GH Update Monday 8/23/10

General Hospital Update Monday 8/23/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Robin and Patrick return home. Patrick suggests going out for the night. Tina, Emma’s babysitter, enters the living room and tells the two that Emma isn’t home. Tina announces that Lisa picked up Emma and took her for ice cream. Patrick and Robin are horrified by the news. Tina apologizes for allowing Lisa to take Emma without permission. Tina hurries out the door. Patrick wants to call the police but Robin urges him not to. Robin suggests checking out the park and Kelly’s before notifying Mac.

Jason is leaving the police station when he gets a call from Sam. Sam says that she’s in the back of Lopez’ van. Sam tells Jason that she was able to record Lopez saying that he was responsible for hitting Johnny’s warehouse. Sam looks at her cell’s GPS device. Sam informs Jason that the van is at 3rd and McKinley. Jason promises to find her. Sam listens to some men speaking in Spanish. The van pulls to a stop and the men vacate the vehicle. Sam jumps out of the back of the van. Sam is near a warehouse. Sam starts climbing over a fence when Jason appears. They begin to leave the premises when a man starts shooting in their direction. Jason and Sam are trapped near the van. Jason loads his gun and starts shooting at one of Lopez’ goons. The men search Jason and Sam for guns. One man finds Sam’s cell phone, throws it on the ground, and stomps on it. Jason causes a diversion so he and Sam can jump into the van. Jason speeds away from the scene. As Jason is driving, Sam mentions that the van could be full of drugs. Jason wants to pull over but it’s not safe. Jason says that Diane found a way for him to get released. Sam apologizes for taking a risk by following Lopez. Jason kisses Sam. They notice a police cruiser has stopped nearby.

In her hotel room, Brenda talks to Wilhelm about Franco’s interest in working with her. Brenda brings up the allegations of Franco being a serial killer. Wilhelm points out that there is no proof of any crime. Brenda makes it clear that she isn’t interested in working with Franco but Wilhelm presses the issue. Wilhelm says that Franco has done extensive research on Brenda. Brenda isn’t impressed. Brenda feels that Franco is “unstable”. Wilhelm praises Franco’s innovative style, as well as his artistic take on illusion versus reality. Brenda opens the hotel door, implying that Wilhelm should leave. Brenda states that she can’t work with Franco because he “glorifies violence”. Brenda brings up her charity for children, and says that working with Franco would go against her beliefs. Wilhelm produces a check for Brenda’s first sitting. Brenda looks at the check but maintains that she isn’t interested in money. Wilhelm says that Franco would donate a huge sum of money to the charity but Brenda won’t back down. Wilhelm glances at the balcony before leaving. After he leaves, Brenda calls Murphy and leaves a voicemail saying she’s going to work out. After turning off the light, Brenda leaves the hotel room. Someone is on the balcony. Brenda returns to the room and answers her phone. It’s Murphy. Brenda steps out on the balcony. Unbeknownst to Brenda, a man in black is watching her.

Sonny returns home to find Dante waiting in the living room. Dante says that the guards let him inside. Dante senses that something is wrong. Sonny blurts out that he shot Johnny. Dante makes a phone call and finds out that Johnny’s body was found on Baker Street. Dante relays to Sonny that Johnny has been brought to General Hospital. Dante doesn’t want to listen to Sonny’s version of the story. Sonny insists that Dante needs to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sonny asks Dante to have an open mind. Dante is irritated when Sonny brings up his children. Dante figures that Sonny is trying to lay a guilt trip on him. Dante finally agrees to hear Sonny out. Sonny admits that he shot Johnny in self-defense. Sonny explains how Johnny pulled a gun on him. Dante brings up the car bombing and the drive-by shooting from a few days ago. Dante figures that Sonny wants to put blame on Lopez. Sonny confides that Johnny liked pushing his buttons. Sonny speaks about Deke. Dante is outraged that Sonny is trying to use his childhood as an excuse. Sonny is frustrated with the situation. Sonny admits that he was meeting with Johnny to make peace. Sonny realizes that a truce will never happen now. Sonny wishes that he hadn’t been drawn into Johnny’s trap. Sonny wishes that Kristina didn’t hate him for coming after Johnny. Sonny tells Dante that he doesn’t want to lose his kids. Sonny swears that Johnny didn’t want to call a truce. Dante doesn’t think that a jury will believe Sonny’s story. Sonny promises that he’s telling the truth. Sonny is convincing as he explains how Johnny would have killed him if he hadn’t defended himself. Sonny points out that he didn’t try to cover up the crime scene, like Claudia’s death. Sonny asks Dante if he believes him. Surprisingly, Dante believes that Sonny wants a truce with Johnny. Sonny is speechless.

Ronnie is on the pier. Ronnie takes out a gun, wipes off the handle, and throws it in the river.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Jax and Claire meet at the bar. Jax wants an update on Claire’s chances of getting Sonny arrested. Claire says that it isn’t any of Jax’s business. Claire suggests that Jax call Washington D.C. if he wants some answers. Jax fears an imminent mob war and relays that Carly left town with Morgan. Jax asks if Claire has any new evidence to indict Sonny. Jax reminds Claire that Sonny is very dangerous. Claire wants to find solid proof to send Sonny away for good. Claire recalls that her career was almost wrecked because of Sonny’s trial. Jax worries that innocent people will get hurt if Sonny doesn’t go to prison. Jax rambles on about Sonny being a criminal. Jax thinks that Sonny is arrogant. Claire knows that Jax hates Sonny. Jax brings up Lily, Sonny’s first wife, who got caught in the crossfire. Jax implies that another woman (Brenda) was sucked into Sonny’s dangerous lifestyle. Jax points out that successful women are a challenge for Sonny. Jax senses that Claire is softening toward Sonny. Claire maintains that she’s playing Sonny and is only waiting for a huge bust to send him to Pentonville. Claire acknowledges that Diane is an amazing lawyer. Claire says that she’s close to an arrest. Her phone rings. Claire tells Jax that Sonny shot Johnny. Claire is thrilled that she can arrest Sonny now.

Johnny is rushed into the hospital’s ER. Steven asks Maya if she’s okay with helping. Maya and Steven rush into the ER. Steven wants Maya to stabilize Johnny’s vitals. Steven worries that Johnny is losing a lot of blood. Steven mentions that Johnny’s family should be notified. Maya suggests calling Ethan. Steven says that Maya should get Ethan to change his line of work. Maya knows that Ethan loves to be reckless and enjoys the cash flow. Maya leaves the ER to speak to Ethan. Ethan makes a joke about Johnny’s shooting. Maya can’t believe that Ethan would laugh about the circumstances. Ethan apologizes for being cold. Maya tells Ethan that Johnny might not survive the shooting. Lucky shows up and inquires about Ethan’s whereabouts during the shooting. Ethan claims that he wasn’t at the scene. Ethan says that Johnny is unconscious. Lucky asks Maya to have someone run a gun residue test on Johnny’s hand. Ethan implies that Johnny was shot by Sonny. Lucky wonders how Ethan would know if he wasn’t at the scene. Ethan asks Maya how Johnny is doing. Maya isn’t sure if Johnny will pull through. Ethan jokes about forging documents. Maya wonders if Ethan will end his dangerous line of work. Ethan says that he’ll make a deal with Maya – if Johnny survives, he owes her one. Ethan walks over to Lucky, who has just found out that an APB is out on Sonny Corinthos. Lucky wants Ethan to come clean about Johnny’s shooting. Lucky senses that Johnny had a revenge plan of sorts. Ethan skirts around the issue and reminds Lucky that Johnny could die. Ethan wonders if Johnny is going to survive. Lucky hands a coffee cup to Ethan. Lucky compares Ethan to Luke. Ethan hopes his friend pulls through. Ethan says that Sonny must be the one that shot Johnny. Lucky asks Ethan to spill it. Lucky says that the shooting happened near Sonny’s restaurant. Lucky wishes that Ethan wasn’t so loyal to Johnny. Ethan suggests that Lucky talk to Sonny.

Maya and Steven check on Johnny. Steven asks Maya to keep an eye on Johnny. Maya asserts that she won’t freeze again. Steven wonders if Maya is reminded of her boyfriend’s death. Johnny wakes up. Maya explains that Johnny is at GH. Maya leaves Ethan alone with Johnny. Johnny and Ethan share a laugh. Ethan wonders how Johnny’s plan got messed up. Lucky lurks nearby.

Patrick hurries to the hospital and asks Steven if he’s seen Lisa. Patrick announces that Emma has gone missing because Lisa took her. Steven defends Lisa which irritates Patrick. Patrick claims that Lisa won’t answer her cell phone. Steven figures that Lisa is doing this just to get Patrick’s attention. Patrick knows that he’ll blame himself if something bad happens to Emma. Patrick suggests calling the police. Steven urges Patrick to tell Robin the truth. Patrick returns home. Patrick finds Lisa and Emma sitting on the living room couch. Patrick grabs Emma and holds her in his arms. Lisa claims that she and Emma were getting ice cream. Patrick is furious. After putting Emma down for a nap, Patrick confronts Lisa about kidnapping his daughter. Lisa thinks that Patrick is jumping to conclusions. Lisa goes on about how she, Patrick, and Emma make the perfect family. Robin walks through the front door. Robin looks angry.

At home, Sonny asks Dante what he should do next. Dante suggests confessing to the police but sticking only to the facts. Dante advises Sonny not to hide anything. Sonny is worried that he’ll be facing a murder charge. Sonny thanks Dante for his support. Sonny calls Dante a “good man”. There is a knock on the door. Ronnie and a police officer barge in. Dante blurts out that Sonny shot Johnny in self-defense. Ronnie thinks it is typical that Dante is defending Sonny. Ronnie thinks that Dante is biased toward Sonny. Ronnie doesn’t believe Sonny’s version. Sonny is handcuffed. Ronnie tells Dante that Johnny was found unarmed at the scene. Dante wonders if Sonny was lying about the whole thing.

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