GH Update Monday 11/1/10

General Hospital Update Monday 11/1/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly’s, Robin leaves Emma’s stroller by the entrance to retrieve her coffee cup. When she returns, Emma and the stroller are gone. Robin yells out for help. Ethan and Johnny run to assist Robin. Abby returns to the diner with Emma and the stroller. Abby says that she found Emma nearby on the sidewalk. Robin is thankful that Emma is safe but questions Abby’s statement. Robin asks Abby to recount what happened. Abby says that a woman wearing a witch’s costume wheeled the stroller over to the sidewalk, then proceeded back to the diner. Robin mentions that she knows who did it.

At the hospital, Epiphany and Patrick talk about Emma. Patrick wants to stay at work tonight. Elizabeth and Nikolas leave the elevator with the boys in tow. Cameron and Jake get candy from Epiphany. Nikolas asks Patrick how things are going with Robin. Lisa returns to the hospital. Patrick eats some candy from a bowl. Epiphany comments that it’s a slow night at work, so Patrick should go home. Patrick refuses to leave; he agrees to update his charts. Robin storms off the elevator and walks up to Patrick. Robin tells Patrick about the situation at Kelly’s. Robin is convinced that Lisa’s crazy. They bicker about Lisa’s involvement at Kelly’s. Lisa is watching from nearby. Patrick asks Robin to go over the details again. Patrick says all that matters now is Emma’s safe. Robin is irritated that Patrick keeps defending Lisa. Robin is concerned about Emma’s safety. Robin figures that Lisa will continue to get her way. Patrick points out that there isn’t any proof to substantiate Robin’s claims. Robin admits that Lisa is cunning but wants to be proactive about the situation. When Patrick won’t agree with her, Robin storms out of the hospital.

Michael gets two sodas for himself and Abby. Michael apologizes to Abby for Robin’s rudeness. Abby says that Robin’s behavior is understandable considering the circumstances. Abby jokes that she could have taken Emma. Michael doesn’t understand why Abby is acting strange. Abby points out that Michael doesn’t know her very well. Abby says that Michael is a great guy. Michael insists that he isn’t; he brings up his anger issues. Abby says that she has a terrible history with men. Michael assumes that Abby pities him. Abby raves about Michael but he doesn’t believe her. Michael asks Abby if they can hang out again. Nearby, Ethan and Johnny talk about Kristina. Johnny tells Ethan that there is no proof of Sonny’s guilt in the car bombing. Ethan tries to convince Johnny to lie for Kristina’s sake. Ethan says that Johnny should lie to Claire to protect Kristina. Johnny asks if Ethan is loyal to Sonny. Johnny asserts that he only cares what happens to Kristina. Johnny feels remorse for getting involved with Kristina to make Sonny jealous. Johnny agrees to lie to the police but wonders why Ethan cares so much about Kristina. Ethan says that Kristina is only a friend but feels bad about the Kiefer situation. As they are talking, Liz and Nik walk in with the boys. Lisa follows them inside. Lisa requests a cup of coffee. Ethan mentions to Lisa and Elizabeth about what happened earlier with Robin and the missing stroller.

In the hospital locker room, Patrick confronts Lisa about what happened at Kelly’s. Patrick warns Lisa to stay away from Robin and Emma. Lisa proclaims her innocence but Patrick isn’t buying it. Lisa brings up their one night stand. Lisa believes that Robin is acting like the crazy one. Lisa admits that she fell in love with Patrick. Lisa says that she’s better since her stint in Shadybrook. Patrick apologizes for his accusations. After Lisa walks away, Patrick notices a witch’s hat near a hospital trash can.

Dante wakes up from being hit on the head by Brenda. Dante looks around the penthouse and sees that Brenda is gone. Dante rushes out the door. While Brenda is leaving the apartment building, she almost plows right into some maintenance workers.

Jason, Sam and Lucky wait at the warehouse for the Balkan to arrive. Lucky puts a hood over Sam’s face. Spinelli returns shortly to the penthouse; he wonders why there is broken glass on the floor. Spinelli grabs his laptop and looks at video surveillance. Spinelli calls Jason and reports that Brenda is missing. Spinelli informs Jason that Brenda knows the location of the warehouse. Spinelli says that Brenda and Dante appear to both be moving east toward the warehouse. Spinelli apologizes for telling Brenda the location. Jason tells Sam and Lucky that the meeting is cancelled.

Outside in the alley, Brenda is grabbed by a goon. Dante shows up minutes later. Dante and the man struggle. The goon is choking Dante. Brenda grabs a gun from the ground and points it at the man. Brenda has flashbacks of shooting a man once before. Brenda pulls the trigger. Brenda is freaking out when Jason and Sam arrive. Lucky wonders if his cover is blown. Jason grabs the gun from Brenda’s hand. Brenda is shaking; Jason hugs her. Brenda is acting strange; she keeps talking about another shooting. Lucky wants to meet with the Balkan again whereas Dante wants to call in the shooting. Lucky leaves the scene while Dante calls the police. Sam shakes her head at Jason. Jason thinks that something is wrong with Brenda.

Siobhan is sitting in the courtyard at Wyndemere. One of the Balkan’s henchmen grab her. The man brings Siobhan to an undisclosed location. Siobhan insists that they have the wrong woman. Siobhan makes it clear that she has no idea who Ronan O’Reilly is. Siobhan claims she is working for Nikolas Cassadine. Siobhan refuses to talk. The goon announces that Siobhan is the bait.

Carly, Jax and Josslyn return home to find Morgan giving out candy. Morgan informs them that not a lot of kids stopped by. Morgan reminds Carly that Mrs. Andrews will be picking him up for the Halloween party. Carly is thankful to be spending time as a family. Carly and Morgan argue over the candy stash. Carly reminds Morgan when he dressed up as Woody from “Toy Story”. Morgan thanks Jax for being a good sport during the Halloween season. Carly is smiling. Morgan starts counting the candy. Morgan mentions that Josslyn gets less candy than himself. Carly asks Jax to go buy her some fresh peanut clusters. Jax doesn’t want to leave but Carly insists she’ll make it up to him. After Jax leaves, Morgan finishes putting on his mummy costume. Morgan assumes that Carly wants some alone time with Jax. Carly tells Morgan to have fun tonight. Once alone, Carly changes into lingerie and stretches out on the couch to wait for Jax’s return.

Lulu knocks on Jason’s door. Spinelli answers; Lulu wonders where Dante is. Spinelli relays that Brenda hit Dante over the head. Lulu is worried about her boyfriend. Spinelli is busy typing away at his laptop. Spinelli is worried about Brenda. Lulu admits that Maxie is right – Spinelli is obsessed with Brenda. Spinelli badmouths Dante. Lulu says that she’ll wait for Dante at the loft. Sam returns minutes later. Sam tells Spinelli that Brenda ruined everything. Sam wishes that Spinelli wouldn’t defend Brenda. Spinelli leaves. There is a knock on the door. It’s Jax. He’s looking for Brenda. Sam announces that Brenda killed a man tonight. Sam worries that there is an obvious connection between Brenda and Jason.

Nikolas and Spencer return to Wyndemere. The maid walks in the room. Nikolas inquires about Siobhan; he suggests sharing a late dinner. The maid announces that Siobhan left. Lucky returns, clearly upset about something. Lucky tells Nik that Brenda killed the Balkan’s henchman. Lucky says that Brenda and Dante went to the police station to give their statements. Lucky thinks it is odd that Siobhan left. Lucky questions the maid. Nikolas gets defensive when Lucky wants to interrogate his entire staff. Lucky is certain that Siobhan wouldn’t leave willingly.

Brenda is escorted into the interrogation room by Jason and Dante. Brenda is mumbling about a shooting. Agent Bates from Interpol asks Dante what happened. Dante says that the agent should contact Lucky instead.

Jason calls Diane and asks for her presence at the police station. Jason reassures Brenda that they’ll be okay. Jason inquires about the shooting. Brenda’s answer – “this time or the time before?”

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