GH Update Monday 9/13/10

General Hospital Update Monday 9/13/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny manages to get out of his hospital bed. Ethan witnesses Johnny stumble to the floor. Ethan jokes that the new hospital employee is an attractive blonde. Johnny intends on getting discharged as soon as possible. Johnny is tired of hearing about Sonny. Ethan urges Johnny to come clean about the Baker Street shooting. Johnny can’t believe that Ethan is defending Sonny. Ethan insists that he only cares about Kristina. Johnny brings up that Claudia is dead. Ethan says that Johnny can’t bring back his sister so he should end his vendetta against Sonny. Ethan closes the door. Ethan asks Johnny why he didn’t shoot Sonny as planned. Johnny says that he spotted a construction worker at the scene.

At a construction site office, Dante and Jason look at a video from Johnny’s shooting. It is not clear whether Johnny had a gun or not. Dante realizes that the video doesn’t help Sonny prove his innocence. Dante asks the construction worker for the video. The man refuses to cooperate. Dante threatens that the man might be subpoenaed. The worker realizes that Jason works for Sonny Corinthos. The man doesn’t want to get involved. Dante convinces the man to hand over the video. Alone, Dante and Jason agree that the video isn’t enough to get Sonny exonerated. Dante asks Jason’s help with something.

In the interrogation room, Claire tells Sonny that he will be charged with attempted murder. Claire says that Sonny should try to prove his innocence. Sonny proclaims his innocence but Claire reminds him that he has other crimes to pay for. Claire implies that she likes Sonny. Sonny is shocked that Claire cares what happens to him. Sonny wishes that Claire wouldn’t excuse herself from the case. Claire announces her plans to be reassigned. Sonny is saddened by the news. Claire smiles at Sonny before leaving the room.

Brenda is leaving her dressing room when two men grab her. One man holds a knife to Brenda’s throat. She is escorted through a hallway where they run into paparazzi. Brenda manages to get away from the goons. Brenda runs back to her dressing room. Brenda and Suzanne return to the hotel room. Brenda tells Suzanne what happened. Suzanne knows that the Balkan won’t back down. Suzanne suggests that Brenda leave Rome immediately. Suzanne wants Brenda to call Murphy at once. Brenda doesn’t like the idea. Suzanne reminds Brenda that she’s engaged to Murphy so he needs to know. Brenda is worried about the ramifications if she leaves Rome. Brenda brings up her modeling contact. Suzanne is concerned for her friend. Brenda convinces Suzanne not to call Murphy. Before leaving, Suzanne glances at Brenda’s address book. There is a knock on the door. Brenda is shocked to see Murphy. Brenda is irritated because she assumes that Suzanne called him. Murphy says he found out about the incident through his publicist. Murphy asks Brenda to return to London with him. Brenda makes a strange comment. Brenda admits that she can’t marry Murphy because she has unresolved feelings for someone else.

In the park, Carly tells Michael that she saw Sonny. Michael asks his mom to speak to Sonny for him. Michael doesn’t want to go back to Madison. Michael figures that he won’t fit in because he killed someone. Carly reminds Michael that he saved her life, as well as Josslyn’s. Michael admits that Pentonville was miserable. Michael confides that he had to defend himself to survive in prison. Michael says that Jason protected him and that’s why he survived there. Carly disagrees. Carly believes that Michael would have gotten through Pentonville without Jason. Michael agrees to go to Madison. Carly hugs Michael.

Kristina visits with Sonny at the police station. Kristina asks Sonny why he returned. Sonny doesn’t want his children to pay for his behavior. Kristina admits that she doesn’t hate Sonny. Sonny wishes Kristina didn’t blame herself for getting involved with Johnny. Kristina tells Sonny that “Michael needs him”. Sonny plans on trying to be a good father. Kristina asks her dad where he went. Sonny smiles and says he “got perspective” at an undisclosed location.

Maxie and Jax meet at his office to talk about a Crimson issue. Jax wants to do an article on Brenda and her charity work. Olivia walks in. Maxie says that she’ll talk to Kate about it. After Maxie leaves, Olivia confronts Jax about wanting Brenda Barrett on the cover of Crimson. Jax doesn’t answer Olivia. Carly shows up at the office. Carly blabs that Sonny turned himself in. Jax is surprised but he believes that Sonny returned just so he would look good. Jax is sure that Sonny tried to kill Johnny. Carly doesn’t want Sonny in prison because it would be detrimental to Michael’s future. Jax wonders if Carly still wants to go through with Morgan’s adoption. Carly is concerned about Michael. Jax says that Carly and Michael are both stubborn. Jax brings up when Carly seduced him the other night. They start to undress each other. While Jax kisses Carly, there is a knock on the door. It’s Maxie. Maxie yells that Kate is on board with Jax’s idea. Carly is curious so she asks Maxie to enter. Maxie hands the sample cover to Carly. Carly is furious to find a picture of Brenda on the Crimson cover.

Dante shows up at Johnny’s hospital room. Dante is irritated when John brings up Olivia. Dante produces a photo from the construction worker’s camera phone footage. Dante reminds Johnny that he made a false statement to the police. Dante suggests calling a truce with Sonny. Dante hopes that the mob war will end. Johnny finally comes clean about the shooting. Johnny admits that a construction worker was there so he didn’t shoot Sonny. Johnny has no idea who took his gun. Johnny reluctantly agrees to Dante’s deal.

Jason visits with Sonny at the station. Jason relays that there is new evidence but it isn’t clear-cut. Jason says that Dante has an idea to clear Sonny of the crime. Jason begs Sonny to agree to a truce with Johnny. Sonny says that a truce is best. Sonny feels regret for the car bombing.

Kristina is sitting on a park swing. Ethan walks by. Kristina vents to Ethan about Sonny’s return to Port Charles. Kristina is impressed that Sonny turned himself in. Ethan listens as Kristina rambles on about Sonny. Ethan thinks that Kristina should tell her father how she feels. Ethan wishes that Johnny would get over his sister’s death and drop his vendetta. Ethan acknowledges that Johnny is bitter about Claudia’s death. Ethan urges Kristina to stop worrying. Kristina thanks Ethan for listening.

Michael shows up at the penthouse. Sam, walking around in crutches, answers the door. Sam announces that Jason’s not home. Sam is going crazy being cooped up in the penthouse. Michael confides that he’s going back to Madison. Sam thinks it is a great idea. Michael flinches when Sam touches his arm. Michael hurries out the door.

Michael returns to the park and sees Kristina sitting on a bench. Kristina confides about her visit with Sonny. Kristina can’t believe that she and Sonny are getting along. Kristina speaks of her helpful talk with Ethan. Kristina is thankful for a supportive friend like Ethan. However, Kristina feels like her life is a mess. Michael reassures Kristina that she’ll get through this.

Jason returns home. Sam is looking at papers. Sam inquires about Sonny. Sam and Jason talk about taking a trip. Sam wants to go to an island. Jason jokes that Sam can’t steer a boat due to her ankle injury. Sam and Jason flirt with each other. Jason’s cell phone rings. It’s Suzanne. Suzanne tells Jason that he is listed as an emergency contact.

Johnny and Dante walk into the interrogation room. Dante suggests that Sonny and Johnny sit down and have a talk. Dante leaves the room. Olivia walks in and demands to know where Johnny is. Olivia is speechless when she glances in the window to the interrogation room and sees Sonny and Johnny talking. Olivia is impressed that Dante set up the meeting. Dante mentions the video but won’t go into details. Olivia assumes that Dante is defending his father. Olivia is worried that Johnny will get thrown under the bus.

Inside the interrogation room, Sonny urges Johnny to agree to a truce. Johnny wants Sonny to respect his territory and vice versa. Sonny will agree to the truce under one condition – that Johnny stay away from his family. Claire walks in and demands to know what’s going on.

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