needs to work things out with Patrick. Maxie is disappointed in Robin’s behavior. Patrick and Matt bicker over Maxie. Maxie and Matt leave together. Later on, Lisa returns to work. Lisa tells Steven, Patrick and Robin that her housekeeper’s cousin refuses to come to the hospital. They don’t believe her story. Steven scolds Lisa in front of everyone. A woman rushes out of the elevator and asks for Lisa. The woman thanks Lisa for getting her the antibiotics she needed. Patrick is suspicious of Lisa.

Ethan shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Johnny thanks Ethan for finding the illegal immigrant and dropping her off at the hospital. Ethan is bothered that he is covering for Johnny and Lisa.

Sam runs into Abby at Kelly’s. Abby says she has had no problems with Rodney. Abby is worried about Michael. Abby tells Sam that Michael asked her out. Sam is happy to hear that Abby really likes Michael. Abby leaves the diner. Michael shows up a while later. Michael tells Sam that he’s looking forward to his date with Abby. However, Michael worries what his mom thinks. Sam brings up Allie, a girl from school. Michael confides in Sam about Abby. Sam can see that Michael likes Abby. Michael thanks Sam for introducing him to Abby.

Abby is summoned to the docks by Carly. Carly asks Abby to stay away from her son.

Jason and Dante show up at the hospital loading dock. They hide behind some crates. A van pulls up. Jerry Jacks steps out and speaks to a hospital employee. Jerry signs a release form. Dante and Jason watch from nearby.

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