GH Update Friday 9/17/10

General Hospital Update Friday 9/17/10


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Claire is in Jax's office, and he tells her that Sonny is using her. He tells her that he has a history of leading women on, in order to get them to compromise their position of authority. Jax says that by admitting to a conflict of interest, Claire has thrown away the best chance they had to send Sonny to prison. Claire says she knows Sonny's game and she feels that removing herself from Sonny's case has leveled the playing field between the two of them. Now that her job isn't in the way, she and Sonny are free to explore what they mean to one another. Jax scoffs. He handed Claire a career-defining case against Sonny, and he can't believe she'd throw that away, and risk getting caught between Sonny and his enemies. Claire doesn't care what Jax thinks. She brings up the evidence he withheld about Claudia's murder. Jax asks again, if Claire doesn't have enough self worth to stay away from Sonny. He warns her that she is risking everything. Claire shoots back that Sonny and Jax seem to share a history that goes beyond Carly. She asks him what or whom did Sonny take from him, then storms out of the office.

Dante and Sonny are at Sonny's home having a chat. Sonny knows Dante doesn't think much of him, and wants to know if Dante thinks he's doing the wrong thing by using Claire as a way to get over another woman. Dante doesn't want to judge, as he's also been in the position of using one woman to take the place of another. Sonny asks how it worked out, and Dante tells him that it didn't go well. Dante says he once had a relationship with someone he met through work. The relationship ended when the job did, but he wasn't able to let go, so he began a new relationship to help him forget the woman from his job. He scoffs when Sonny tells him that the two of them had more in common than he'd realized. Sonny tells Dante that the love he had for the woman he never got over was so strong that it hurt. Dante knows the feeling. Sonny says the relationship was filled with bouts of passionate loving, and fighting, and that it couldn't last so he moved on. Dante talks about how difficult it is to let go of that sort of relationship. Sonny says he's loved women since the one he struggled to let go of, and has found the easiest way to let go of someone like that is to start a new relationship. Dante doesn't want to tell Sonny what to do with Claire, but reminds him that she has a lot to lose, and suggests he might not want not get involved if he's not serious. Sonny tells Dante he's learned not to make promises he can't keep, and Dante excuses himself to find Michael. Sonny thanks Dante for helping Michael. Dante is glad to do it, but reminds Sonny that he's still a cop who won't hesitate to take Sonny down if he breaks the law. Sonny understands, but is glad he and Dante were able to bond a bit as father and son. Claire walks in as Dante is leaving, and he remarks that she's no longer in a position to lecture him about his conflict of interest regarding Sonny. She looks down, but says nothing.

Sonny is happy to see Claire. He didn't realize she'd come. She hadn't planned on it. They sit down to a candlelight dinner on his patio, and she tells him about Jax's concerns that he was using her. Sonny says Jax is just angry he can no longer use Claire as a way to attack Sonny. Claire thinks Jax may be right. Sonny says he doesn't want to hurt her, and would understand if she left. He doesn't want her to have any regrets. Claire is glad that she told her bosses the truth about her feelings for Sonny, and doesn't regret anything right now. Sonny and Claire kiss. He offers her one more chance to leave, then they kiss again. Sonny and Claire have made it to his bedroom doorway, and are kissing. She tells him that the night she and Dante searched his house, she searched that room, but never thought she'd be there again. Sonny sits on the bed, and Claire begins to undress.

In Ireland, Siobhan and Lucky are in Ronan's apartment. She yells at Lucky that she's been watching him, and he's not behaving the way Ronan O'Reilly used to. She sees something different in his eyes – compassion. Ronan never had any compassion in the past for her, nor for “her Donnie” when he left him to die. Lucky tries to cover by making a joke about Siobhan liking to watch him, but when it doesn't work, he drops the Irish accent and tells Siobhan that he's an undercover cop. Siobhan thinks Lucky's American accent is a fake that Ronan picked up while working in the U.S. He re-adopts the Irish accent but tells Siobhan that he's not Ronan. Siobhan has seen Ronan's face in her nightmares, and is sure that Lucky is him. She just wants to know when he got a soul. Lucky, as Ronan, tells her to be glad he's changed, because if he hadn't she'd be buried next to her boyfriend Donnie by now. Siobhan doesn't believe he'd hurt her. She can tell he's different, but doesn't know why. Lucky says he's found God. Siobhan seems to believe the story he makes up of finding religion while hiding from the police in an empty church. She is just sorry that his change of heart came too late for her boyfriend. She tells him to be careful, because his new conscience could get him killed, and she leaves the apartment. After she's gone, Lucky gets a call from Babak who tells him that 'he' wants to meet in the usual place. Lucky doesn't know the place, and tells the caller he's been made, and says “tell him to pick somewhere else.” He receives another phone call from Babak, and learns that the 'he' didn't want to pick another place and is coming to him instead, just as there's a knock on the door, as Lucky looks at it nervously.

At the hospital, Steven tells Patrick he's uncomfortable suspending Robin. Patrick agrees that it's difficult to watch his wife go through this, and just as he calls the affair the biggest mistake of his life, Lisa walks up, and asks which mistake he's talking about. Patrick covers, by claiming he was talking about a clerical error at the hospital. Lisa excuses herself and Patrick, and excitedly invites him to take a weekend trip with her to see a NASCAR race. Patrick doesn't think it's a good idea, and brings up Robin. Lisa seems sympathetic, but feels it's about time he stop pretending to be a family man, and end things with Robin for good. Patrick agrees to go, and Lisa smiles, as Steven walks up, kisses him, then leaves. Steven lectures Patrick about the kiss. He thinks it was unprofessional, and says while he won't tell Robin, someone will. Patrick tells Steven about the trip, and he says he'll rearrange things so that Patrick will need to work the whole weekend, but tells him that he still doesn't think the plan is a good idea, and leaves.

At Robin's she and Maxie talk about her suspension from the hospital. Maxie thought Lisa was going to be the one who was fired, but Robin explains that the hospital would probably be sued if Lisa was let go. The plan is to gather more evidence to prove that Lisa is the troublemaker. Maxie thinks that Lisa's boiling of Emma's toy should be enough. Robin explains that now that Lisa believes she's won at work, the next step is to let her try to win Patrick. Maxie is concerned about whether Robin can handle watching Lisa take away everything Robin cares about, but Robin feels that it will be worth it to see Lisa lose in the end. Maxie asks if the fact that Robin and Patrick are working together is a good sign for their marriage, but Robin says at this point, the only thing they're focusing on is Emma's safety. Robin's still hurt by the affair, and there was a lot of truth in the things she yelled at Patrick during the hearing at the hospital. She's not sure what she'd be doing, if she didn't need to work to prove that Lisa is unstable. Maxie and Robin talk about the affair. Maxie can understand why Patrick messed up, and thinks he deserves another chance. She asks if Robin is willing to work things out. Robin says it's not that simple. Lisa isn't just targeting her, and she doesn't want to take a chance with Emma. Right now, she is Robin's only concern. After Maxie leaves, Steven stops by Robin's apartment to check on her, and to let her know about the weekend trip Lisa planned for her and Patrick. Robin believes the only way to fix things is to make Lisa think she's won.

Maxie has gone to the hospital to confront Patrick. She doesn't think it's fair that Patrick cheated, but Robin is the one who lost her job. Patrick tells her Robin will be reinstated once they can prove that Lisa is the unstable one. Maxie tells Patrick that she thinks the plan is taking its toll on Robin and hopes he doesn't end up in Lisa's bed again. Lisa starts down the stairs just in time to overhear Patrick explain that he's pretending to fall for her, in order to prove that she's crazy, and that he plans to win Robin back. He then leaves. Lisa doesn't let on that she's heard anything. She and Maxie argue about whether it's her or Robin who's ruining Robin's life and marriage. Maxie calls her a tramp, and Lisa calls Robin seriously disturbed. Patrick walks back up, and diffuses the situation. Lisa leaves, and Patrick again tells Maxie about the plan, and tells her they have to be careful, because Lisa has been one step ahead of them, and could figure things out. Lisa peers around a corner and eavesdrops on Maxie telling Patrick that she's been encouraging Robin to give him another chance. Patrick is grateful, but doesn't understand why. Maxie has been in his shoes, but won't be in his corner if it happens again. Patrick assures her that it won't, and tells Maxie about the NASCAR trip, and that he's trying to get out of it. Maxie offers her support, and leaves. Lisa runs up and talks about the trip, but Patrick makes an excuse and leaves. Lisa tells a nurse about an experimental drug she'd like to prescribe to a patient. She says that it's very dangerous, and asks the nurse to get it filled at the pharmacy for her. The nurse agrees and goes to get the medication. When she leaves, a sinister look passes over Lisa's face.

At Sam, Jason and Spinelli's, Carly is pacing the apartment, ranting to Michael about Jason going to help Brenda. She doesn't understand why he'd do that for someone he hates. Michael points out that Jason and Brenda were married once. Carly says he only did that to keep Brenda away from Sonny. Michael understands why he'd want to protect Brenda. Carly begins questioning what men see in Brenda, and Michael says Jax, Sonny and Jason saw something special about her. Carly corrects him and says Jason only saw her as a spoiled brat. Michael asks Carly why Jason's decision is bothering her so much. Carly sits next to Michael and says she doesn't approve of Jason leaving while Michael needs his help getting adjusted to high school. Michael tells her that he knew things were going to be hard, and that he should have handled it better. They talk about Dante making sure Michael didn't get expelled after the fight, but Carly rolls her eyes. She doesn't want Michael depending on Dante. When Michael was a baby, Jason promised to protect him, and Carly wants him to keep that promise. Michael thinks Carly's real concern is that Brenda will replace her in Jason's eyes. Michael assures her that Jason loves her, and that she'll always come first for him. He asks her not to be mad at Jason. Carly replies that she isn't mad at him, she just plans to strangle Brenda.

In Rome, Brenda and Jason are in her hotel room, arguing about why he's there. She believes Sonny sent Jason to protect her, and calls him a liar when he says he chose to come on his own. Brenda brings up Sonny's attempted murder charges, and assumes that's why he sent Jason, instead of coming back to Rome. She's surprised when Jason tells her that the charges were dropped, and seems disappointed when she learns that Sonny didn't tell Jason that they'd met up in Rome. Jason changes the subject to security. He wants to get it taken care of so he can go home. Brenda brings up Sonny again and asks if he's involved with anyone. Jason says he is, but that he doesn't think it's serious. Brenda wants to know if Sonny is living with a woman. Jason says he isn't. Brenda wants to know why Jason came, and he tells her that Suzanne called him. Brenda can't believe Suzanne would do that. Brenda says she only wanted Jason to be contacted if she died, because she knew he was the only one who wouldn't be upset by the news.

Jason and Brenda argue about whether she made herself a target of the Balkan or if she was chosen at random. Jason thinks knowing the reason will make it easier for him to help her. Brenda doesn't want his help, and tells him to leave. He ignores her and calls Spinelli, who's just walking into his apartment. Carly, is still there, and when she realizes he's talking to Jason , chases him and grabs the phone. Just as she does, Brenda snatches Jason's phone. Carly wants to speak to Jason, but Brenda says he's too busy protecting her. Carly thinks Brenda should have her boyfriend hire someone instead of using Jason. Jason retrieves his phone, and Carly begins complaining about him protecting Brenda, then tells him Michael was almost expelled. Michael takes the phone, and tells Jason not to worry. Spinelli then grabs the phone, and Jason tells him to gather as much information he can on the Balkan and his associates, while Brenda watches, looking fearful, with tears in her eyes. After he hangs up, Jason and Brenda resume the conversation. He doesn't believe that the Balkan is targeting her due to her charity work, and wants to know what she did. Brenda looks away, and appears to be hiding a secret, but denies it. She agrees to let Jason protect her, but tells him his first assignment will be at an event where he'll need to wear a tux. He looks slightly alarmed.

After Carly and Michael are gone, Spinelli begins to research the Balkan when Dante arrives, looking for Jason. He wants to discuss Michael. As Spinelli tells him he's not there, Dante notices Spinelli's research, and starts questioning him. He threatens to take Spinelli down to the station when he doesn't cooperate. Dante is agitated and wants to know what Spinelli knows about the Balkan. Spinelli says he doesn't know as much as Dante seems to.

Carly has left Spinelli's and comes home to find Jax looking a family portrait of them, and the children. He let himself in. She asks about Josslyn and Morgan, and he tells her they're fine; Josslyn is sleeping, and Morgan is with a friend. She smiles when she realizes it's just the two of them. Jax suggests picking up where they left off, and goes in for a kiss, but Carly dodges away, and suggests slowing things down. She says they've tried to make things work before, but it always falls apart. Jax knows, they've made mistakes, but he loves her and wants to rebuild their life. Carly isn't sure that's enough. She doesn't want to think about how happy they were before the trial, and how they lost it all. She tries to walk away, but Jax won't let her. Jax thinks they owe it to their family to try again. He looks into her eyes and pleads with her to her to let go of her fear, and answer whether she wants a life with him. She does, more than anything, and they kiss. Carly then asks, “what now?” Jax tells her he's moving back in, and they kiss again.

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