GH Update Monday 12/6/10

General Hospital Update Monday 12/6/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Robin notices that Patrick is in a crabby mood. Robin assumes that he’s mad about Lisa and Ethan. Patrick denies caring about who Lisa sleeps with. Maya overhears their conversation. A man wheels himself into the lobby. He is irritated because no one will talk to him. The man introduces himself as Theo Hoffman. Theo criticizes Steven in front of everyone. Theo talks about his brain tumor. Patrick and Robin agree that Theo needs a psych evaluation. Ethan and Maya argue nearby. Ethan implies that he is sleeping with Lisa. Later on, Maya pulls Ethan into an empty hospital room. They share a passionate kiss. Maya wants Ethan to come clean about Lisa. Ethan admits he is helping Johnny. Maya is irritated that Ethan would jeopardize their marriage to help a friend. Maya storms out of the room.

At his apartment, Lisa refuses to look at Johnny’s gunshot wound. Johnny threatens to come forward with the syringe. Lisa figures that the police will charge Johnny as an accessory. Johnny falls to the floor. Lisa instructs Johnny to lie on the couch. Lisa has no choice but to help Johnny. Johnny wants to drink some alcohol but Lisa forbids it. Lisa stitches up Johnny’s wound. Olivia walks into the apartment just as Lisa is finishing up. Olivia is irritated with Johnny. Lisa apologizes, claiming that she thought Johnny and Olivia were over. Lisa rushes out of the apartment. Johnny plays along that he’s sleeping with Lisa. Olivia knows that Johnny is lying. Olivia asks Johnny for a kiss goodbye. Olivia figures out that Lisa came over to Johnny’s place because of a gunshot wound. Johnny and Olivia agree that they both want different things. Olivia admits that they should break up. Olivia throws Johnny’s keys on the couch then walks out.

At the PI office, Jason, Sam and Dante talk about the Balkan. They are convinced that Alexander’s body will be claimed at the morgue. Dante agrees to talk to Steven.

In her bedroom, Sonny and Brenda begin kissing and undressing each other. A vase falls to the floor. Spinelli and Carly barge in the room. Spinelli and Brenda walk downstairs. Carly and Sonny continue to argue. Carly is adamant that Brenda will ruin Sonny’s life. Alone, Spinelli comments to Brenda that Carly and Sonny are a lot alike. Carly raises her voice so Brenda and Spinelli can hear. Carly rushes out the door. Sonny returns to the living room. Brenda tells Spinelli that he shouldn’t worry about her. Sonny and Brenda agree to go back to his place. When they open the door, Suzanne is standing there. Suzanne reminds Brenda that she has a charity function to attend. Brenda suggests bringing Sonny as her date. Suzanne convinces Brenda that it’s a bad idea.

On Baker Street, Michael runs into Abby. They chat briefly until Rodney, a client from the strip club, shows up. The sleazebag talks about getting a lap dance from Abby. Michael grabs Rodney and throws him against the wall. Michael knows that he just violated his parole. Michael calls Jason and asks him to meet him. Jason shows up later. Rodney recognizes Jason as Sonny’s enforcer. Jason warns Rodney to stay away from the police. Jason meets Abby. Abby thanks Jason for taking care of the situation. Sam and Abby head for the strip club. Jason is mad that Michael hit Rodney. Jason reminds Michael that he could go back to prison. They return to the PI office. Michael explains how Rodney kept hassling Abby. Michael doesn’t regret defending Abby. Jason is surprised that Michael and Abby are friends. Jason worries that Abby is a bad influence on Michael. Michael leaves the office. Sam returns and relays to Jason that Abby is okay and back at work. Jason voices his concerns regarding Abby.

Michael is at the loft when Abby knocks on the door. Abby maintains that she could have handled the situation with Rodney. Michael figures that Abby doesn’t want to hang out anymore. Instead, Abby says she likes spending time with Michael.

Dante shows up at the hospital to speak to Steven. Theo starts talking to Dante. Theo rambles on about liking the opera. Dante and Theo share a laugh. Steven pulls Dante aside. Steven says that a second autopsy on Alexander can take place at the hospital. Nearby, Theo continues to criticize the hospital staff. Epiphany glares at Theo. Lisa returns to work. Epiphany hands Lisa a pile of patient charts. Theo’s test results show that he’s not suffering from a brain tumor. Patrick concludes that Theo is a hypochondriac. Robin isn’t sure if Theo should get a psych exam. Robin tells Patrick that she’ll have a chat with Theo. Robin gets a call from Brenda. They plan to meet up tomorrow. Maya is working when Lisa walks up to her. Lisa apologizes for the situation with Ethan. Maya is mad at Lisa.

Dante is summoned to Jason’s penthouse. Suzanne tells Dante that he’ll be Brenda’s security for an event. Dante is happy to help. Spinelli makes a comment that Sonny and Brenda’s relationship is getting serious. Spinelli leaves. Dante waits for Brenda in the living room. When Brenda walks downstairs, she looks around for Sonny. Dante explains that he’ll be her bodyguard tonight. Brenda and Dante smile at each other.

Sonny shows up at Carly’s house. They continue to bicker over Brenda. Carly is saddened that Sonny and Brenda are together. Sonny wonders why Carly can’t stay out of his love life. Sonny figures that Carly isn’t happy with Jax. Carly insists that she’s worried about Sonny because of the children. Sonny storms out. Carly has tears in her eyes.

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