GH Update Wednesday 8/11/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/11/10


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At an undisclosed location, two men in tuxedos are talking about a mystery woman. One moves a clothing rack near a door. Men continue to walk by the dressing room. A female assistant opens the door and shows the woman a black dress. The woman is busy combing her hair. The assistant leaves the room. A man peeks his head in the door and announces that the woman only has ten minutes. After he leaves, the woman sits down and looks at her hands, which are shaking. The woman leaves the room and is escorted through a hallway. Before she can go onstage, a man lunges at her with a knife. Thankfully, the bodyguards pull the woman away in time. The woman is introduced to the audience. It is Brenda Barrett and she’s accepting a humanitarian award.

Sonny looks out the window from his living room. Claire returns to the room. Claire says that a crisis was averted. Sonny and Claire are flirting back and forth. Sonny is relieved to see Claire having some fun. They kiss. Claire suggests heading upstairs to make a baby. Sonny reminds Claire that he doesn’t want any more children. Sonny compliments Claire on her sexy dress. Sonny figures that Claire was looking for a way to impress him. Claire laughs in response. Claire insists that she wants to have a baby. Sonny makes it clear that it won’t be with him. Claire asks Sonny to stop overanalyzing the situation. Sonny wishes Claire would admit her attraction to him. Claire knows that Sonny wants to “compromise” her so she can’t prosecute him anymore. Sonny skirts the issue. Sonny maintains that he loves a challenge. Claire admits that Sonny is very charming. Claire asks Sonny if he’s been in love before. Sonny and Claire sit on the couch. Sonny admits that he loves Carly because she’s the mother of his kids. However, Sonny doesn’t say anything about Brenda. Sonny wants to sleep with Claire. Claire can’t forget that Sonny is a mobster. Sonny wants Claire to go after another mobster like Lopez. Sonny insists that he and Claire can be discreet. Claire won’t wreck her career over Sonny. Sonny maintains that he can’t be convicted. Claire brings up having a baby. Sonny refuses to talk about it again. Claire says that she won’t sleep with Sonny. Claire kisses Sonny before walking out. Sonny stares out the window.

At the MetroCourt, Carly apologizes to Lulu for having to leave. Carly says that she said good night to Josslyn. Carly inquires about Michael. Lulu informs Carly that Michael headed back to the loft. Carly is worried that Michael will run into Dante and Brook Lynn. Carly leaves a voicemail message for Michael. Lulu wishes that Carly wouldn’t stress over Michael. Carly asks how Michael’s holding up now that Jason’s back in prison. Lulu thinks that Michael is doing great, and maintains that he’s moving on with his life. Carly isn’t too thrilled with the living arrangements. Carly daydreams that she grabs Lulu and starts choking her. Back in reality, Carly wonders if Michael is cramping Lulu’s style. Lulu says that she’s trying to find a balance in her life. Carly confides that she lost herself with Sonny. Carly implies that Dante could cheat on Lulu.

At the loft, Brook Lynn is sitting on the couch wearing a red satin robe. Brook Lynn thanks Dante for letting her take a shower. Brook Lynn admits that she finds Dante attractive. Dante thanks Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn speaks of their childhood. Dante confides that Brook Lynn’s grandma was scary. Dante sits next to Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn grabs Dante and kisses him. Dante backs away. Brook Lynn apologizes. Dante asserts that he’s in love with Lulu. Dante apologizes for giving mixed signals. Brook Lynn feels terrible that she kissed Dante. Brook Lynn confesses that she has a crush on Dante. Michael walks in and wonders if he’s interrupting. Dante makes it known that nothing happened between him and Brook Lynn. Brook’s phone starts ringing. Brook Lynn grabs her clothes and runs out the door. Michael doesn’t buy Dante’s story. Dante maintains that nothing happened. Outside, Brook Lynn texts Carly to say that she didn’t seduce Dante. Dante promises that he’s committed to Lulu. Michael listens as Dante says that Brook Lynn is only a family friend. Dante blabs that Brook Lynn kissed him. Michael is surprised. Dante hopes that Michael will keep quiet about Brook Lynn and the kiss. Lulu returns to the loft. Michael looks uncomfortable so he leaves. Dante kisses Lulu.

Maxie finds Lucky standing in the rain on the docks. Maxie hurries over to Lucky so he can stand under her umbrella. Maxie suggests getting out of the rain. They leave and head over to Jake’s. Maxie is freezing. Lucky announces that he found Aiden. Lucky explains how Aiden was located in Oregon, and that Spinelli was a great help. Maxie can’t believe that Franco’s mom had the baby. Lucky says that he lied to Karen to get the baby. Lucky makes a comment about wishing Aiden was his. Lucky believes that Aiden is better off being Nikolas’ son. Lucky tells Maxie about his bond with Aiden. Maxie admits that she doesn’t like babies that much. Maxie notices Matt near the jukebox. Maxie stands up and talks to Matt. Maxie figures that Matt is still mad about what Mac said. Matt suggests hanging out but Maxie needs to get back to Lucky. Matt is bothered. Maxie explains that Lucky needs someone to talk to right now. Matt suggests that he and Maxie go on a date tomorrow night. Maxie quickly agrees to the invitation. After Matt leaves, Maxie and Lucky speak briefly about Aiden. Maxie thinks it is great that Lucky has a close connection to his nephew.

Nearby, Olivia sits down at the bar. Olivia asks Coleman for a shot of whiskey. Olivia rambles on about Johnny’s arrest. Olivia talks about going back to Bensonhurst. Coleman listens intently. Olivia feels like she’s become a hypocrite. Olivia wonders if she can truly get over Sonny and Johnny.

At the Davis home, Kristina tells Alexis that Taylor is coming over to study. Alexis asks Kristina about Taylor. Kristina is thankful that Taylor is nothing like Kiefer. Kristina maintains that she and Taylor are just friends. Taylor shows up. Kristina turns on her laptop. Taylor sits on the couch next to Kristina. Alexis changes her mind about leaving. Kristina is embarrassed that Alexis won’t leave. Kristina begs her mom to go. Alexis suggests making some cocoa. Kristina reminds Alexis that she has a “date” since she’s wearing her expensive perfume. Alexis plans on visiting Mac in the hospital. Finally, Alexis leaves after some convincing. Kristina apologizes for her mom’s weird behavior. Taylor says that it’s okay. Taylor suggests doing a practice quiz. They talk about the War of 1812. Taylor leans in to kiss Kristina but she pulls away. Kristina apologizes for freaking. Taylor thinks that Kristina is “amazing”, and says that she inspires him. They both mutually apologize for their behavior. Taylor makes the decision to leave. Kristina thanks Taylor for coming over.

Michael shows up at the Davis home. Michael feels like the third wheel when he’s with Dante and Lulu. Kristina envies Lulu. Michael maintains that Kristina will fall in love someday. Kristina confides that she’s a different person since the situation with Kiefer. Kristina says that she has become numb and scared. Kristina fears that Taylor will eventually find out she’s damaged goods.

At the MetroCourt, Brook Lynn tells Carly about the botched seduction. Brook Lynn rambles on about Dante being faithful to Lulu. Brook Lynn feels embarrassed that she kissed Dante. Carly doesn’t want Michael involved. Brook Lynn points out that Michael lives at the loft. Carly thinks this is the “perfect scenario” and points out that Dante is just like Sonny.

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