GH Update Monday 10/25/10

General Hospital Update Monday 10/25/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Luke is admitted to the hospital. Luke asks Maya about Tracy’s whereabouts. Maya hopes that Luke comes to his senses about the scheme. Maya fears that Tracy will figure things out sooner or later. Maya tells Luke that the scam won’t work. Outside the hospital room, Tracy tells Ethan that she feels sorry for Luke. Tracy checks in on Luke. Maya confides to Ethan about her concerns. Ethan thanks Maya for going along with the scam. Monica walks up to the nurses’ station. Monica announces that she’ll be examining Luke. Ethan and Maya are worried. Monica advises Luke that he needs to be closely monitored. After Monica leaves, Tracy promises that she’ll look after Luke. Tracy tells Luke that they will get through this but won’t make any guarantees concerning their relationship. Luke asks Tracy to marry him. Monica confronts Ethan and Maya about Luke’s scam. Maya senses that she’ll be kicked out of the nursing program. Ethan takes the blame. Monica is mad but agrees to go along with the scheme since Tracy has been miserable to live with.

At the MetroCourt lobby, Jax witnesses Claire and Carly arguing over Brenda. Claire warns Carly to stay out of her business with Sonny. Carly apologizes but insists she was only trying to help. Claire asks Carly to stop with the manipulations. Jax butts in and asks Claire about getting police protection for Brenda. Jax worries that Brenda is in danger. Carly pipes in but Jax and Claire ignore her. Claire agrees to help Jax. Jax doesn’t think that Carly should have a problem with the idea. In private, Jax tells Carly that he and Brenda are only friends. Jax mentions that Brenda is avoiding Sonny. Jax leans in to kiss Carly but she backs away.

Lucky and Jason meet on the pier to talk about the Balkan. One of the Balkan’s men takes a picture of the two on his cell phone. Lucky and Jason concur that they need to figure out the Balkan’s true identity. Lucky suggests faking Brenda’s kidnapping. Jason mentions that Brenda is an unwilling participant. Lucky comes clean about Siobhan returning with him. Lucky says that he had no choice but to bring Siobhan along. They agree to keep in touch. Lucky draws his gun when he hears a noise.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Siobhan chit-chat about Lucky. Siobhan inquires about Lucky’s personality as well as his interests. Nikolas speaks warmly of his brother. Elizabeth calls out Nikolas’ name. Siobhan hides behind a bookcase. Liz thinks it is strange that the door was locked. Elizabeth announces that she did something stupid. Siobhan is eavesdropping nearby. Elizabeth comes clean about losing all the money in Cameron and Jake’s trust funds. Nikolas offers to give Liz the money but she feels uncomfortable about it. Elizabeth figures that Lucky wouldn’t like it. Lucky returns and wonders why Liz is there. Elizabeth tells Lucky about her money situation. Elizabeth explains how she wanted to be financially independent. Lucky reassures Liz that she shouldn’t worry about the boys’ education right now. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he’s working undercover, so he advises her to be discreet about their talk. After Liz vacates, Siobhan acknowledges her presence. Lucky is mad at Nikolas because he didn’t give him a heads-up that Siobhan was listening. Lucky is embarrassed by the whole thing. Lucky updates Siobhan about his meeting with Jason. Siobhan senses that she’ll be returning to Ireland soon.

Lulu shows up at Jason’s penthouse looking for Brenda. Lulu announces that Dante is her boyfriend. Lulu comments on Spinelli’s décor choices. Brenda asks about the Spencer family. Lulu says that Laura is in Paris, whereas Luke is trying to win back Tracy. Lulu brings up Kate and her interest in getting Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Lulu produces a latest issue of the magazine. Brenda is honored but doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Lulu insists that Kate can work out all the kinks. Still, Brenda declines the offer. Lulu mentions that the idea was Jax’s. Brenda agrees to speak to Jax regarding the matter.

At Sonny’s office, Dante and Sonny talk about Brenda. Sonny is concerned about his old flame so he asks Dante to be more considerate around her. Dante implies that he won’t be seeing Brenda much. Sonny points out that Brenda was trying to help. Sonny confides about his Rome trip. Sonny feels that Brenda really wants to get back with him. Dante isn’t convinced. Dante makes it known that the situation with Sonny hasn’t changed. Dante agrees to be nicer to Brenda when he sees her. Dante points out that he’ll have minimal contact with Brenda. Sonny wants Brenda to feel welcome. Sonny admits that he’s miserable without Brenda. Sonny acknowledges the connection he has with Brenda.

The Balkan’s associate sends a text to his employer. Dante gets a call while walking on the docks. It’s Claire. She wants Dante to come to her office right away. Dante hurries to Claire’s office. Claire asks Dante about his background search on Brenda. Claire knows that Brenda and Sonny are over; she changes the subject. Dante is stunned when Claire mentions police protection for Brenda. Dante doesn’t want to guard Brenda. Claire worries what would happen to Sonny if Brenda died. Dante claims it is a conflict-of-interest. Claire says she pulled Dante off the Zacchara car bomb case. Claire is adamant that Dante be Brenda’s bodyguard.

Jason shows up at Sonny’s office. Jason comments that Brenda is still driving him crazy. Jason updates Sonny about Lucky’s undercover work. Sonny wants to get rid of the Balkan but maintains that Brenda can’t be used as bait. Jason agrees to keep on protecting Brenda.

Sam returns to the penthouse. Sam speaks to Brenda but their conversation is awkward. There is a knock on the door. It’s Jax. When Brenda sees Jax, she hurries out the door. Brenda and Jax proceed to the pier. Brenda admits that she’s frustrated with the Balkan situation. Brenda vents about her Sonny problems. Jax wishes that Brenda would move on. Brenda believes that she and Sonny are really done this time. Jax isn’t convinced. Sonny shows up; he witnesses Brenda and Jax talking intimately.

Lulu and Carly meet in the hotel lobby. Lulu talks about her visit with Brenda. Lulu asks Carly for a favor. Lulu wants to get Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Lulu begs Carly to help her out with the situation.

Jason returns home where he kisses Sam. Jason implies that Brenda could be back in Rome sooner than expected. Sam suggests being the bait instead of Brenda. Jason is speechless.

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