GH Update Monday 8/9/10

General Hospital Update Monday 8/9/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Karen’s home in Oregon, Lucky announces that Pablo is really Aiden Cassadine, a baby boy who was kidnapped from General Hospital. Lucky puts a hand on the front door. Karen refuses to let Lucky in. Lucky says that Aiden is his son. Lucky begs Karen to help him. Karen won’t budge and Lucky won’t leave. Karen allows Lucky to enter the house. Lucky tells Karen that she can call the PCPD. Karen doesn’t think that Pablo is Aiden. Lucky explains how Aiden was taken from the hospital. Lucky makes it clear that both Karen and Bobby (Franco) were misguided by the kidnapper. Karen is upset. Lucky speaks of his love for Elizabeth. Lucky admits that it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Lucky confides that Liz had an affair with his brother. Karen feels sorry for Lucky. Lucky says that Aiden is a miracle baby. Lucky speaks warmly of Aiden, his son. Lucky tells Karen that he and Liz shouldn’t have to lose any more time without their son. Lucky begs Karen to let go of Aiden.

Elizabeth is called in to the hospital. Epiphany explains that a woman needs to talk to Liz. The young woman claims to be Shirley Smith’s daughter. Elizabeth raves about Shirley but the woman isn’t impressed. In fact, Shirley’s daughter is irritated that she had to come to Port Charles and take care of paperwork. Liz brings up Shirley’s jewelry. The woman laughs. Shirley’s daughter thinks that the jewelry is awful. Elizabeth asserts that Shirley was a very brave woman, and insists that she was very supportive. The woman demands to talk to hospital personnel. Elizabeth acknowledges that Shirley abandoned her husband and children, but insists that she felt regret for her choices. Shirley’s daughter is surprised to hear this. The woman agrees to take home her mom’s jewelry. Elizabeth relays the news to Epiphany. Epiphany and the woman leave the lobby to go pick up Shirley’s personal belongings. Nikolas shows up and asks Elizabeth if she is ready to talk to Cameron, Jake, and Spencer about Aiden’s abduction.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Brook Lynn and Carly bicker about Dante. Carly wants Brook Lynn to be proactive in her plan to seduce Dante. Brook Lynn knows that Dante is committed to Lulu. Carly demands that Brook Lynn speed up her scheme to bed Dante. Brook Lynn points out that Dante might not be interested. Brook Lynn says that Dante and Lulu are in love. Carly thinks that Brook Lynn is “insecure”. Brook Lynn believes that the plan will backfire. Carly threatens to stop Brook Lynn’s cash flow if she doesn’t seduce Dante. Carly says that Dante is just like Sonny. Carly maintains that Brook Lynn needs photographs of the deed. Olivia walks up and wonders what they’re talking about. Carly tells Olivia to butt out. Olivia reminds Carly that they used to be friends. Carly admits that she wants to take photos of Brook Lynn onstage. Carly mentions Johnny’s arrest at the restaurant. Olivia is shocked by the news. Olivia walks away. Brook Lynn wonders how Johnny is doing. Carly makes it clear that Brook Lynn needs to focus on Dante.

It is a foggy night on the docks. Sonny is thinking about Brenda. Sonny sees a woman and believes it is Brenda. When she turns around, Sonny realizes it is Claire. Claire finishes her phone call. Sonny smiles at Claire. Claire tries to resist Sonny’s charms. Sonny assumes that Claire wanted to run into him. Claire reminds Sonny that she isn’t interested. Claire mentions that she takes walks on the pier to clear her thoughts. Sonny comments that rain is coming. Sonny wants to spend some time with Claire. Claire hesitates to answer. Sonny figures that Claire is scared of him. Claire finally agrees to go back to Sonny’s place.

At the police station, Dante walks into the interrogation room where Johnny is sitting. Dante announces that Jason has been transferred back to Pentonville. Dante brings up the death of one of the Lopez brothers. Johnny refuses to help Dante since he is so naïve toward Sonny. Johnny mentions that Dante used to be a good undercover cop until he was “corrupted” by Sonny. Dante tries to defend himself but Johnny doesn’t buy it. Dante storms out of the room. Olivia shows up to see Johnny. Johnny tells Olivia that his bail has already been posted. Johnny says that Dante escorted him to the police station. Johnny compliments Sonny on a job well done (framing him for murder). Olivia can’t believe that Johnny is making jokes about his arrest. Olivia wishes that Johnny didn’t have a death wish. Olivia reminds Johnny that if he winds up dead, Sonny wins in the end. Johnny wonders why Olivia is so concerned about his safety. Olivia doesn’t want to argue. Johnny points out that Dante isn’t such a good cop anymore. Johnny believes that Sonny has tainted Dante’s perspective. Olivia looks worried. Olivia hurries out of the interrogation room. Olivia almost runs right into Judge Carroll, who is at the police station to pick up some medical records. The judge notices that Johnny is in the interrogation room. Judge Carroll inquires about Johnny’s arrest. Johnny admits that Sonny framed him for the Lopez murder. Johnny hints that Claire isn’t trustworthy. The judge asks Johnny to explain. Johnny implies that Sonny and Claire have gotten close. Judge Carroll brings up having Claire disbarred.

On the flight back home, Lucky holds Aiden in his arms. Aiden is asleep. Lucky admires Aiden. Lucky talks about Aiden’s family – the unpredictable Cassadines and the loving Spencers. A stewardess makes a comment about Aiden being a beautiful baby. Lucky tells Aiden that he didn’t hesitate to tell Karen that he was his dad. Lucky is relieved that he got through to Karen. Deep down, Lucky wishes that Aiden was his.

Dante returns to the loft. Dante kisses Lulu. Lulu is on her way out to meet up with Carly and Michael for dinner. Dante relays that Johnny was arrested. Lulu is sure that Johnny didn’t kill Lopez. Dante wonders if Sonny framed Johnny. Lulu thinks it is possible that Sonny killed Lopez and pinned it on Johnny. Dante worries that Johnny was right about Sonny. Lulu admits that Dante has been “conflicted” lately. However, Lulu knows that Dante will always make the right decision when it comes to Sonny. Lulu kisses Dante before leaving.

Sonny and Claire arrive at his home before the rain begins. Claire stares out the window at the pouring rain. Sonny pours some red wine and compliments Claire on her dress. Sonny wants to make a toast. Sonny and Claire agree to not talk about business for tonight. Claire brings up what Sonny said on the docks. Sonny is reluctant to speak about Brenda. Claire urges Sonny to come clean about his ex. Sonny confides that he used to be engaged to Brenda but left her at the altar. Sonny beams with happiness when he speaks of Brenda. Sonny admits that he never got over Lily. Claire asks why Sonny is suddenly thinking about Brenda. Sonny says that Brenda contacted a friend of his. Claire senses that Sonny misses Brenda. Sonny pours some more wine. Claire gets an urgent phone call so she leaves the room. Sonny has a flashback to Brenda.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Michael sits down at a table across from Carly. Michael is curious as to why Carly wants to have dinner with Lulu. Michael knows that his mom is still mad at Lulu. Carly insists that she’s moved on. Lulu shows up. Carly brings up her landscape architect who ruined the bushes in her yard. Michael and Lulu offer to help with yard work. Carly says that they should get together on Saturday for a BBQ. Lulu wants to bring along Dante. Carly gets a phone call. Carly leaves the table. Michael stands up. Michael tells Lulu that he has to “check on something” at the loft.

Dante is just opening a bottle of beer when there’s a knock at his door. It’s Brook Lynn. She is drenched from the rainstorm. Brook Lynn claims that the hot water is out in her apartment. Brook Lynn asks Dante if she can take a shower at his place. After showering, Brook Lynn returns to the living room wearing a red satin robe. Brook Lynn suggests repaying Dante in some way.

At home, Elizabeth sits down with Cameron, Jake, and Spencer to talk about Aiden. Elizabeth says that Aiden was taken from the nursery. The boys wonder where Aiden is. Nikolas pipes in that Lucky is looking for Aiden. Suddenly, Lucky walks through the front door holding Aiden. Liz and Nikolas can’t believe their eyes. Elizabeth is relieved to have Aiden in her arms. Lucky tells Nikolas that Karen had Aiden. Nikolas can’t believe that Franco had fake adoption papers made up. Lucky leaves so Nikolas, Liz, and the boys can enjoy a family moment.

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