GH Update Monday 10/11/10

General Hospital Update Monday 10/11/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky kisses Siobhan but she pulls away and knees him in the stomach. Siobhan warns Lucky that she could tell the Balkan about his cover. Lucky admits that he owes Siobhan. Siobhan dares Lucky to kiss her again. Siobhan is certain that Lucky wants her dead. Lucky swears that he isn’t lying to Siobhan; he is worried that her life is in danger. Siobhan says that Lucky and Ronan are completely different. Siobhan acknowledges that Lucky has a huge problem on his hands – her. Lucky wishes that Siobhan would cooperate. Siobhan wonders if Lucky will call Interpol. Siobhan talks about her dream to go to Italy. Lucky doesn’t want to argue with Siobhan. Lucky asks Siobhan to trust him. There is a knock on the door. Luke is dressed as a priest. When Siobhan sees Luke, she hurries out the door. Luke wonders if he’s made things worse for Lucky. Luke apologizes for intruding. Luke closes a window and tells Lucky that Siobhan is a loose end. Lucky’s phone rings; a meeting with the Balkan is scheduled. Lucky shows up in a deserted alley. Siobhan hides behind some crates. A man walks up to Lucky. The man informs Lucky that the Balkan won’t be coming. Lucky is surprised to find out that the Balkan has a job for him – find Brenda Barrett.

At the penthouse, Jason and Suzanne are discussing Brenda’s photo shoot in Paris. Jason says that Brenda can’t leave Port Charles until the Balkan has been found. Suzanne hopes that Jason can find the Balkan as soon as possible. Suzanne fears that Brenda went to see Sonny. In fact, Suzanne lets slip that Brenda is in love with Sonny. Suzanne worries that Brenda will end up getting hurt. Jason refuses to talk to Brenda. Nevertheless, Suzanne is convinced that Sonny is a bad influence on Brenda. Maxie shows up at Jason’s place. Maxie wants Brenda to leave immediately. Maxie tells Jason about Spinelli’s obsession with Brenda. Suzanne interjects on Brenda’s behalf. Maxie begs Jason to help Spinelli. Suzanne makes a joke about the situation. Maxie thinks that Jason and Brenda should go somewhere far away until the Balkan is apprehended. Jason agrees to speak to Spinelli.

Carly shows up at Jax’s office. Carly inquires about Jax’s visit with Brenda. Carly gives Jax an ultimatum - their marriage or his friendship with Brenda. Jax laughs in response. Jax says he won’t see Brenda anymore if Carly stops seeing Sonny. Carly points out that her relationship with Sonny is different because they have children together. Carly mentions that Jax has no “ties” to Brenda anymore. Jax wishes that Carly wouldn’t be jealous of Brenda. Carly starts to cry. Carly doesn’t understand why Jax would want to be with Brenda again. Carly reminds Jax that he left Brenda at the altar once. Jax proclaims his love for Carly. Carly thinks that Jax will try to rescue Brenda. They both say “I love you” to each other. After making love in the office, Carly wonders if Jax and Brenda will remain friends. Carly says that she will trust Jax to do the right thing. Jax tells Carly that he loves her and Josslyn very much.

At the Crimson office, Lulu and Sam discuss the possibility of Brenda being on the cover of Crimson. Sam admits that she isn’t accustomed to the situation with Brenda. Sam worries that Jason will realize he wants to be with Brenda. Lulu points out that Brenda only has eyes for Sonny. Maxie returns to work. Maxie tells Lulu and Sam about Spinelli and his fixation on Brenda. Maxie realizes that she must take care of the matter herself. Lulu asks Spinelli to come to Crimson. Lulu brings up Brenda’s photo shoot which interests Spinelli immediately. Spinelli won’t stop raving about Brenda. Lulu reminds Spinelli that Brenda isn’t a video game character. Lulu tells Spinelli that his obsession with Brenda isn’t healthy. Lulu says that Maxie is upset over Spinelli’s behavior. Spinelli doesn’t think that Maxie is sad because she’s involved with Matt. Spinelli admits that Maxie broke his heart and he’s moved on. Spinelli says that Brenda is an amazing woman.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny introduces Dante to Brenda. Unbeknownst to Sonny, the two already know each other. Dante and Brenda shake hands. Dante asks Brenda if she grew up in Port Charles. They are acting like old friends. Sonny senses something is odd but doesn’t acknowledge it. Brenda suggests leaving so Sonny and Dante can talk. Dante and Sonny banter back and forth in front of Brenda. Brenda can sense the tension between the two. Dante brings up when Sonny shot him in the chest. Brenda defends Sonny’s actions. Dante advises Sonny to call his lawyer. Dante ignores Brenda while he asks Sonny about the car bombing. Brenda makes a comment about an unsolved case but Sonny doesn’t pick up on it. Sonny reminds Dante that if he goes to prison, there will be a fallout. Dante decides to leave. After Dante departs, Brenda comments on Sonny’s relationship with his son. Brenda thinks that Dante and Sonny are good for each other. Sonny wonders why Brenda came over in the first place. Brenda skirts around the issue. Brenda talks of her visit with Robin. Brenda believes that Sonny will have a good relationship with Dante. Sonny comments that he and Brenda “matter” to each other. Brenda doesn’t understand why Sonny doesn’t have a photo of Dante. Sonny asks Brenda to stop beating around the bush – what does she want?

Carly shows up at Jason’s place. Carly is disgusted to see the pink décor all over the living room. Jason relays that Spinelli adores Brenda. Carly thanks Jason for being so supportive. Carly vents her frustrations regarding Jax and Brenda. Carly recalls that she was the one who told Jax about Brenda and Sonny’s kiss so many years ago. Carly admits that she has hurt Jax many times. Jason knows that Jax is committed to Carly and Josslyn. Jason lets slip that Brenda wants Sonny, not Jax.

Robin visits Jax at his office. Robin updates Jax on the situation with Lisa. Robin doesn’t know if she will remain married to Patrick. Jax offers to listen if Robin needs him. Robin brings up Brenda’s return. Robin says that Jax is only a friend to Brenda because she’s in love with Sonny. Jax can’t believe that Robin gave Brenda’s contact number to Sonny and vice versa. Robin thinks that Sonny and Brenda deserve to be together. Jax worries that Sonny will break Brenda’s heart.

Dante returns to the loft and has a beer. Dante is looking at Brenda’s magazine ad when Lulu walks in. Lulu has groceries in hand. Dante tells Lulu that he met Brenda. Jokingly, Lulu asks Dante if he’s fallen in love with Brenda yet. Dante is quiet. While Lulu talks, Dante thinks back to when he first met Brenda.

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