GH Update Monday 10/18/10

General Hospital Update Monday 10/18/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is getting dressed in the hospital locker room. Lisa walks by wearing a bra and panties. Patrick isn’t impressed with Lisa’s flirtations. Patrick ignores Lisa until she starts criticizing Robin. Lisa insists that she feels balanced since her stint in Shadybrook. Lisa maintains that she didn’t drug Robin or bring her to the cabin in the woods. Patrick asks Lisa to leave Robin alone. Lisa feels that Robin is the unstable one. Patrick makes it clear that he won’t sleep with Lisa again. Lisa reminds Patrick that he cheated on Robin once so it’s highly likely he’ll do it again. Lisa wishes that Patrick would stop “enabling” Robin. Lisa asserts that she has a new perspective on life. Patrick defends his wife; he asks Lisa to stop accusing Robin. Patrick believes that Lisa is lying about everything. Lisa tells Patrick that he needs therapy. After dressing, Lisa walks out the door. Robin comes in the locker room. Robin advises Patrick that he needs to keep a close eye on Lisa. Robin fears that Lisa will make things worse for everyone. Patrick wants to make sure that people don’t believe Lisa’s version over Robin’s. Robin fears that she could go insane if Lisa continues to harass her. Robin is sitting in the hospital lounge when Lisa walks in. Robin figures that Lisa came back to bother her. Lisa defends that she’s back to grab her jacket. Robin begs Lisa to go back to Houston. Lisa reminds Robin that she didn’t press charges for the car incident. Lisa makes a mean comment about Patrick which makes Robin slap her. Lisa tells Robin that she’s the one who is nuts. Patrick finds Robin in a tense state. Robin relays that she slapped Lisa. Robin feels stupid for walking into Lisa’s trap. Robin confides in Patrick; she fears that Lisa will file a complaint against her. At the nurses’ station, Steven and Epiphany are talking about Robin and Lisa. Lisa walks up and asks to speak to Steven in private.

After making love, Lucky puts on a jacket and makes his way to the hotel room door. However, Siobhan wakes up and inquires about his exit. Lucky promises he wasn’t trying to sneak out. Lucky maintains that he was going to look for Brenda Barrett. Lucky hopes to find Brenda, then call Interpol. Lucky tells Sioban that he doesn’t regret sleeping with her. Siobhan wants to join Lucky in looking for Brenda. They show up at Brenda’s hotel in Rome. Lucky asks Siobhan for her camera; he begins to pose as a photographer. Lucky questions a hotel maid about Brenda’s whereabouts. The woman says that Brenda is no longer staying at the hotel. The Balkan’s men are hiding nearby. Lucky discovers that Brenda returned to Port Charles. Lucky asks Siobhan to come to New York with him. Lucky admits that he likes Siobhan. They kiss. The Balkan’s men show up and grab Siobhan. Lucky tries to talk his way out of the situation but the men aren’t impressed. One guy tells Lucky to shoot Siobhan – this way it will prove his loyalty to the Balkan.

At the penthouse, Jason warns Sonny to stay away from Brenda. Jason updates Sonny about the Balkan. Sonny wonders why the Balkan is fixated on Brenda. Sonny informs Jason that two men tried to kidnap Brenda in Rome. Jason figures that Brenda knows more than she’s saying. Jason makes a phone call.

Lulu runs into Carly at the MetroCourt lobby. Carly is mad about Brenda being back in town. Carly fears that Jax is obsessed with Brenda. Lulu admits that Maxie’s worried about Spinelli and his crush on Brenda. Carly thinks that Brenda is selfish and controlling. Luke walks in and says hello to Lulu. They hug. Luke tells Carly that he’s there to see her. Carly senses that Luke is having money problems. Luke laughs at the idea. Luke wants a complimentary suite at the MetroCourt. Carly refuses to help Luke. After some convincing, Carly agrees but Luke has to do her a favor. Carly walks away. Lulu and Luke talk about his return to Port Charles. Luke brings up Lulu and Dante’s trip to Ireland. Lulu jokes that she and Dante were deported. Lulu is worried about Lucky. Lulu says goodbye to Luke. Carly returns to speak to Luke. Carly reminds Luke that he will be staying at the hotel on a temporary basis. Carly doesn’t trust Luke at all. Carly makes a joke about Brenda. Ethan runs into Luke. Ethan tells Luke that some of Johnny’s guys beat him up. Ethan brings up the Balkan. Luke admits that he knows about the Balkan and Ronan O’Reilly. Luke says that Lucky is posing as O’Reilly.

In the hotel lobby, Mayor Floyd meets with Ronnie. The mayor asserts that Dante is a crooked cop so he asks Ronnie to get him off the force. The mayor brings up discrepancies in Johnny’s shooting. Mayor Floyd wants Sonny in prison. Ronnie doesn’t want Dante fired. However, the mayor warns Ronnie that he doesn’t have a choice. Mayor Floyd advises Ronnie to plant evidence if needed to incriminate Dante.

Brenda and Dante talk in her bedroom. Dante and Brenda mention that they were supposed to have no contact with each other. Dante can’t believe that Brenda is Sonny’s ex-girlfriend. Brenda makes a reference to keeping quiet about “what they did”. They agree to keep the secret. Brenda admits that she thinks about Dante from time to time. Sonny knocks on the bedroom door. Dante raises his voice to show Sonny that he and Brenda have been arguing. Dante lies to Sonny about his reasons for being there – that Brenda called to discuss the car bombing. Dante tells Sonny that there is no chance of a reconciliation between them. Dante storms out of the bedroom. Brenda apologizes for calling Dante on Sonny’s behalf. Sonny inches closer to Brenda. Sonny wants to get back together with Brenda. Downstairs, Jason and Spinelli are talking when Dante walks down the staircase. Dante tells them the same story he told Sonny. After Dante leaves, Jason comments to Spinelli that something seems wrong. Jason makes a call to Max and tells him that Brenda can’t have any unexpected visitors. Jason asks Spinelli if there’s any new info on the Balkan. Spinelli explains that there are five possible identifies for the Balkan. Spinelli is unsuccessful in identifying the Balkan. Jason and Spinelli agree that Brenda knows the identity of the Balkan.

Dante returns home. Dante is looking at a magazine when Michael walks in. Dante throws the magazine at Michael. Dante calls Michael out about violating his parole. Michael apologizes but Dante doesn’t want to hear it. Dante rambles on about how he’s disappointed in Michael. Lulu intervenes on Michael’s behalf. Michael storms out of the apartment. Dante apologizes for criticizing Michael. Dante wonders what Lulu thinks of him. Lulu kisses Dante. Dante thinks back to a previous conversation with Brenda.

Brenda and Sonny argue in her bedroom. Brenda reminds Sonny that they don’t have a chance. Brenda wishes she was back in Rome. Sonny wants to kiss Brenda but she backs away. Jason walks in. Brenda asks to be alone. Sonny walks out. Brenda and Jason bicker back and forth. Jason wants to sit down with Brenda and talk about the Balkan. Brenda wants to go back to Rome but Jason points out that isn’t an option. Jason begs Brenda to stop lying. Brenda says she hates Jason. Brenda refuses to say anything about the Balkan. Jason leaves the penthouse, clearly frustrated. Sonny shows up again to talk to Brenda. Brenda is standing out on the terrace. Sonny walks up to her and puts his arms around Brenda. Brenda can’t stop thinking about Dante.

Jason meets with Luke at the MetroCourt. Luke offers him a drink but Jason says no. Luke relays to Jason that some mobsters are in town. Luke mentions the Balkan’s name; Jason is speechless.

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