GH Update Monday 11/29/10

General Hospital Update Monday 11/29/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly’s, Siobhan runs into Lucky. Siobhan brings up Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine home. Siobhan senses that Lucky wants to talk about something. Lucky needs Siobhan’s help with identifying the Balkan’s associate. Siobhan doesn’t remember much from when she was kidnapped. Lucky blames himself for putting Siobhan in harm’s way. Siobhan believes that Lucky is being too hard on himself. Lucky promises to keep a close eye on Siobhan. Lucky wonders who Jack is.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Carly and Jax sit down for a meal. Carly and Jax agree that their Thanksgiving was a blast. Carly regrets that Michael couldn’t be part of the festivities. Carly suggests picking out a Christmas tree. Jax senses that Carly is up to something. Carly doesn’t want to concentrate on Brenda anymore. Carly and Jax make up.

At the penthouse, Brenda tells Jason that it is a nice day to be outdoors. Brenda implies that she wants to go outside without guards. Jason is shocked when Brenda announces her plans to date Sonny. Brenda says that Sonny knows about Alexander and the cover-up. Brenda asks for Jason’s opinion of her decision to date Sonny. Jason refuses to voice his opinion. Jason’s only concern is that Brenda remains safe. Spinelli returns to the penthouse. Brenda asks Spinelli for some tea. After Jason departs, Brenda tells Spinelli that she has a date with Sonny.

Dante shows up at Sonny’s office. Dante relays that he spent Thanksgiving with Lulu and the Quartermaines. Sonny thinks it is funny that Edward allowed Dante to be there. Sonny lets slip that Brenda told him the truth about Alexander. Sonny says that he ran into Brenda at his former bachelor pad. Sonny is grateful for Dante’s decision to protect Brenda’s secret. Dante swears that he didn’t know Brenda was Sonny’s ex back in 2007. Dante comments that he has to meet with Jason. Suzanne shows up. In private, Dante and Suzanne bicker over Brenda. Dante promises that nothing is going on between himself and Brenda. Dante leaves the restaurant. Suzanne isn’t happy that Sonny summoned her to his office. Sonny relays that he’s seeing Brenda. Sonny asks Suzanne to stay out of Brenda’s personal life.

Steven and Patrick are working at the hospital. Steven complains that they are short-staffed because of Lisa’s transfer to the ER. Patrick offers to take double shifts. Lisa shows up and gives Steven a pile of patient charts. Patrick listens to their conversation. Robin wheels by in her wheelchair. Robin is sickened to see Lisa. Robin demands to know why Lisa is on this hospital floor. Steven orders Lisa to get back to the ER. Lisa and a high school cheerleader strike up a conversation. The teen isn’t worried about her injuries; she vents about boyfriend problems. The girl tells Lisa about a website where a person can make confessions anonymously. Nikolas peeks his head in and asks to talk to Lisa. Nikolas tells Lisa that he’s impressed by her determination.

At the PI office, Sam and Lucky talk about the Balkan case. Sam notices that Lucky seems happier than ever. Sam is glad that Lucky met Siobhan. Dante and Jason show up to the meeting. Dante wonders where Spinelli is. Sam explains that Spinelli is keeping an eye on Brenda. Jason jokes about Spinelli’s obsession with Brenda. Lucky logs into the computer to check out some phone records. Sam is busy answering phone calls. Sam leaves to run an errand. Jason asks Lucky to check out the bio for Alexander Janacek. Jason admits that Alexander is the Balkan’s son. Dante reveals his secret to Lucky. Lucky is shocked to learn about the cover-up. Dante fears what Carly will do if she finds out. Lucky asks Jason to talk to Carly. Jason wants to check out Alexander’s former address in Europe. Lucky thinks it is strange that no one ever claimed Janacek’s body. Dante admits that he burned Alexander’s wallet. Jason points out that “Jack” might not be a first name but rather a last name.

Sam returns home. Sam is talking on her cell phone. Unbeknownst to Sam, a man is hiding in her apartment.

Nikolas tells Steven and Patrick that he had a good chat with Lisa. Nikolas and Steven wonder if Robin is lying. Patrick is outraged by the accusation. Lisa walks up to them. Lisa says she was paged by Robin and needs an escort to her hospital room. Robin is packing when Lisa and Nikolas enter her room. Robin makes it clear that Lisa needs to stay away from her home and her family. Robin won’t hesitate to call the police. Lisa agrees to avoid Robin and her family. Alone, Robin makes a phone call. Patrick shows up and offers to give Robin a ride home. Robin agrees to the suggestion. They run into Steven before stepping on the elevator. Robin promises to focus on her job when she returns to work. Robin and Patrick make small talk in the elevator. Robin thanks Patrick for being supportive.

Near the nurses’ station, Lisa and Nikolas speak briefly to each other. Nikolas is worried about Robin’s frame of mind. Nikolas advises Lisa to stay away from Robin. Lisa worries that she could lose her job. Lisa runs into the cheerleader again. Lisa asks the teen for the name of the website. Alone, Lisa logs on to the website.

Suzanne meets with Jax at the MetroCourt. Suzanne compliments Jax on his hotel. Suzanne asks for a favor. Suzanne knows that Brenda didn’t want to come back to New York. Suzanne thinks that Sonny is a bad influence on Brenda. Jax talks about Brenda and Sonny’s volatile relationship. Suzanne asks Jax to help her with splitting up Brenda and Sonny.

Sonny arrives at Jason’s place for his date with Brenda. Sonny and Spinelli sit down on the couch. Spinelli wants to talk but Sonny looks bored. Spinelli warns Sonny that he won’t allow him to hurt Brenda again. Spinelli assumes that Sonny wants to get Brenda in bed. Spinelli thinks it is very important that Sonny respect Brenda. Sonny is not interested in Spinelli’s advice. Spinelli swears that he’s looking out for Brenda. Sonny agrees to heed Spinelli’s request. Sonny looks annoyed. Sonny compliments Brenda when she walks down the stairs. Brenda reassures Spinelli that he doesn’t have to worry about her. Brenda is scared but excited about her date with Sonny. When Sonny opens the door, Carly is standing there.

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