GH Update Tuesday 11/2/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/2/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Claire chat back at his place after having dinner. She has been telling him stories about high school. He pours a drink as she remarks that she's usually so in control. He says they are on a tightrope between their two jobs. She agrees that they could fall at any moment. They banter back and forth, as usual. Claire gets a phone call about Brenda's shooting.

At the polite station, Agent Bates from Interpol wonders to Dante what the connection is between The Balkan and Brenda, and how Brenda came to shoot Banovic. Dante doesn't know about the first, but he tells Bates that Banovic attacked Brenda in the alley and how she shot Banovic because he was strangling Dante. Bates is not so sure he believes him. He asks why Brenda was in the alley to begin with. Dante claims not to know. Bates questions him about guarding Brenda, since he also guarded her a while back when he was a patrolman. He insinuates that there is something between them.

Jason and Brenda discuss what's going on in a police holding room. Jason assures her that it will be okay. She is upset and wants him to stay. She is not sure if she wants to talk to a lawyer. He tells her that she can trust Diane. Brenda admits that she doesn't remember what happened. Jason wants to know what is gong on. He thinks she is covering for someone else, maybe Dante. Brenda tells him that she never met the Balkan, but there is "another guy". Before she can explain, Diane rushes in and wants to know what's going on. Brenda doesn't want to answer any questions and says that she doesn't care what happens to her. Diane tells her that she just wants to protect her. After some intense looks from Brenda, Jason takes Diane aside to ask her to get Brenda released ASAP, whatever she has to do. Jason asks Brenda to tell Diane as much as she can. Brenda tells her about what happened (leaving out Dante). Agent Bates walks in. Brenda tells him that she doesn't want to talk to him. He is confused about why she won't say anything. Diane introduces herself, which makes him more suspicious. He asks Jason to leave, since he has no reason to be there, but Jason won't leave. Bates threatens to arrest him. Diane asks Jason to wait outside, but Brenda doesn't want him to go, but Jason assures her that he'll be right outside. Diane insists that Bates talk to her, not Brenda.

Jason goes out and talks to Dante, who doesn't think Brenda should talk to bates. Jason informs him that Brenda has the shooting mixed up with something from the past. He asks Dante what she was trying to tell him in the alley. Dante sidesteps his questions.

At the hospital, Patrick angrily yells for Lisa. She comes running. He points towards the witch's hat as he accuses her of dressing up like Robin so that she could terrorize her. Lisa protests that isn't her hat as he warns her against going after his little girl. A nurse, Donna, comes in. She has been looking for the hat, which she wore today in pediatrics for the kids. Patrick apologizes and gives her the hat. He admits to Lisa that he over-reacted, but he still doesn't trust her. She uses the opportunity to talk about Robin and how she is unstable. Patrick defends her, but Lisa keeps on until he walks away in a huff. Lisa then goes to her locker and covers up the witch costume with a lab coat.

Picking through some candy, Matt points out that Patrick was supposed to leave hours ago. Patrick says wryly that he stayed and made an ass out of himself instead. Matt wants to know what he means, so Patrick explains what happened. Patrick is very worried. Matt goes over the facts. Patrick is not sure that he will be able to get back with Robin and that maybe he should let her go. Matt is not so sure. Patrick tells him that today is Emma's birthday party, and he doesn't think he should go. Matt thinks that is a mistake, but Patrick tells him that he heard Robin and Elizabeth chatting about it. Robin said she'd be embarrassed to have him there. Matt points out that she may not really mean it. He thinks that if Patrick keeps showing up and being there, eventually she will forgive him because she still loves him. He pats Patrick on the back.

Later, Patrick has a similar conversation with Steve when Steve asks him why he's not dressed up for Halloween. Steve is kind of tired of hearing the same story from Patrick, blaming himself, etc. Patrick wonders if Steve is holding his father's past against him. Steve is just concerned about Patrick's work being affected by the stress i his personal life. Patrick wants to know what he should do. Steve points out that Patrick has all of this anger against Robin. Patrick denies it, but Steve thinks that Patrick didn't cheat in a vacuum and that Robin is not doing anything to work out their problems. He wonders why Robin seems to be more interested in being the wounded party than in fixing her marriage. Patrick replies that Robin has been through a lot in her life, so this is how she deals with it. She pushes the problems down and then goes on to the next thing. He says that if Robin had her way, they would be divorced by now, but he wants to save his marriage.

Nikolas tells Lucky that the staff is searching the whole island for Siobhan. Lucky thanks him. They are both worried about her. Lucky wonders if the Balkan's men found her, even though he took such great pains to make her disappear. Nikolas can tell that Lucky feels responsible for her. Lucky beats himself up about it. He is determined to save her. After a long while, they still can't find her. They figure that means she was abducted. Agent Bates phones him to tell him to come down to the PCPD. Lucky tells him that he's busy, but he insists, saying they have news on the Balkan. He hangs up before Lucky can say anything else.

Diane keeps Bates from talking to Brenda. Bates really wants to know what happened in the alley. Brenda watches them intently, looking very stressed out. Diane tells Clarie the same thing, that she won't talk to her. Meanwhile, Sonny sneaks in to visit Brenda. They hug. He tells her to trust him, that he'll help her. While they are arguing, Bates sees Sonny talking to Brenda and demands to know who he is and why he's talking to Brenda. Claire remarks that she doubts anyone could have stopped him. Dante says that he's his father, here to see him. (Ha! Yeah, right) Dante opens the door, and Sonny walks out past him, past everyone. Diane keeps babbling at Bates until he agrees to let Brenda go until tomorrow. Jason wants to take Brenda home, but Diane thinks he needs to stay and help deal with Sonny. She ponits out that Claire feels like she's been slapped in the face now by Sonny because of his attentions to Brenda. Jason thinks Sonny can deal with that. Diane and Jason chat with Brenda, and then he takes Brenda out. Bates tells Brenda before she leaves that he still wants to know why the Balkan has targeted her. Diane objects to the fact that she he is implying that Brenda knows anything about the Balkan. She threatens him. Jason, Diane and Brenda leave.

Ronnie arrives and asks Claire if she'd had a chance to review the tape he got from Homeland Security. Claire tells him that she can't be the one to tell if the evidence is sufficent enough to convict Sonny. She phones her superiors in Washington to tell them about the evidence.

Bates goes back to questioning Dante about what happened in the alley. Lucky arrives, so Bates lets Dante go. Bates reads Lucky the riot act for not keeping the Balkan away from Brenda. Lucky asks him to wait on yelling at him because he needs Interpol's help to find Siobhan. Bates tells him that he's of no use to them any more. Lucky tells Dante what's going on. Dante replies that he got an email, addressed to Detective Lucky Spencer. He shows him that it has a photo of Siobhan, tied to a chair. They know that they've got her, and they know that he's a cop.

Jax arrives home to find Carly waiting on the couch. She is lying there in a nightgown, with Halloween candy all over her. She complains that he took so long. He has brought her favorite candy, peanut clusters. Jax sits down, putting her legs on his lap. He strokes them as he asks about the kids. He also tells her that he stopped by Jason's to check on Brenda. He explains about what happened tonight, although he doesn't know all of the details. Carly is worried about Jason, but he tells her that he's fine. Carly asks him why he's there instead of taking care of Brenda. He assures her that Jason is doing a good job and tries to distract Carly. Carly is still annoyed, though, by the fact that everyone tries to rescue Brenda. They kiss. Jax tells Carly that he had to go home to deliver candy to his wife. They flirt Carly gives him his favorite snack, too. They kiss and flirt some more as he gets on top of her on the couch.

At home, Sam asks Spinelli to hack into the PCPD so they can see what's going on with Jason and Brenda. They argue a bit about Jason protecting Brenda. Sam is suspicious about Brenda, since she was trying to confide something in Dante, whom they think she barely knows. Sam heard them say "no one would ever know" and "you weren't supposed to tell". Spinelli can't find out much from the computer. He observes that Sam looks exhausted. She has been through a lot today. He suggests that she go to bed. She wants to, but she is still concerned about what happened earlier. She shares her worries with Spinelli. She explains that Brenda was really freaked out, and Jason's voice was the only thing that could calm her down. Spinelli is sorry if he did anything to help make Sam insecure. Sam is sure that Jason loves her, and he agrees. Sam admits that she feels bad for Brenda and her situation.

Later, Carly phones Spinelli to say that he needs to get over there to tell her all about how Brenda killed someone and what it means for Jax, Jason and Sonny. Spinelli goes over to her place. She wants him to keep quiet so that Jax doesn't wake up and hear what they are talking about. Spinelli is not sure if he should pass on Jason's business to her or not. Carly babbles at him to convince him that she is just trying to help Jason. They sit down, and Spinelli tells her what he knows, including what Sam said earlier. Carly finds it interesting that Brenda was sharing something with Dante. She wonders if they knew each other before Dante moved to Port Charles.

Jason and Brenda go back to his place. He figures Sam and Spinelli are sleeping. She thanks him and apologizes for messing up his plan. He tells her to get some rest. Jason goes to his room, where Sam is asleep. He lies down and cuddles with her.

Brenda goes to her room. She tosses the tons of pillows off the bed and lies down. Later, Jason and Sam jump out of bed when they hear Brenda screaming. Jason runs in to her room. Brenda is kneeling on the bed with her arm out as if to ward off an attacker. She then jumps over to Jason and holds on to him tightly. Sam runs in and sees them, then she turns and walks out, still watching them.

Claire goes back to Sonny's place. He tries to talk to her, but she is not interested in hearing him talk. She says that she just wants tonight. They kiss passionately.

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