GH Update Wednesday 11/24/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/24/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

(Here's the first half; second half will be up later! Gotta go make my turkey now :)

Dante is sitting on his couch, reading the newspaper. Lulu asks him if he has any plans for the bottle of cabernet. He tells her that he plans to share it with her some night when Michael is not there. It sounds good to her. Michael returns, checking first to make sure it is safe to return (he had given them the night together, spending the night at Carly's). He wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving. He couldn't go to New York City with Carly, Jax and the other kids because of his probation. Lulu expresses her sympathy. She invites him to go along with them to the Quartermaines at the same time as Dante invites him to stay there and watch football. Lulu turns and looks at Dante in surprise. Dante tells her that he has turkey sandwiches, a fridge full of beer, and a football marathon. She replies instantly, "That's why they invited DVR for, so we can spend time with family". Ouch! Dante reminds her that his family is not there. Olivia is in Bensonhurst. Michael tells them that Sonny is doing a bachelor Thanksgiving with Bernie and Mike. Lulu keeps putting her foot down, putting on her coat as she argues. After more arguing, Lulu seems to give in. He is surprised that she is still going to go without him. She pulls a bit of a guilt trip on him, but not an obvious one. She kisses him and then leaves. Dante tells himself to stay strong. Michael tells him that he just got played.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward looks at photo of Lila and sighs. In the outer room, Tracy and Maya each fuss with their hair in the mirror at opposite ends of the room. They each notice the other, turn, and give a half-smile. Edward walks out and rambles on about how these two smart, beautiful women should not waste themselves on two Spencer men. Alice walks in just then and is delighted to know that Luke will be there. Tracy retorts that Luke is coming there to see her, his fiancÚ, not Alice. Edward warns Alice not to pour any of the good stuff for either Luke or Ethan. Maya wonders why Edward is bad-mouthing Ethan. He thinks that he will be able to save Ethan yet, with her help. Luke and Ethan arrive. Alice offers Luke single malt scotch, ignoring Edward's directive. Luke brings Edward some Cuban cigars, which Edward suspects are stolen from him. Luke compliments Tracy, who flirts with him, and he smiles. Ethan and Maya are looking forward to their first Thanksgiving as husband and wife. They all go into the other room. Luke and Tracy trade insults while Ethan and Maya flirt and joke around. Ethan thinks they haven't had enough romance since they got married. She reminds him that they are only in it for the money. He sputters that they should enjoy themselves. She replies that she's having a blast because he's very entertaining.

Edward wonders why they aren't eating yet. Tracy tells him that they are waiting for the rest of their guests. Edward braces himself and asks who is still not there yet. Tracy tells her that it's just Lucky, Lulu and Dante. Edward is not happy to hear it. Later, Ethan smells some of Edward's cigars, but Maya walks in and tells him to put them down. They keep discussing their marriage and the deal with Edward. She thinks he's only with her still because of the money offer. He is forced to agree that he is that shallow, but he does admire her intelligence and her incredible body. She laughs. He kisses her neck.

Tracy makes plans for the wedding while Luke pretends to listen. She tells him to keep the next four Mondays free so that they can take tango lessons before the wedding. Edward makes comments from nearby. Tracy informs Luke that he has to pay for the wedding, buy her a ring, and sign the prenup.

Lucky greets Siobhan at Kelly's reminding her that Thanksgiving is a big deal here in the U.S. They joke about the football, etc. He suggests that they go to NYC to have an Italian dinner together, instead. She wonders why he isn't going to be with his family. He tells her that his kids are spending Thanksgiving with Elizabeth, Audrey, Nikolas, and the other kids. He then tells her that the Quartermaines invited him, Luke, Lulu, and Ethan, so she wonders why he wouldn't want to go. He sighs and tells her that there are so many reasons. He tries to describe how bad the Quartermaines are, but she only hears about the mansion and the rest and insists on going.

Lucky and Siobhan arrive at the Quartermaines' house. Alice shows them in, and everyone greets them. Siobhan shakes Edward's hand and thanks him for including her in their holiday. When Edward asks Lucky where he picked up this lovely flower, she replies saucily that she picked him up in a bar. Edward does a double-take.

Sam visits Robin in the hospital, and they exchange Thanksgiving greetings. Sam asks how Robin is dong. Robin shows her a picture that Emma drew of a turkey. Sam is there about their plans for Mac and Alexis (aided by Molly and Kristina). Robin assures her that she's still in. They haven't invited Mac yet, and Alexis doesn't know yet. They talk about how great Alexis and Mac are for each other. Maxie arrives. Sam asks Maxie to help with their plans, and then she leaves. Maxie tells Robin that Mac is planning to spend Thanksgiving there in Robin's room, to keep Patrick away.

Patrick thanks Matt for helping out at GH. Matt asks him what his Thanksgiving plans are. Patrick plans to pick up Emma at daycare, then bring her to Robin's room so they can be together as a family. Matt sees Mac get off the elevator and tells Patrick to guess again. Mac has a picnic basket and a glum expression on his face. He walks over to them and invites Matt to join them for dinner but warns Patrick away.

Back in Robin's room, Robin and Maxie try to convince Mac to go to Alexis' place for dinner. They drop hints. First Robin says she doesn't think that he and Maxie should be stuck there. Then Maxie suggests he go home and change into the nice blue sweater she had him pick out. Max is getting the food out of the picnic basket but finally figures out that something is up. They finally lie that Alexis invited them for dinner. He doesn't believe that Alexis is interested in a relationship with him. They discuss it for a while and figure out that Mac has not called Alexis or made any kind of overtures to sweep her off her feet. Mac looks guilty but refuses to leave Robin alone with Patrick. Robin points out that he can't interfere in her life if he won't let her do the same. Maxie says she's going to Alexis' house because she's not rude. She walks out. Robin reminds Mac that he usually sets a good example.

At Alexis' house, Alexis is panicking because she set the turkey on fire, but Kristina tells her that Sam is already picking one up. She also says that she will learn to cook turkey for next year. Alexis is glad to hear all of it. She counts the plates as Kristina sets the table and wonders why there are eight plates (Molly is with her dad). Kristina tells her about Diane and Max, but Alexis starts to grill her about who else she invited. Sam arrives just in time with the turkey. Kristina asks her about the "side dish" she promised, so Sam assures her that it is all taken care of. Alexis still wants to know what's going on. Kristina gets a phone call from a friend, so she runs out with her phone.

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