GH Update Monday 8/16/10

General Hospital Update Monday 8/16/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the apartment hallway, Dante and Ronnie are arguing about Michael. Ronnie wants to question Michael about the drive-by shooting. Dante and Ronnie enter the loft. Michael is sitting on the couch watching a Yankees game. Michael updates Dante on the game, and suggests going to the ballpark with Morgan. Ronnie pipes in and asks Michael about the drive-by. Lucky walks in. Ronnie says that there’s a witness who saw Michael push Johnny out of the way. Ronnie doesn’t believe that Ethan saved Johnny’s life. Lucky tells Ronnie that the witness, an elderly woman, isn’t going to make an official statement. Lucky asks Ronnie to let it go. Ronnie storms out of the loft. Lucky asks Michael if he was at the scene of the shooting. Dante wishes that Lucky would drop the issue. Michael finally comes clean. Michael says that the shooter wasn’t one of Sonny’s men. Michael admits that Ethan is covering for him. Lucky wonders how another cover-up will impact Michael’s life.

At Johnny’s apartment, Ethan reminds him that he could have died in the drive-by. Ethan is thankful that Michael was there to save Johnny. However, Johnny is set on taking down Sonny. Ethan wonders if he should find Luke because he’d be in less danger than he is now. Johnny promises that he’ll kill Sonny and leave no proof behind. Johnny wants revenge for Claudia’s death. Ethan wishes that Johnny would open his eyes and see that retaliation is a bad idea. Ethan worries about the fallout if Sonny dies. Johnny plans on shooting Sonny in broad daylight and claiming self-defense.

Sonny pays Jason a visit in prison. Sonny informs Jason that he will be officially released from Pentonville due to a loophole in the plea agreement. Jason is speechless. Diane walks in and announces that all the paperwork is in order. Diane asks Jason to sign the release document. Jason is puzzled as to why there was a loophole in the original agreement. Diane reassures Jason and Sonny that the plea agreement is “null and void”.

In the hotel room, Brenda is shocked by Murphy’s marriage proposal. Brenda figures that Murphy’s female fans will be mad if he marries. Murphy is set on marrying Brenda. Brenda tries to come up with different excuses to change Murphy’s mind. Murphy wants to celebrate. Murphy insists that he and Brenda should get married. Brenda walks out on the balcony. Murphy senses that his proposal wasn’t romantic enough. Brenda calls Murphy “sweet and sincere”. Brenda points out that her new job would limit their time together. Murphy suggests dropping his movie to spend more time with Brenda. Brenda doesn’t want Murphy making any sacrifices. Brenda and Murphy sit down on the couch. Brenda hopes that Murphy can find someone who loves him unconditionally. Brenda wants to take a step back. Brenda admits that she loves attending Murphy’s movie premieres. Brenda blurts out that she’s been left at the altar three times. Brenda talks about her botched relationships with Jax and Sonny. Brenda knows that she isn’t marriage-material. Nevertheless, Murphy still wants to marry her. Murphy suggests having some champagne. Brenda wonders if a marriage to Murphy would last. Brenda doesn’t want to go through a celebrity divorce. Murphy says that he likes spending time with Brenda. Brenda kisses Murphy. Murphy turns and heads for the door. Brenda is surprised that Murphy left without an answer to his marriage proposal.

In the limo, Jason confides his concerns to Sonny. Jason worries why Claire made a mistake in the original agreement. Sonny is quiet. Jason urges Sonny to come clean. Sonny says that Claire felt bad about Michael being sent to Pentonville so that’s why she put in a loophole. Jason isn’t convinced. Sonny tries to skirt the issue. Sonny mentions that Claire had Jason released to show them that she can be trusted. Sonny plans to seduce Claire until she is compromised. Sonny tells Jason that he still intends on killing Johnny. Sonny advises Jason to lay low. Sonny wants to kill Johnny himself.

At the hospital, Matt asks Lisa to check out some x-rays. Lisa suggests getting Patrick to do a consult. Patrick shows up and grabs Lisa by the arm. Maxie walks up to Matt and hands him a bag of food. Matt and Maxie see Patrick and Lisa arguing about something. Patrick confronts Lisa about cutting up Robin’s face in their wedding photo. Lisa proclaims her innocence. Lisa assumes that Patrick feels guilty about their one-night-stand. Patrick says that he’s mad at Lisa. Patrick compares Lisa to a stalker. Lisa implies that she could spill the beans at any time.

At the penthouse, Carly asks Spinelli for an update on their scheme to destroy Dante. Spinelli fears that Lulu will end up getting hurt. Carly reminds Spinelli that Dante deserves what he gets. Carly is certain that Brook Lynn can break up Dante and Lulu. Spinelli gets a phone call from Diane. Diane tells Spinelli that Jason was released from prison. Carly grabs the phone from Spinelli. Carly asks Diane to stall Jason for a while. Carly wants to throw Jason a welcome-home party. Spinelli says that the fridge is stocked with Jason’s favorite foods. Carly leaves to take care of an errand.

Carly meets with Brook Lynn at Jake’s. Carly is thrilled that Jason will be returning home. Brook Lynn figures that Carly will want to stop with their plan. However, Carly wants to go ahead with it, and asks Brook Lynn to speed up her plan to seduce Dante. Carly agrees to throw in an extra $10,000 if Brook Lynn sleeps with Dante tonight and also gets proof. Carly warns that this is Brook’s last chance or she’ll be headed back to Bensonhurst. Carly calls Michael to tell him the good news about Jason. Carly instructs Michael to head over to the penthouse. Michael relays the news to Dante. At Jake’s, Brook Lynn makes a call to Dante. Brook Lynn sounds upset. Brook Lynn asks Dante to come to Jake’s.

Lulu shows up at the police station. Lulu wants to talk to Lucky about Dante. Lucky feels he’s the last person to give romantic advice. Lulu says that Dante brought up marriage. Lulu adds that Olivia seems to be pressuring Dante to propose. Lucky wonders if Lulu is ready to wed. Lulu confides that she isn’t. Lucky figures that Dante will let Lulu know if he is considering marriage.

Sonny returns home. Claire is waiting in the living room. Sonny is impressed by what Claire did. Claire acknowledges that her superiors are irate. However, Claire has no regrets in releasing Jason. Claire admits to Sonny that she put in the loophole on purpose. Claire says that she’s focused on her career. They share a kiss. Claire asks Sonny if he’s ever been in love. Sonny won’t answer Claire. Claire walks out.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Spinelli is busy putting up letters that spell out “welcome home”. Spinelli is thankful that Jason’s free. The “M” falls on the floor which makes Jason laugh. Spinelli admits that it was Carly’s idea to decorate. Jason asks Spinelli about the project he and Carly are working on. Spinelli is reluctant to say. Michael walks in. Michael speaks briefly to Jason. Carly walks in. Carly hugs Jason. Carly finishes with the banner. They are all laughing. Spinelli and Michael leave to pick up Chinese food. One of the banner’s letters falls to the floor. Carly laughs. Jason tells Carly that she needs to end her vendetta against Dante.

Dante shows up at Jake’s. Brook Lynn feels embarrassed. Dante asks Brook Lynn what’s wrong. Brook Lynn starts crying. Brook Lynn says that she keeps having panic attacks. Brook Lynn vents about her screwed-up life. Dante wishes Brook wouldn’t be so hard on herself. Dante says that Brook Lynn is very talented. Brook Lynn mentions that she might move in with the Quartermaines and depend on Edward for money. Dante advises that Brook Lynn relax and take a deep breath. Dante tells Brook that he’ll help her through this. Dante makes a call. Brook Lynn is at the bar. Brook Lynn puts a pill in Dante’s beer bottle. Brook hands the beer to Dante. Brook Lynn asks Dante if he always wanted to be a cop. Dante starts drinking his beer.

On the balcony, Brenda is thinking back to when Sonny left her at the altar. Unbeknownst to Brenda, Sonny is thinking about her.

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