GH Update Monday 9/27/10

General Hospital Update Monday 9/27/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the cabin in the woods, Lisa makes fun of Robin. Robin wishes that Lisa would call the police. Lisa refuses to get help; she wants to wait a while longer. Robin thinks that Lisa is jealous. Lisa rambles on about how awful Robin is. Robin defends herself by calling Lisa a homewrecker. Lisa brings up Robin’s HIV. Lisa believes that Robin’s sob story made Patrick stay with her. Robin asserts that she and Patrick love each other. Lisa is infuriated. Lisa says that Robin’s love isn’t enough for Patrick. Robin brings up when Lisa kidnapped Emma. Lisa doesn’t understand why Robin won’t drop the issue. In fact, Lisa goes on to say that she feels sorry for Emma because she has such a controlling mother. Lisa thinks that Robin is a drama queen. Robin worries what Lisa did to Emma. Lisa says that Robin is jealous of Emma because Patrick adores her. Robin knows that Lisa is crazy. Lisa suggests that Robin go to counseling. Robin says she will if Lisa does also. Lisa laughs and says she won’t talk to someone. Robin manages to hit Lisa on the back of the head. Robin runs out of the cabin. Lisa hobbles to the door and yells out to Robin. A scream is heard in the distance. Robin has fallen into a well. Robin wakes up and groans. Robin screams out to Lisa. Lisa stands near the well and listens to Robin’s pleas. However, Lisa won’t help Robin. Robin yells out once again; she tries climbing the walls. Robin starts sobbing.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Carly teases Sonny about his fling with Claire. Carly is convinced that Sonny is only sleeping with Claire because he can’t have Brenda. Sonny changes the subject to Michael. Sonny says that he visited with Michael. Carly doesn’t like to hear Dante’s name. Carly still blames Dante for Michael’s time in Pentonville. Carly wonders if Sonny would have stayed in Rome if he didn’t have children. Sonny reminds Carly that Brenda is dating Murphy Sinclair. Sonny is impressed by Brenda’s charity work but Carly isn’t. Sonny doesn’t want to dwell on the what-ifs. Carly insists that Sonny is using Claire as a distraction. Carly cringes when Sonny calls Claire a “sexy” woman. Claire walks up to them. Claire offers to leave but Carly says she needs to get back to work. However, Carly implies that Sonny is thinking about Brenda Barrett. Carly suggests that Sonny and Claire have dinner on the house. Sonny wants to cook for Claire so they leave.

In the hotel room, Brenda brings up Sonny. Jason is worried that the drugs are still affecting Brenda. Brenda is very sleepy. Brenda asks about Sonny but Jason doesn’t want to talk about him. Brenda is freezing. Brenda wants to know why Sonny and Carly’s marriage failed. Brenda wonders if Sonny is happy or if he’s been in love after her. Jason mentions that Sonny has had many girlfriends over the years. Jason says that Sonny once commented that he would “die remembering Brenda’s face”. Brenda has tears in her eyes. Brenda thinks it is fate that she ran into Robin in Africa. Brenda mentions Murphy’s marriage proposal. Brenda reminisces about her memories of Sonny. Jason says that Sonny never mentioned his visit in Rome. Brenda relays that Sonny saved her from the Balkan’s goons. Jason hands a bottled water to Brenda. Brenda recalls when Sonny left her at the altar. Jason insists that Sonny did it to protect Brenda. Jason says that Brenda and Sonny have a love-hate relationship. Brenda knows that she annoys Jason. Jason makes it clear that Brenda will be returning to Port Charles.

Patrick and Steven are arguing at the hospital. Patrick thinks that Lisa killed the orthopedic nurse. Patrick asks Steven to fire Lisa but he can’t. Steven agrees that something is wrong with Lisa but doesn’t have enough evidence to take action. Patrick questions a nurse which irritates Steven. Patrick is frantically trying to find out what happened to Robin. Steven asks Patrick to be rational. Ronnie updates Patrick about Robin and Lisa’s whereabouts. Neither have been found. Patrick wants Ronnie to put an APB out on Lisa. Ronnie can’t because there’s no evidence supporting Patrick’s claims. Later, Lisa returns to work. Lisa says that she didn’t answer her cell because she was at the movie theater. Patrick asks Lisa to consult on a surgery. Steven interrupts and brings up Robin. Lisa pretends to act surprised when she learns of Robin’s disappearance. Patrick criticizes Robin’s actions, claiming that she is not thinking clearly. Lisa listens and then walks away. Patrick glances at Steven.

In the hotel room, Dante and Lulu beg Lucky to return to Port Charles. Dante fears that Lucky will get killed while posing as Ronan. Lucky compares his situation to Dante’s (when he went undercover to take down Sonny). Dante says that the situation with the Balkan is more dangerous than his undercover work. Dante asks Lucky to be rational. Lucky refuses to come home. Lucky asks Dante and Lulu to leave but they won’t back down.

Dante and Lucky enter an alley. Lucky is posing as Ronan. Dante and Lucky talk about the meeting with the Balkan. Dante worries that Lucky isn’t very convincing as a hitman. They hear footsteps approaching. Dante and Lucky hide behind some crates. They whisper to each other. Lucky (Ronan) stands up and approaches the Balkan’s men. Lucky speaks to the men. They think Lucky is stupid for coming back to the warehouse. Dante appears out of the blue. Gunfire erupts; Lucky falls to the ground. Lucky opens his eyes. Lucky shoots one of the men to protect Dante. Dante grabs the man’s cell phone. Sirens can be heard in the distance. Dante tells Lucky that they need to leave the scene.

Siobhan shows up at Lucky’s hotel room. Lulu answers the door. Siobhan demands to know where Ronan is. Lulu wonders why Siobhan no longer loathes Ronan O’Reilly. Siobhan acknowledges that Ronan did kill Danny. Nevertheless, Siobhan feels that Ronan is a changed man. Siobhan asks Lulu to give Ronan a break. Lulu doesn’t believe that Ronan has changed. Siobhan believes that Ronan is a better man since he found God. Lulu warns Siobhan that Ronan is playing her. Lulu senses that Siobhan likes Ronan.

Sonny and Claire arrive at his home. Sonny wants to make some pasta for Claire. Claire is impressed that Sonny knows how to cook. Claire figures that Sonny has charmed all his women with food. Sonny admits that Carly loves junk food. Claire inquires about Brenda. Sonny skirts around the issue. Sonny kisses Claire. They agree to order a pizza. Sonny unzips the back of Claire’s dress. Claire walks upstairs. After making love, Sonny and Claire sit in the living room. While drinking red wine and eating pizza, Sonny says that he still owes Claire dinner. They make a toast. Sonny wants to know if Claire will go away with him on a vacation.

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