GH Update Monday 8/30/10

General Hospital Update Monday 8/30/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Robin is driving her car with tears running down her face. Lisa notices Patrick bending down to pick up Emma’s bootie so she runs in front of Robin’s vehicle. Robin is unable to stop. Lisa falls to the ground. Patrick runs to her and checks her vitals. Robin rushes over to Patrick and Lisa. Robin apologizes for hitting Lisa. Lisa accuses Robin of hitting her on purpose. The paramedics show up and wheel Lisa out on a stretcher. The cops question Robin. Robin defends that she wasn’t drinking. Robin accuses Lisa of jumping in front of her car deliberately. Patrick remains quiet. Robin tells Patrick that Lisa is crazy. Robin walks away.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Brook Lynn asks Carly how her trip went. Carly wants to know if Brook Lynn slept with Dante. Brook Lynn is stalling which infuriates Carly. Brook Lynn figures that Carly owes her for breaking up Dante and Lulu. Carly wants proof of the couple’s breakup. Brook Lynn says that she heard Dante and Lulu arguing in the loft. Brook Lynn asks for more time. Carly says that Brook Lynn will be going back to Bensonhurst if Dante and Lulu are still together. Brook Lynn threatens to tell Dante and Lulu that Carly paid her to break them up. Brook Lynn reminds Carly of their deal. Carly wants to speak to Dante and Lulu. Brook Lynn fears that her friendship with Dante, as well as her reputation in Bensonhurst, will be hurt because of Carly’s scheme.

At the hospital, Dante and Lulu talk about Johnny’s shooting. Dante is convinced that Sonny is telling the truth. Dante wonders what happened to Johnny’s gun. Dante wants to prove Sonny’s innocence. Dante wonders how Lulu feels about this. Lulu will support Dante no matter what.

In the police station’s interrogation room, Bernie tells Sonny that he needs to leave immediately. Sonny wants to fly to Rome. Bernie thinks it is a terrible idea to go to Italy. Bernie suggests South America but Sonny refuses to go there. Bernie says that Sonny’s bail will most likely be in the millions. Bernie mentions that Diane is worried about the case. Sonny inquires about Jason’s whereabouts but no one has heard from him. Sonny wants Bernie to give a message to Jason – let his children know that he’s leaving to protect them. Sonny feels regret about leaving his kids but thinks it’s the best option right now.

Brenda and Murphy are in Lake Como celebrating their engagement. Murphy’s agent calls and asks him to return to Rome. Brenda tells Murphy that she’s okay with returning early. Brenda points out that Suzanne wants her back as soon as possible. Murphy tells his agent that they will take the next available flight. Murphy and Brenda return to the hotel room in Italy. Murphy is thrilled that Brenda accepted his marriage proposal. Murphy wants to get Brenda a ring as soon as possible. Brenda asks Murphy to hold off so their engagement can be a secret for a while. Murphy kisses Brenda before leaving. Suzanne shows up to talk about business. Suzanne wants Brenda to have bodyguards during her trip to Africa. Brenda doesn’t like the idea. Brenda brings up going to Russia to visit Murphy on his movie set. Brenda announces her engagement to Murphy. Suzanne asks Brenda if she’s happy. Suzanne senses that Brenda isn’t over Sonny. Brenda is looking forward to being married to Murphy. After Suzanne leaves, Brenda picks up her cell phone. Brenda has a sentimental look on her face.

At the cabin, Sam shoots a man as he comes through the door. Jason returns through a back entrance. Sam is relieved to see Jason. Sam and Jason realize that there are still some hostiles outside the cabin. The front door opens and Lucky walks in. Sam and Jason are surprised to see Lucky. Lucky relays that Sonny has been arrested for Johnny’s shooting. Lucky says that he tracked Lopez to this cabin. Jason asks Lucky if he called for backup. Lucky mentions that the police won’t be there for a while. Sam explains how she was trying to get evidence to clear Jason’s name in the warehouse explosion. Jason wishes that Sam would leave before she gets hurt. The three discuss a plan of escape. Jason wants to be the diversion so Sam and Lucky can flee the scene. Sam is against the idea. They wonder when the cops will arrive. Something on fire is thrown through the window. Jason and Sam look at each other.

At the hospital, Steven tells Patrick and Robin that Lisa has only some broken bones. Steven announces that Lisa made a hospital complaint and goes on to tell them about the blood in Lisa’s locker. Robin is certain that Lisa is trying to set her up. Nearby in a hospital room, Mac gets Lisa’s police statement. Robin and Patrick walk in. Lisa worries that there’s a conflict-of-interest since Mac is Robin’s uncle. Lisa comes clean about sleeping with Patrick. Mac is shocked by the news. Patrick asks Lisa to stop badmouthing Robin. Lisa claims that Robin hitting her was no accident. Mac asks Patrick if he slept with Lisa. Patrick tells the truth. Mac wants Robin and Emma to live with him. In the hospital lobby, Mac confronts Patrick about his infidelity. Patrick admits that he made a big mistake. Robin is convinced that Lisa has gone crazy. Mac points out that all the evidence makes Robin look guilty.

At the police station, Olivia enters the interrogation room to speak to Sonny. Sonny claims that Johnny was armed on Baker Street. Olivia brings up when Sonny shot Dante. Sonny promises that he shot Johnny in self-defense. Strangely, Olivia believes him. Sonny says that Johnny “provoked” him but all he wanted was a truce. Olivia is disgusted by Johnny and Sonny’s mob war. Dante walks in and wonders what’s going on. Dante tells Sonny that he believes him. Sonny promises that he won’t shoot an unarmed man again. Olivia is proud of Dante. Dante feels uncomfortable. Olivia leaves the room. Sonny wonders how Lulu can support Dante’s decision to help his dad. Sonny hopes that Dante and Lulu stay together. Sonny confides that he left a woman at the altar once. Michael shows up and asks to talk to Sonny. Dante is hesitant but finally agrees. Michael tells Sonny that he needs to flee the country. Michael worries that Sonny would never survive prison. Through tears, Sonny tells Michael that he’s proud of him. They say goodbye to each other. Bernie and Diane return to the interrogation room. Diane relays that Sonny’s arraignment will begin in fifteen minutes. Sonny is saddened to hear that he might be in lockup tonight.

Brook Lynn shows up at Dante’s loft. Lulu answers the door. Lulu asks Brook to leave. Brook Lynn blabs that Carly paid her to break them up. Lulu isn’t convinced. Brook Lynn goes over the details of Carly’s scheme. Lulu calls Carly and asks her to come to Dante’s place. Carly isn’t happy to find Brook Lynn at the loft. Brook Lynn asks Carly to tell Lulu the truth. Carly remains quiet. Brook Lynn tells Lulu about the break-up plan. Lulu looks at Carly and demands to know the truth. Surprisingly, Carly admits that the whole thing is true. Lulu is speechless.

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