GH Update Monday 11/15/10

General Hospital Update Monday 11/15/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the MetroCourt bar, Jax and Claire are discussing Sonny. Jax is convinced that Sonny dumped Claire because he wants another chance with Brenda. Claire figures that Jax wants to be Brenda’s hero. Claire wonders why Jax cares so much about whom Brenda dates considering he is happily married to Carly. Jax believes that Sonny ends up destroying all his women. Claire feels bad being the latest one Sonny dumped. However, Claire continues to defend Sonny to Jax. Jax knows that Brenda will get back with Sonny, and that it will destroy her. Claire is tired of listening to Jax badmouth Sonny. Claire doesn’t believe anything Jax is saying about Sonny. Jax thinks that Claire is in denial. Claire fires back by accusing Jax of the same thing. Claire reminds Jax that he can’t have both Carly and Brenda. Jax admits that he has regrets concerning Brenda but swears he loves Carly.

Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya return to the Vegas hotel room. They are all laughing. Tracy wants Luke to call a lawyer to get an annulment for Ethan and Maya. Tracy stresses the point that Ethan and Maya are not to consummate their marriage. Maya is ecstatic because she won cash playing blackjack. Ethan and Maya flirt with each other. Maya hands a hundred-dollar-bill to Ethan. Ethan leans in to kiss Maya but she pulls away. Tracy realizes that Luke isn’t calling an attorney but Reverend Grace. Luke insists that he and Tracy get hitched right away. Tracy wants to concentrate on the annulment. Tracy adds that she won’t marry Luke until they have a pre-nup. Tracy and Luke leave to find an attorney for Ethan and Maya. Ethan and Maya return to the casino where she wins more money. In the hotel room, they both have martinis. Ethan kisses Maya. Maya thinks it is a terrible idea for them to sleep together. Ethan suggests keeping it a secret. Maya grabs Ethan and starts kissing him. After making love, Ethan and Maya joke about their marriage. Luke, Tracy and a lawyer walk in. Tracy cringes at the sight of them in bed. Maya asks if the annulment can still happen.

Johnny and Carly meet with Brad Norman in a hotel room. Brad speaks of his assignment to guard Brenda Barrett back in 2007. Carly asks Brad some questions about Brenda and Dante. Brad announces that the two were sleeping together three years ago. Brad says that he has no physical proof of their relationship. Carly asks to hear more. Brad recalls that Brenda leaned on Dante; he says that Brenda was very “emotional” on their last day of guarding her. Carly thanks Brad for being candid. Brad sticks up for Dante but Carly doesn’t care. On the car ride back, Carly is thrilled to have some dirt on Brenda and Dante. Carly calls the whole thing “epic”. Johnny points out that Sonny will feel betrayed. Carly knows that Sonny will hate Dante after he finds out the truth. Carly can’t wait to tell Jax too. Johnny asks Carly to keep quiet about his involvement in the matter. Carly promises not to tell Olivia.

At Sonny’s office, Jason tells Sonny that he can’t tell him about Brenda’s secret. Sonny begs to know the truth but Jason remains silent. Jason maintains that it isn’t his secret to tell. Sonny agrees to stay out of it. Sonny feels bad that Brenda doesn’t confide in him. Sonny asks Jason if he’s getting along with Brenda. Jason agrees to keep an eye on Brenda. Sonny offers to help Brenda if she needs him. After Jason leaves, Sonny makes a phone call.

At the penthouse, Brenda and Dante talk about their past. Brenda swears that Dante doesn’t need to save her. Brenda brings up the “baby”. Brenda is teary-eyed; it is implied that she and Dante conceived a child in 2007. Brenda makes it clear that she never wants Sonny to know about the baby. Brenda and Dante wonder how the secret about Alexander was discovered. Dante says that he owes Brenda because she saved his life twice. Brenda has no clue what the Balkan is going to do next. Brenda wishes she could go back to Rome. Dante promises that he and Brenda will make it through this ordeal. Dante says that he and Brenda can move on once the Balkan is dealt with. They reminisce about when Dante guarded Brenda. Spinelli returns with groceries. Spinelli is rude to Dante. After Dante leaves, Brenda questions Spinelli about it. Spinelli has no problem saying that he detests Dante. Spinelli blurts out that Dante is the reason Michael was put in prison. Brenda is speechless. Brenda can’t believe that Dante would do something like that. Brenda asks for details. Spinelli has no problem badmouthing Dante. Jason returns; he asks Spinelli to pull some information off the goons’ cell phones. Spinelli runs upstairs. Brenda asks Jason about Michael’s stint in prison. Jason tries to skirt around the issue but Brenda keeps prying. Brenda wants to know how she can help. Jason tells Brenda about Michael going to Pentonville. Jason says that the cover-up backfired and Michael ended up paying the price. Brenda tells Jason that it isn’t his fault. Brenda feels sorry for Michael. Jason admits he has made mistakes. Brenda comments that she has too.

At Jake’s, Coleman tries to flirt with Siobhan but she isn’t interested. Siobhan makes it clear that she won’t sleep with Coleman. Olivia walks into the bar. Coleman pours Olivia a shot of whiskey. Olivia vents about Carly and Johnny. Nearby, Lulu sits down at a table. Lulu is surprised to see Siobhan is her waitress. Siobhan announces her plans to stay in Port Charles on a temporary basis. Lulu is glad that Siobhan’s okay but worries about Dante’s safety. Dante enters Jake’s. Dante walks over to Olivia and speaks to her briefly. Dante tells his mother that her drinks should go on his tab. Olivia whispers to Coleman that Dante wants her to dump Johnny. Coleman warns Olivia that Carly is cunning. Olivia storms out of the bar. Dante approaches Lulu but she’s talking to Siobhan. Dante suggests that he and Lulu go back to the loft. Lulu announces her plans to sleep at her own apartment tonight. Dante senses that Lulu is mad. Lulu admits that she needs to back off a bit. Dante agrees to the suggestion but looks concerned. Jason shows up looking for Siobhan. Siobhan doesn’t want to talk but Jason insists Coleman won’t mind. Jason asks about the kidnapping. Siobhan says her captor talked about a man named “Jack”.

Olivia returns to work. Johnny shows up. Johnny apologizes for helping Carly. Johnny kisses Olivia but she backs away. Olivia wants to know what Johnny and Carly were up to tonight.

Suzanne is summoned to Sonny’s office. Sonny brings up Brenda’s charity work. Sonny implies that Suzanne exploits Brenda. Suzanne is outraged by the accusation. In fact, Suzanne blames Sonny for the danger Brenda is in. Suzanne thinks that Sonny has manipulated Brenda over the years. Sonny admits that he should have let Brenda go a long time ago. Sonny regrets hurting Brenda; he says she is “fragile”. Suzanne asks Sonny to stay away from Brenda.

Jax shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Jax wonders why there isn’t a guard inside watching Brenda. Brenda hugs Jax. Brenda and Jax talk about their near-marriage. Jax swears he has moved on and loves Carly now. Jax says that Carly is jealous of Brenda. Brenda is sickened when Jax says Carly is digging up her past.

Dante returns home. Dante thinks back to the last time he saw Brenda in 2007. There is a knock on the door. It’s Carly. Carly barges in, demanding to know everything about Dante and Brenda’s past.

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