GH Update Monday 11/8/10

General Hospital Update Monday 11/8/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In her hospital room, Robin and Patrick talk about the fire. Patrick wants Robin to take it easy. Robin is thankful to be alive but still blames Lisa. Patrick grabs Robin’s hand. Patrick reminds Robin that there is no proof of Lisa’s culpability. Robin tells Patrick what happened after Emma’s birthday party. Robin didn’t witness Lisa starting the fire but believes she did.

In the interrogation room, Sonny tells Claire that her career could be over if she helps him. Claire maintains that she’s following the law. Claire says that Ronnie seized the recording illegally. Sonny senses that Claire cares about him. Sonny wonders why Claire is helping him. Claire doesn’t want her motives questioned. Sonny says he owes Claire. Claire doesn’t want Sonny analyzing her decision. Sonny thinks that Claire is tough. Claire admits she is glad that Sonny won’t be going to prison. Diane walks in. Diane figures that Claire wants Sonny in Pentonville. However, Sonny tells Diane that Claire saved him. Claire pities Ronnie. Diane isn’t amused by Sonny’s charms. Claire leaves to check on Sonny’s release status. Alone, Diane tells Sonny that he can’t make another mistake with Claire. Diane hopes that Sonny won’t manipulate Claire again. Sonny fears that Claire could lose her license. Sonny speaks to Claire in private. Sonny asks Claire if she’s being investigated.

At the penthouse, Dante and Brenda talk about the Balkan’s motives. Dante says that there is no way that the Balkan knows what they did. Dante tries to reassure Brenda that everything will work out but she doesn’t believe him. Outside of Jason’s place, Lucky receives a call from Siobhan’s kidnapper. The man wants to trade Siobhan for Brenda. Lucky wants to speak to Siobhan but the kidnapper refuses. Lucky makes threats to the man. The kidnapper agrees to change the meeting location. After the phone call, Jason reminds Lucky that he needs to stay focused. Jason and Lucky return to the penthouse. Brenda agrees to meet with the Balkan’s men. The men are worried about a possible ambush at the bluffs. Jason asks Brenda to follow their instructions. Jason senses that Brenda could make a fatal mistake. They go over their plan. Jason wants Brenda to lie low during the meeting. Lucky makes it clear that he’s only concerned about Siobhan’s safety. Jason and Dante are worried that Lucky will sabotage the meet.

At the hospital, Steven and Matt are at the nurses’ station when Liz begins talking about Robin and the fire. Steven and Matt are surprised that Robin is accusing Lisa of arson. Matt is sickened that Lisa would start the fire. Steven advises Matt and Elizabeth to keep their opinions to themselves.

At the police station, Lisa tells Nikolas that she didn’t start the fire at Mac’s house. Lisa thinks it is crazy that Robin would accuse her of arson after she saved her and Emma. Lisa figures that Nikolas can help her since he is a trustee for the hospital. Nikolas refuses to get involved. Lisa is frustrated. Lisa swears that she isn’t hiding anything. Lisa claims that she’s mortified about sleeping with Patrick. Lisa reminds Nikolas that he slept with Elizabeth. Nikolas isn’t impressed. Lisa promises that she is over Patrick. Nikolas understands somewhat what Lisa is going through but insists he is on Robin’s side. Lisa claims that Robin’s suspicions are biased. Nikolas tells Lisa to give Robin a break.

Spinelli runs into Lulu in the hotel lobby. Lulu assumes that Spinelli is there to fix a computer problem at Crimson. Carly shows up. Carly wonders if Lulu and Dante are still together since he’s busy guarding Brenda. Afterwards, Spinelli runs into Carly. Carly wants to know if Spinelli learned anything new regarding Brenda and Dante. Spinelli doesn’t want to go behind Jason’s back. Jax shows up unannounced. Jax senses that something is up. Carly says that she and Spinelli were talking about Brenda. Spinelli leaves the hotel. Carly wonders why Jax is on his best behavior. Jax promises not to get involved. Jax wants to have dinner with Carly but she declines the offer. Later on, Jax runs into Lulu. Lulu thanks Jax for getting police protection for Brenda. Jax knows that Dante will keep Brenda safe.

Mac visits with Robin in the hospital. Mac says that Emma is doing good. Robin wants to know about the house. Mac sadly informs Robin that the house is a “total loss”. Robin is saddened by the news. Mac reminds Robin that all that matters is that everyone’s safe. Mac remembers when Anna and Robert first bought the house. Robin and Mac laugh about their Christmas memories. Robin is mad that Lisa ruined everything. Mac says that Lisa is being questioned at the police station.

Maxie runs into Matt at the hospital. Maxie is preoccupied about the fire. Maxie is trying to be optimistic. Matt listens as Maxie vents about losing her family home. Matt gets a bottled water for Maxie. Maxie is saddened that Georgie’s bedroom was destroyed. Maxie is devastated. Maxie checks in on Robin. Robin is disgusted by the scar on her leg. Maxie suggests that Robin could always get plastic surgery. After leaving Robin’s room, Matt finds Maxie in the lobby. Matt gives Maxie a monkey stuffed animal. Maxie thanks him for the gift. Maxie feels overwhelmed. Matt hopes that Robin and Patrick will get back together.

Alexis and Mac sit down in the hospital lobby to talk. Alexis offers to get Mac some coffee. Mac speaks warmly of raising Robin, Maxie and Georgie. Mac has tears in his eyes. Mac feels sad about losing his home.

Lucky and Brenda arrive at the meet. Dante and Jason are ready with their rifles. Lucky thanks Brenda for agreeing to the meeting. Dante tells Jason that the Balkan’s men have arrived. Siobhan is blindfolded. Jason advises Dante hold fire. Suddenly, there is a gun shot nearby.

Carly shows up at the penthouse looking for Spinelli. Carly wants to find out the truth about Brenda and Dante. Spinelli is reluctant to help. Finally, Spinelli admits that Dante did guard Brenda in 2007. Carly wants to find a witness from that time. Spinelli checks his laptop. Spinelli learns that Dante had the night shift while guarding Brenda. Carly wants to contact Officer Norman, a former cop. There is a knock at the door. It’s Lulu. Lulu hands some potato chips to Spinelli. Carly asks Lulu if she knew Dante guarded Brenda three years ago. Lulu is speechless.

Patrick receives a startling phone call. Patrick checks in on Robin. Robin senses bad news. Patrick announces that Robin has a serious infection.

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