GH Update Monday 9/20/10

General Hospital Update Monday 9/20/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Jason’s penthouse, Dante takes the laptop out of Spinelli’s hands.  Dante is furious that Spinelli is digging up information on the Balkan.  Spinelli grabs his computer.  Dante fears that Sonny wants to work with the Balkan.  Spinelli refuses to tell Dante about his research.  Spinelli wonders how Dante knows so much about the Balkan.  Dante doesn’t want to talk about it.  Spinelli badmouths Dante; he says that Dante is to blame for Michael’s stint in prison.  Dante reminds Spinelli that he got Michael released and helped exonerate Sonny in Johnny’s shooting.  Spinelli says that Lulu is naïve when it comes to Dante.  Dante asserts that he loves Lulu and would never hurt her.  Spinelli hopes that Lulu breaks up with Dante. 

From his hotel room, Lucky makes a call to someone at Interpol.  There is a knock on the door.  Lucky assumes it is the Balkan.  When Lucky answers, Siobhan walks in.  Siobhan relays that some men were looking for Ronan (Lucky) at the pub.  Siobhan suggests that she and Lucky leave together.  Lucky doesn’t want Siobhan to get killed so he begs her to go.  Siobhan refuses to go; she brings up the fact that Ronan has changed for the better.  Siobhan asks Lucky what his plan is.  Lucky begs Siobhan to leave before the Balkan shows up.  Siobhan kisses Lucky before walking out the door.  Lucky calls Dante and explains the situation he’s in.  Dante is surprised to hear the Balkan’s name.  Dante warns Lucky that posing as Ronan O’Reilly is a bad idea.  Dante asks Lucky to come home.  Lucky plans on sticking to the mission.  Dante wishes Lucky good luck.  After the phone call, there is a knock at Lucky’s door.  Three men walk in.  One says that the Balkan wants to speak to Ronan.  Lucky’s face is covered by a black hood.  Lucky is escorted out of the room by the three goons.  They bring Lucky to a warehouse, where they take off his mask.  One man makes a comment that the Balkan will be arriving soon.  Lucky senses trouble. 

Lulu returns to the loft just as Dante is finishing his call with Lucky.  Lulu wonders if someone is in trouble.  Dante spills the beans about Lucky working for Interpol.  Dante warns Lulu to be careful.  Lulu brings up Lucky’s struggle with being a cop.  Dante is surprised to hear that Johnny offered a job to Lucky.  Both agree that Lucky is trying to emulate Luke.  Lulu asks Dante if he’s ever heard of the Balkan before.  Dante admits that he’s heard of the man.  Lulu and Dante wonder what the connection is between the Balkan and Ronan O’Reilly. 

Sonny and Claire are kissing in his bedroom.  After undressing each other, they move to the bed.  Sonny and Claire share some passionate kisses.  They make love.  Afterwards, Sonny says that he isn’t good with words.  Sonny reassures Claire that he didn’t want to compromise her.  Claire is happy that she took a risk with Sonny.  They share a kiss.  While drinking from their wine glasses, Claire and Sonny share an intimate conversation.  Claire thinks that Sonny is a complex man, whereas Sonny enjoys Claire’s analytical mind.  Claire believes that Sonny is a very lonely man.  Sonny’s response – “not tonight”. 

In the hotel room, Brenda and Jason argue over attending the gala.  Jason insists that Brenda can’t make any public appearances right now.  Brenda tells Jason that he can’t make her miss the gala.  After butting heads, Brenda admits that she is a bit selfish.  There is a knock on the door.  Suzanne walks in.  Suzanne demands to know why Brenda isn’t dressed for the gala.  Brenda announces that she isn’t going.  Suzanne insists that Brenda needs to go but Jason doesn’t like the idea.  Jason wants Brenda to lay low for the time being.  Suzanne asks Jason to look at the security changes.  Jason leaves the hotel room.  Suzanne admits to Brenda that she likes Jason.  Brenda senses that Suzanne is trying to impress Jason.  Brenda comments on the fact that Suzanne is wearing a dress, something she never does.  Suzanne tries to skirt around the issue.  Suzanne defends Jason’s heroics.  Jason returns and relays that he isn’t happy with the security protocols.  Jason tells Brenda that she shouldn’t go to the gala.  Suzanne defends Brenda.  Suzanne says that Brenda can’t help the children if she stays home.  Jason apologizes for judging Brenda.  Brenda wants Jason to wear a tuxedo.  Jason makes it clear that he doesn’t like the idea.  Brenda reminds Jason that he can’t be on the “sidelines” – he needs to be her escort on the red carpet.  In the limo, Brenda won’t stop talking.  Brenda advises Jason to be courteous to everyone at the gala.  Jason becomes irritated when Brenda tries to fix his bow tie.  Jason wants to be left alone.  When they arrive at the gala, Brenda worries that her corset has come undone.  Jason refuses to fix it.  Jason gets out of the limo and tells the paparazzi to stand back.  Brenda steps out and Jason walks next to her.  They stop so Brenda can pose for pictures. 

Carly and Jax are kissing in the Jacks living room.  Jax senses that Carly doesn’t want him to move back in.  Carly admits that she’s scared of another breakup.  Carly proclaims her love to Jax.  However, Carly wants Jax to be as committed to their marriage as she is.  Jax swears that he feels the same way about Carly.  Carly says “welcome home”.  Morgan helps Jax carry in his suitcases.  Carly is holding Josslyn.  Alone, Michael tells Carly that she doesn’t need to worry about Brenda.  Michael puts Josslyn down for a nap.  Jax returns with a pizza and breadsticks.  Carly, Jax, Michael and Morgan sit down to eat.  Carly asks that everyone be honest from now on.  Morgan asks to speak.  Morgan wants to know if Jax is still going to adopt him. 

Diane shows up at Sonny’s place and finds Max in the living room.  Diane inquires about Milo’s whereabouts.  Max says that Milo is infatuated with a trainer at the gym.  Diane and Max walk out on the terrace and see two uneaten plates of food.  Diane senses that Sonny and Claire are together.  Diane and Max sit down at the table and sample the pasta dinner.  Diane rambles on about Claire and Sonny.  Max is surprised that Sonny didn’t stay in Rome.  Diane points out that Sonny returned because Brenda rejected him.  Max makes a comment about Brenda being beautiful.  Max apologizes to Diane; they kiss.  Unbeknownst to them, Sonny and Claire walk downstairs and head for the terrace.  Sonny is sickened to find Max and Diane making out.  Diane thinks it is funny that Sonny and Claire slept together.  Diane announces that Claire “got played” by Sonny.

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