GH Update Tuesday 10/12/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/12/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky is sho0cked to find out that the Balkan wants him to find Brenda. He tells his contact, Swavek, that she is too high profile, so he's not interesting. Swavek hints that he doesn't get to turn it down. Siobhan listens nearby, hiding. Lucky threatens him back. The man grins and reassures Lucky that he doesn't have to kill Brenda, just find her and grab her. Just then, one of the guy's henchmen finds Siobhan and drags her out. She curses him. Swavek tells her that she has five seconds to tell what she's doing there. Lucky points a gun at the man holding Siobhan and demands that they let her go. Swavek orders her released. Lucky assures him that she's not a threat; she's working for him. The man looks shocked. Lucky insists that he will need her to get to Brenda. Swavek thought Ronan worked alone, but Lucky tells him that he gets help when he needs it. He finds this woman useful. The man gives Lucky the rest of the details. He tells him that they found Brenda last in Rome, so he needs Lucky to find out where she moved to and grab her. Then he has to call the Balkan. Lucky warns him to stay out of their way.

Later, Lucky and Siobhan go back to the bar. She wonders where the fake priest went, so he replies that he got tired of trying to save his soul. She wants to help him find Brenda but wonders what Lucky will do with her. He says that he'll figure that out when they get to Rome. Lucky packs while she takes a drink. She insists that she is not going anywhere with him. He wonders why she eavesdropped on his meeting. She was just curious, she says. He tells her that she is in this now. If she sticks around, the men will find her and kill her. He feels bad that he got her involved and lied to her and points out that he is offering her a trip to Rome. She taunts him about what an honor that is, but she does give in.

Robin and Jax discuss Brenda. Robin thinks Brenda should follow her heart, but Jax still doesn't think she should trust Sonny. Robin points out that it's not Jax's business. Jax retorts that he can be a husband to Carly and still be concerned about Brenda. They keep arguing about it. Robin is worried that Brenda will turn to Jax again and ruin his marriage. Robin thinks that Brenda and Sonny have a chance. Jax looks annoyed.

Carly and Jason argue about Brenda. Carly seems worried that Brenda is going after Jax, even though Jason told her that she's interested in Sonny. Carly, as usual, doesn't make a lot of sense in her arguments. Jason assures her that Brenda is going back to Rome as soon as she is out of danger. Jason makes Carly feel a little worried. Carly wonders how long it will take Jason to deal with this Balkan guy so Brenda can leave. Jason isn't sure, since they don't even know what he looks like.

Jax is surprised when he goes home and finds Carly waiting with a candlelight dinner. He tells her that she doesn't have to do that, but she replies that she knows that. He reminds her of the time she tricked him into taking Michael and Morgan to Disneyworld. They joke around about it. He tells her that he wouldn't trade "us" for anything.

When Brenda visits Sonny, she asks where his photo of Dante is. Sonny doesn't have one, so Brenda suggests that he should ask Dante for one. Sonny knows that she didn't come there to talk about Dante. Brenda is still reeling from seeing Dante and asks Sonny about him. Sonny and Brenda do a little conversational dance about the past. Brenda says that this was a mistake and that he knows they can't be together. Brenda babbles a little bit about Robin and Stone. She tries to deny that they can be together. Sonny reminds her that Stone wanted them back together. Brenda is determined to leave the city, and Sonny. She mentions Dante, that he and Sonny will be able to work things out. She tells Sonny that she thinks things will be good for him and for his children. Brenda grabs her purse and runs out the door as Sonny shakes his head.

Brenda has a flashback to when she first met Dante in New York. He is dressed as a patrolman (with different hair) as another cop explains to him how they are working with Interpol to protect Brenda. Brenda walks out and meets Dante. Dante instructs Brenda to let him know if she needs to go anywhere. They chat and get acquainted. They are clearly attracted to each other. When Dante goes to stand guard outside, Brenda asks him to stay inside and talk to her so that she can fall asleep. He makes jokes, and she laughs. Brenda offers him some of the food in her large gift basket, so he takes some of it. He takes chocolate for his mother. She is touched by that and laughs. He leaves.

Lulu asks Dante what he thought about Brenda. Lulu wonders if Brenda looks as beautiful in real life as in photos. Dante confirms that Brenda is beautiful, but he quickly assures Lulu that nobody is as beautiful, sexy, and desirable as she is. She wants to know more about Brenda because she's heard so much about her. Dante is surprised when Lulu tells him that Brenda was the b in L&B records with Brook's mom, Lois. Lulu wonders if Brenda knew about him being Sonny's son. Dante tells her nervously that Sonny must have told her about him. He thinks she is all about protecting Sonny. Lulu feels bad for Dante that everyone defends Sonny, including some woman that he just met. Dante admits to Lulu that it was a shock to find Brenda there when he went to visit Sonny. She tells him some of what she heard about Sonny and Brenda when they were together. She remembers that Sonny stranded Brenda at the altar. Dante laughs, realizing that Sonny talked to him about Brenda as the woman he couldn't get out of his mind that he had to let go for her own safety. Later, Lulu finds a magazine lying around that has Brenda on the cover. Dante mentions again how Brenda was defending Sonny. Lulu doesn't think that she could handle the whole Sonny thing as well as he could, especially being caught between his dad and his job. They both are glad that the job is winning, for now. Dante can't believe that Brenda thinks Sonny is a good man, even when he told her how Sonny shot him. Lulu figures that he wishes that he never came to Port Charles. Dante smirks, saying that he wouldn't have met her otherwise. They flirt and then kiss. Later, after making love, Dante thinks about Brenda some more.

Patrick chats with Steve at the hospital about a patient. Steve doesn't know how Patrick can handle things with all the stuff at home. Steve hopes that Patrick has time to fix things. They mention Lisa, who is getting help at Shady Brook. Epiphany tells Patrick in an annoyed voice that she is not his assistant. She gives him a phone message from a jewelry store. He remembers that he ordered it for Robin's birthday. Epiphany is very cool to Patrick because of everything that has happened. He asks her advice, but she suggests sarcastically that he talk to the rabbi instead. He tells her about the necklace. He wants to give it to Robin and tell her that he loves her, but he doesn't want to cross the line. Epiphany sighs and begs him not to make her do this. Epiphany tells him how much work she has and how much stress she is under. Plus, she points out that this mess is of his own making. Steve comes up, so Patrick makes a joke about how Epiphany used to find him charming. Steve tells Patrick that he thinks he should give Robin some space. Patrick knows that it could be a bad idea to give it to her. Patrick confides that he is scared that Robin might be right about him not being meant to be married. Patrick gives Epiphany a file and then picks up the box he drops (with Robin's necklace). She harrumphs at him. Patrick tells Steve that he thinks he is right to give Robin the necklace. He doesn't want to be who he was before he got married. Patrick hopes to get it all back. Steve watches him leave in a worried way.

Robin goes home and finds a surprise party for her birthday with Mac, Maxie, and Emma. Robin is happy and surprised. There are flowers there from Nikolas. Maxie has a present for Robin and is excited to give it to her. Mac tells her that there are presents there from Robert and Anna, and Anna will call her later. He gives Robin a kiss. Robin and Emma admire the balloons and decorations. Robin feeds Emma cake while she chats with Maxie and Mac. Robin thanks Mac for her spa day. They note that it's been a tough year for her but know that the next one will be much better. Maxie leaves after saying goodbye. Mac gives Robin and kiss and then leaves, too. Robin tells Emma that she's sad that her daddy isn't there.

Brenda goes back to Jason's, talking a mile a minute. She says that she is leaving town, so he can go with her or not. Jason asks if she had a fight with Sonny, so she replies that she didn't. He wonders if she told him that she still has feelings for him. Brenda is shocked, figuring out that Suzanne told him that. She is angry, but Jason tells her that Suzanne is worried about her. Brenda tells him that she's not going to be with Sonny. He wonders why she went to see Sonny, then. She has no answer, so she yells at Jason and blames him for bringing her back to town. Jason argues with her that she has to stay there so that he can protect her. They keep yelling at each other. She asks him in a tearful voice if he thinks there is a difference between being dead emotionally or dead physically. She wails that she has spent years trying to forget Sonny and how much this is hurting her. He advises her to just avoid Sonny. Brenda tells Jason that she has something bad to tell him; something worse than he can imagine. He wonders what that could be. She tries to tell him her big secret about the Balkan, but it's too difficult for her. She says that she appreciates his help, but she has other people that she can call for help. Jason sighs in frustration. Brenda sits down and thinks about Dante. She smiles at the warm memories.

Suzanne visits Sonny. He knows who she is and greets her warmly. He was planning to send her a contribution but takes out his checkbook while she's there. She tells him that they can't take his money, since he's a criminal. He assures her that she shouldn't believe everything she reads in the paper because journalists make stuff up. She lets him know that she is reporter, too, so without missing a beat, Sonny offers to give her an interview. She just wants to talk about Brenda. She asks if he didn't start dating Brenda right out of high school. Sonny blinks and wonders what she's trying to imply. She notes that it would be interesting to explore the inherent inequities of that relationship, but she guesses that it's water under the bridge. He tells her that she doesn't really care what she thinks and tells her that they are done speaking. She is not scared by his threats and warns him to stay away from Brenda. He thinks that's up to Brenda, but Suzanne says that Brenda can't seem to get past the stars in her eyes where he is concerned. She's concerned that consorting with a known criminal is bad for Brenda's credibility. He wonders if she is worried more about Brenda or her charity's cash flow. She says they are inextricably linked, but she maintains that he is bad for Brenda. They argue more about Brenda. Suzanne lets slip that Brenda came there to tell him that she's still in love with him. She urges him to let Brenda go. Sonny blinks a few time in astonishment.

Robin is looking at her presents when Patrick arrives and wishes her a happy birthday. Things are awkward, but she invites him in after a second. She tells him that Mac and Maxie threw her a little party. Robin chats about how great it was for Emma. He wishes that he would have seen it, so she tells him that Maxie took pictures. She suggests that he go up to see Emma, but he doesn't want to bother her when she's sleeping. He gives her the necklace, explaining that he ordered it a few months ago. He tells her that he wanted to her to have it, but he wants to respect her boundaries. She takes the box and sits down, then opens it. She realizes that had admired it on the medicine woman. He ordered it when she went for a swim, he confesses. She thanks him and says it's beautiful, but she doesn't think that she can wear it for a while. He understands and tells her to take as much time as she needs. He just wanted to let her know that he was thinking about her. She thanks him again, and he leaves. He takes one last look at her before he goes. Robin sighs glumly.

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