GH Update Monday 11/22/10

General Hospital Update Monday 11/22/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly tells Luke that she is worried about Lulu. Luke senses that Carly’s motives aren’t pure. Luke asks Carly to drop her grudge against Dante. Carly admits that she loathes Dante but won’t back down. Luke wonders what will happen to Lulu. Carly says she pities Lulu but she needs to find out the truth about her boyfriend. Luke doesn’t like the sound of Carly’s plan. Luke hates how Carly is manipulating Lulu. Luke fears that his daughter will end up getting hurt. Luke asks Carly to stay out of Dante and Lulu’s business. Carly doesn’t appreciate Luke’s threats. Luke makes it clear that Carly will pay if Dante is suddenly framed for a crime. Carly has no intentions of dropping her vendetta.

At the loft, Lulu confides in Michael about her insecurities regarding her relationship with Dante. Michael reassures Lulu that Dante loves her. Lulu is surprised that Dante asked Michael for relationship advice. Afterwards, Lulu meets with Luke at the hotel restaurant. Lulu brings up Luke and Tracy’s wedding. Luke suggests having a serious chat about love. Lulu assumes that Luke is talking about Lucky and Siobhan, not Dante and herself. Luke doesn’t have the heart to tell Lulu the truth.

Maxie confronts Lisa at the hospital. Lisa points out that Maxie started the house fire even though it was an accident. Ronnie and Patrick listen as the two argue with each other. Lisa wants to call her attorney. Steven interrupts and says that there were no unusual drugs found in Robin’s IV drip. Patrick wants Lisa to avoid Robin. Johnny stands nearby and witnesses them talking. Maxie wants Ronnie to take everyone’s statements. Ronnie says that he can’t detain Lisa without “just cause”. Matt shows up and demands to know what’s going on. Maxie blurts out what happened. Nikolas intercedes on Lisa’s behalf. Patrick reminds Lisa that she should steer clear of Robin’s hospital room. Steven and Patrick wonder why Lisa is doing everything to provoke Robin. Steven asks Lisa why she ran from Robin’s room. Lisa rambles on about wanting to talk to Robin regarding the petition. Steven decides to put Lisa on probation and transfers her to ER duty. Lisa is mad. Steven threatens to fire Lisa if she continues to harass Robin.

Maxie and Matt walk around the hospital. Matt wants to know what Maxie saw. Maxie recounts seeing Lisa with a syringe. Maxie runs into Johnny. Maxie vents to Johnny about Lisa’s actions. Maxie wants to locate the syringe. Alone, Johnny pulls out the syringe from his pocket.

Elizabeth checks in on Robin in her hospital room. After looking at Robin’s IV drip, Liz says that everything looks good. Robin hopes that the police can find Lisa’s syringe. Elizabeth criticizes Maxie’s version of things. Robin points out that she saw Lisa with the syringe as well. Elizabeth suggests that Robin concentrate on getting better. Robin implies that her marriage can’t be saved. Patrick walks in. Patrick updates Robin about the situation with Lisa. Robin is relieved that Lisa is on probation. Robin thanks Patrick for believing her side of the story. Patrick says that he wants to work on their marriage. Robin isn’t sure she wants to be with Patrick anymore.

At the penthouse, Dante is shocked when Jason asks him about his romantic past with Brenda. Jason relays that Carly is going to do everything to uncover Dante’s secrets. Dante swears that he wasn’t having an affair with Brenda back in 2007. Jason senses that Dante isn’t telling the truth. Jason reminds Dante that Carly won’t back down from her agenda. Jason worries that Carly will find out that Brenda killed Alexander. Dante knows that Carly would love for his life to be destroyed. Jason’s main concern is finding the Balkan. Jason figures that Carly will only go so far to get back at Dante; he says that Carly doesn’t want Michael to go back to prison. Dante asks Jason to talk to Carly. After Dante leaves, Spinelli returns with a bouquet of flowers. Jason is irritated because he assumes they are for Brenda. Spinelli relays that the flowers are for Robin. Jason wants Spinelli to get back to work immediately. Spinelli apologizes for obsessing over Brenda.

Brenda returns to Sonny’s old bachelor pad and finds him there. Brenda tells Sonny that she visited with Robin at the hospital. They begin reminiscing about Sonny’s place. Brenda brings up Luke and Laura. Brenda laughs when Sonny talks about her clothes shopping. Sonny and Brenda admit that they will always have a strong connection to each other. Brenda reminds Sonny when she took care of him after he was shot. Brenda says that she used to be happy in Port Charles. Sonny wonders why Brenda doesn’t smile anymore. Brenda wipes away the tears. Brenda speaks of Sonny leaving her at the altar. Brenda and Sonny agree that they had a deep love. Brenda says that she has always seeked attention, first from her father then from Sonny. Brenda is surprised to find out that Sonny was scared to say he loved her for the first time. Brenda tells Sonny that he’ll always be her first love. Sonny apologizes for being pushy when Brenda returned to Port Charles. Sonny says that Brenda loved him differently than all the others.

Dante returns home to find Michael packing an overnight bag. Michael announces that Lulu wants to share a romantic evening with Dante. Michael admits that he overheard some of Dante and Suzanne’s phone call conversation. Michael asks Dante if he’s emotionally involved with Brenda. Dante promises that he is over Brenda. Michael wonders why Dante is keeping Brenda’s secrets. Dante says he didn’t tell Lulu about guarding Brenda because he didn’t want to hurt his girlfriend. Dante swears he loves Lulu but Michael isn’t convinced. Dante asserts that Brenda is his past. Dante hopes the Balkan will be found so Brenda can go back to Rome. Lulu walks in.

At the hospital, Elizabeth invites Nikolas and Spencer to Thanksgiving. Nikolas is touched by the gesture. Lisa is listening from nearby. Alone, Nik tells Steven that he isn’t convinced of Lisa’s guilt. Nikolas warns Steven not to take sides. Matt and Maxie approach them. Matt accuses Maxie of framing Lisa. Maxie is outraged by Matt’s accusation. Maxie says she only joked about framing Lisa. Maxie is hurt that Matt doesn’t believe her. Patrick walks up to them and asks Maxie if she framed Lisa.

Nikolas is standing on the docks, holding an umbrella under pouring rain. Lisa shows up out of the blue. Lisa and Nik stand under the umbrella. Lisa thanks Nikolas for his support. Nikolas reminds Lisa that she should stay away from Robin. Lisa is considering transferring to another hospital. Lisa wants to clear her name. Lisa is trying to flirt with Nikolas but he doesn’t notice. Lisa cringes when she sees Johnny lurking nearby.

Jason visits Robin in her hospital room. Robin appreciates the gift of flowers. Robin doesn’t want to talk about her problems. Robin brings up Brenda’s drama. Jason cringes at the sound of Brenda’s name. Robin hopes that Brenda and Sonny get back together. Jason thinks it is a terrible idea. Jason receives a call from Max. Max relays that Brenda and Sonny are at the bachelor pad. Robin asks Jason not to interfere in Brenda and Sonny’s business.

At Sonny’s old place, Brenda admits that she has waited all these years to be with Sonny again. Brenda grabs Sonny’s hand. Sonny leans in and kisses Brenda.

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