GH Update Tuesday 11/23/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/23/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

It's pouring rain in Port Charles. Johnny is standing near the docks, out of the rain.  Nearby, Nikolas and Lisa are standing under his umbrella. Lisa thanks Nikolas for speaking up for her back at GH.  He assures her that one way or another, they will get to the truth.  He remembers that he forgot something at GH, so he offers to share his umbrella, but she has to go home. She starts to leave, so he just gives her the umbrella. She runs into Johnny as she's going up the stairs.

They have a beer together at a bar. He asks her about what she was going to do to Robin in her hospital room. He asks her what was in the needle, which he has in his hand, so she tells him that it is sodium pentothal. She had hoped to make Robin "lose it" while she was talking to the hospital board. She acts like Robin is the one going after her, for sleeping with her husband, and she just wanted to keep her job. Johnny kind of needles her playfully about what she is doing and how unethical she is. She swears that she did not start the fire and wouldn't cross that line, so he wonders what lines she would cross. Johnny assures her that he believes her. He doesn't want Maxie to get in any kind of trouble. Johnny considers them even now, but he keeps the syringe as insurance in case he ever wants anything from Lisa.

Jason is visiting Robin in the hospital.  He is worried about Sonny and Brenda. Robin tells Jason not to worry. She goes on at length about the history of Sonny and Brenda, comparing it to her and Stone. Jason thinks that Sonny and Brenda are bad for each other. They each have different perspectives. Robin doesn't think Sonny and Brenda will ever be over. Robin is glad that she and Jason can now hang out and be friends, and he agrees. She is grateful to him for how he helped her move on after Stone died. Later, Jason tells Robin about how horrible it was for him when he walked the red carpet with Brenda. She laughs because it sounds so funny.

Lulu comes home and is suspicious when Dante and Michael clam up. She figures they were talking about her. Michael covers by saying that he doesn't think he should live there any more. Dante assures him that he is not in the way. They discuss Michael's options. Lulu agrees that he should stay, too. Michael says that he'll think about it. He is spending the night at Carly's tonight because she asked him to. Lulu asks Dante if he's okay because he seems a little on edge.  He juts smiles at her. Next, we see that he is cooking for her. Lulu is sitting on the couch with a glass of wine while he makes a big mess and curses in the kitchen. She tells him that he is more normal than the other men in her life. She complains about Luke, Lucky, and Ethan. Dante jokingly phones Edward to get money from him. Since he is paying Maya and Ethan to stay together, he figures that he will pay them to break up.  Dante sits down with Lulu, and they joke more about it.  Then he tells her seriously that nothing could compete with what she does for him.

Sonny and Brenda are kissing. He jokes about how lightening must strike now because she is always saying they're doomed. She tells him not to make fun because she is very superstitious and they shouldn't be together. He reminds her about the past, when they used to get interrupted a lot whenever they tried to have sex. He suggests they try it again. She pulls away, so he gets suspicious that she is hiding something. She tells him about Aleksander and what happened with Dante (not any romantic stuff with Dante). Brenda cries as she tells her story.  Sonny urges her to let go of the mistakes she made in the past. Brenda can't forgive herself. Sonny suggests that they take things slow, maybe go on a date. They recall their first date. Brenda agrees to go on a date with him. They go outside and see that it is pouring rain. She says jokingly that he always leaves her standing in the rain. He replies, with a chuckle, "Not this time". They kiss.

At the hospital, Patrick questions Maxie and Matt. She is annoyed that Matt is trying to claim that she framed Lisa. She gets very upset and points out that Lisa is evil and needs to be stopped. Later, Patrick informs Nikolas about what happened, how Maxie may have lied. They both admit that Lisa didn't have a good reason for being in Robin's room. Patrick asks Nikolas what he plans to do about Lisa's probation.

Alexis meets Diane at a bar. Claire called them there, but they don't know why. Alexis makes jokes about the rain. Diane has a lot of business now and asks Alexis to help her out with Sonny's business. Alexis doesn't want to have anything to do with Sonny's illegal businesses. Diane says she'll have to hire someone else, then, from the home office, that knows about international law. Claire shows up.  Alexis welcomes her but starts acting as the D.A., so Claire assures them that her career has stalled out. She may be transferred to Siberia and asks if she can join their law firm instead. Diane doesn't want to have an associate around who would spend her time "mooning over Sonny". She already has Alexis to be obsessed and un-objective with their biggest client. Alexis reminds her that she wanted someone to help with Sonny's business. Diane is suspicious of why Claire wants to stay in town if not to stay close to Sonny.

Claire tells them that she admires them as lawyers and wants to work with them. Diane warns her that if she thinks she can rekindle romance with Sonny, she won't be able to compete with Brenda. She suggests that Claire leave town for her own good, to get away from Sonny. Claire thanks her for her advice. Diane leaves to meet with Max. Alexis tells Claire kindly that she is sorry about what happened with Sonny. She advises her to move on, and Claire knows that she is speaking from experience.

Patrick comes to see Robin, so Jason leaves. Robin tells Patrick that the flowers Jason brought were from Brenda. He is sorry about what is going on with Lisa. She hopes this will mean that Lisa will be gone. Patrick asks her if she actually saw the syringe in Lisa's hand. Robin asks in an alarmed way why he is asking her that. He asks her to bear with him, so she recounts what she saw. She didn't see the syringe but wonders why it matters, since Maxie saw it. Patrick points out that Maxie was talking about framing Lisa. Robin doesn't think she did that. They argue. She gets very annoyed and tells him to leave. Worse, she says that she was having a great time with Jason, and now Patrick has ruined her good mood and made her miserable.

Spinelli and Molly prepare Jason's place so that it will have a romantic atmosphere for them. They've even chosen outfits for them.  Molly thanks him for helping her get everything ready, with a book she has about creating romantic ambience.  They are both worried about Sam and Jason drifting apart. 

Jason and Sam meet outside his place and hug. She tells him that she was glad to get his invitation, but he doesn't know what she is talking about. She received a text. They go inside and are greeted by Spinelli and Molly. Later, Jason and Sam dress up and walk downstairs. Sam is wearing a pretty white dress, and Jason is wearing a suit (no tie).  Molly tells them that she  is glad that they are dressed up in a romantic way. Spinelli tells them that there are champagne and appetizers waiting, and romantic songs. Molly gives Jason another romantic list, just like on Valentine's Day. Spinelli and Molly leave them alone.

Sam assures Jason that she had nothing to do with this, but he already knows. They share some champagne and Jason is happy to follow the first suggestion on the list.  Sam tells him that he doesn't have to do it because he's busy, but he insists on doing it.  He toasts Sam, and he tells her that he loves her and that she is beautiful. They toast and drink. Jason wants to get out of the uncomfortable clothes, but Sam jokingly insists that they finish the list.  Jason stands up and holds out his hand, and she stands. They slow-dance romantically. He asks her quietly if she's happy. She laughs and says she is.

Matt and Maxie argue about how he accused her of lying and trying to frame Lisa. They wonder if they should stay together. Patrick comes up and verifies to Maxie that her and Robin's stories about Lisa match. Nikolas joins them and tells them that Steve and he decided to keep Lisa on suspension. Maxie is glad to hear it and points out that they should have listened to her in the first place. Lisa returns Nikolas' umbrella. He is surprised to see her back there. Lisa is picking up some material review for her return to the ER, hoping to impress everyone. Nikolas doesn't comment but tells her "good night".

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