GH Update Monday 10/4/10

General Hospital Update Monday 10/4/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that they should break up. Jason reassures Sam that he isn’t romantically interested in Brenda. Jason doesn’t want Sam to give up on him. Jason knows that Brenda will go back to Rome once the Balkan is found. Jason tells Sam that she shouldn’t be jealous of Brenda. Sam admits that she has insecurity issues. Sam is surprised when Jason asks her to move in with him. Sam doesn’t want to change their current condition – she likes things just how they are. Jason and Sam share a kiss. Sam insists that she likes having her own apartment. They flirt with each other.

Brenda shows up at Sonny’s house. Brenda announces that she doesn’t plan on seeing Sonny while in Port Charles. Sonny doesn’t believe Brenda. Brenda asserts that she’ll be going back to Rome once the situation with the Balkan is taken care of. Sonny implies that Brenda is lying. Sonny and Brenda have some champagne. Brenda recalls Ruby’s signature muffins from the diner. Brenda makes it clear that she will be avoiding Sonny while in town. Sonny thinks it is fate that Brenda is there. Sonny suggests that he and Brenda get back together. Sonny wants a second chance, claiming that he and Brenda are different people now. Brenda thinks that Sonny should concentrate on his kids right now. Sonny admits that there’s a strong connection between him and Brenda. Diane walks in. Brenda laughs nervously. Diane introduces herself to Brenda. Diane raves about Ernesto Cartullo. Sonny wishes that Diane would leave. After some urging, Diane vacates the premises. Sonny wishes that he would have visited Brenda in Rome a lot sooner. Sonny admits that he’s been in a lot of relationships but claims that his with Brenda was “special”. Sonny wants to move on from the past. Sonny thinks that Brenda wants to be with him. Brenda says that she’s scared to get hurt again. Sonny leans in for a kiss.

Molly shows up at Dante’s loft. Michael answers the door. Molly tells Michael about seeing Sonny and Claire. Molly goes on to talk about Sonny and Claire dating each other. Molly worries how Kristina will react to the news. Michael thinks that Sonny misses Carly. Michael isn’t mad that his dad is dating Claire. Molly believes that Sonny and Brenda will get back together.

In Ireland, Lulu hits a man over the head. She thinks it is one of the Balkan’s men but it’s really Agent Bates from Interpol. Dante doesn’t want to leave the cabin. Lulu insists that they need to go. Dante wants to wait for Agent Bates to wake up. Lulu fears that she and Dante will be deported if they don’t leave now. Lulu feels that Lucky’s in danger because he isn’t convincing as Ronan O’Reilly. Agent Bates wakes up. The agent tells Lulu and Dante that they need to leave Ireland immediately. Agent Bates is convinced that Lulu and Dante will compromise Lucky’s mission. Dante says that Lucky needs backup. The agent says that Dante can’t help Lucky. On the plane home, Dante and Lulu wonder if they should have left Lucky in Ireland. Lulu opens some magazines. One drops on the floor. Dante looks at a fashion ad with Brenda. Dante seems to recognize Brenda.

Lisa finds Robin and Patrick near the cabin. Lisa rambles on about her feelings for Patrick. Lisa is crying as she holds a gun at her chin. Patrick tells Lisa to drop the gun but she won’t. As Patrick lunges at Lisa, the gun goes off. Robin screams. Patrick manages to get the gun from Lisa just as Mac and the police show up. Mac asks if Robin’s okay. Robin is dizzy but says that Patrick saved her life. Patrick interjects that he called Mac on his way to the cabin. Robin mentions that Lisa drugged her. Mac wants Lisa arraigned but Patrick believes that she couldn’t survive prison.

Outside of Kelly’s, Michael runs into Allie, Kristina’s friend. Allie receives a phone call from Kristina saying that she can’t meet her because she’s studying with Taylor. Allie talks about Kiefer. Michael admits that he didn’t like Kiefer. Michael gets defensive when Allie brings up Claudia’s death. Michael gets some ice cream for Allie. Michael apologizes for flipping out. Allie thinks that Michael was brave when he killed Claudia. Michael disagrees; he says the whole thing was a blur. Allie says that Kristina set it up for her to run into Michael. Allie asks Michael to come to a party she’s hosting this weekend. Allie says that Kristina can’t attend. Michael agrees to the invitation but says he needs to be home for curfew. They exchange phone numbers before Allie leaves.

At the courthouse, Claire is talking on her cell phone. Alexis speaks briefly with Claire. Claire brings up her vacation. Alexis is surprised when Claire says she went to the island with Sonny. Alexis asks if Sonny had a dress ready for Claire at the island. Alexis warns Claire about sleeping with Sonny. Claire knows that she can’t change Sonny. Claire is very aware of Sonny’s other conquests. Diane runs into Alexis at the courthouse. Diane is sickened to learn about Sonny and Claire’s vacation at the island. Diane relays to Alexis that Brenda’s back so Sonny will probably dump Claire.

Robin settles into her hospital room. Maya walks in and hands Robin her test results. Robin asks Maya what the staff knows about her hospital admittance. Maya says that the story involves Robin being trapped in a drywall. Robin comes clean about what happened. Maya is shocked to find out how nuts Lisa is.

Mac signs the release forms to have Lisa taken to Shadybrook. In the transportation vehicle, Patrick tells Lisa that she needs to get help. Lisa apologizes for her behavior and insists that she would never hurt Emma. Patrick says he believes her. Lisa asks Patrick to visit her at Shadybrook.

Patrick shows up at the hospital. Maya leaves Robin’s room. Patrick asks how Robin is feeling. Robin is suffering from dehydration and will be released tomorrow. Robin inquires about Lisa. Patrick says that Lisa went to Shadybrook. Robin is relieved that the nightmare is finally over. Robin recalls what happened in the well. Robin talks about seeing Stone. Patrick apologizes for not being there and sleeping with Lisa. Patrick proclaims his love for Robin. Robin doesn’t know if she wants to stay married to Patrick.

Jason and Sam are kissing on the couch. Sam looks around the room at all the pink décor. Sam mentions that Spinelli has a crush on Brenda. There is complete silence until there’s a knock on the door. It’s Michael; he wants to talk to Jason. Sam runs upstairs. Michael needs a favor from Jason. Michael tells Jason about Allie’s party invitation. Michael worries that he isn’t sexually experienced. Michael asks Jason to “find him a girl”.

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