GH Update Friday 8/6/10

General Hospital Update Friday 8/6/10


Written by Jamila
Pictures by Juanita

Dante attempts to arrest Johnny at the Metro Court. Jonny tells Dante that Sonny is the real culprit in Tomas Lopezís murder. Back at the PCPD, Ronnie is livid when Diane informs him that she is legally allowed to look through every piece of paperwork in Jasonís file, which could take all day.

In Oregon Lucky, watches Karen bring Aidan into the house. While on the phone with Spinelli, Lucky relays that he is literally watching Karen with the baby. Through a picture message, he confirms she is indeed Francoís mom. Lucky tells Spinelli he is going to keep watch and try not to startle her because she might be mentally unstable.

Helena talks with Nikolas and Liz and says Liz was reckless, Nikolas asks what she knows about Aiden and Helen said that she couldnít offer any relief but could provide information to lessen the pain. Helena says its because of Elizabeth's stubbornness that Aidan was born prematurely, giving Franco the chance to abduct him! Alexis arrives just in time to hear this.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick walk and talk about Mac. Robin is distracted looking at her phone and says she received a messages from Brenda. She recounts how they were friends many years ago in and had recently reconnected in Africa.

Maxi visits Spinelli at the penthouse, she gives him the redecoration plans (his property from Maxie) and brings him chips and orange soda. Lulu apologizes to Spinelli for being insensitive about Jason.

 At the PCPD, Diane tells Jason that he only has a few hours. He tells her that he plans to serve out his sentence. Diane tells him she believes with him gone Sonny will become more volatile.

At the Metro Court, Jonny tells Dante that sonny is the mastermind that blew up his car and orchestrated this latest murder. Sonny is watching at a table with Claire and he tells her to pay attention because Johnny loves to play the victim. Claire responds with doubt. Sonny asks her if she thinks that he is stupid enough to do something like that, Claire says that he isnít stupid but cunning enough to do it. Claire tells sonny that is very likely he tried to set Johnny up. Dante finally arrests Johnny and Carly says they will have a rain check. Claire leaves to handle Johnny. Carly and Sonny have a brief exchange after Johnny leaves and she tells Sonny that he is due for a fall.

At Jasonís penthouse, Lulu says that she has been blinded by love and she apologizes for being love struck. She and Spinelli talk about the good old days but their moment is ended when Spinelli said he had to get back to work.

Later, Helena and Alexis bicker. Nikolas believes if she has nothing to say that will help them find Aiden, then she should leave ASAP, Helena warns Nikolas and tells him that this day will resonate in the course of time. While Alexis comforts Liz, they continue talking and Nikolas says he is going to make sure Helena leaves and walks out of the front door.

Karen and Aiden are in the living room, when someone knocks on the doorÖat the door Lucky is disguised as a census worker and after a little coddling, Karen invites him in.

Nik finds Helena at the docks where he asks her about her "important news."

In Oregon, Karen tells him information about her life thinking that she is answering census questions.

Lulu and Spinelli talk about her relationship with Dante. Spinelli says her friends and family should have more of an impact on her judgments about Dante. Maxie goes to the kitchen and suddenly there is a knock at the door and Carly walks in yelling ďso when can we take down this self righteous son of a bitch down, Coming from the back Maxie asks ďwho ď 

Dante enters the police station with Johnny and he puts him in the same interrogation room as Jason. Inside the room, Johnny tells him that he didnít kill Lopez. Jason tells him the truth isnít always an effective defense.

Max and Sonny walk into sonnyís office celebrating about how well the plan to set Johnny up for the fall, while they are talking about Claire, Robin walks in Robin goes to see Sonny and tells him that she got an email from Brenda.

On the docks, Nic and Helena fight about his relationship with LizÖ. Helena says that Nikolas doesn't deserve to have the information. Helena swears to Nickolas that she isnít keeping his son from him, 

Lucky and Karen talk, Karen says she has a new start with a new baby. After some more prying questions about the adoption of her son, she gets suspicious of lucky and escorts him out.

At the penthouse, Carly covers and tells Lulu she is talk in about Franco. After Lulu leaves, Carly tells Spinelli she isnít going to stop until Dante pays.

Back in the interrogation room, Jason tells Johnny he has slipped up in his dealings with Sonny. Johnny explains that it is sonny who has slipped up because he didnít take into account the economics of his deal with the Lopez brothers which would make offing Johnny less profitable.

Robin tells Sonny that Brenda is working on a charity foundation to help children and she leaves Brendaís phone number and email on the desk because she gets a page.

While questioning Johnny, Claire admits that she has seen a different side of Sonny and tells Johnny that Sonny is a great father. Johnny is disgusted and berates her.

Later, Robinís page leads her to the hospital for a consult with Patrick. He apologizes for not being more understanding of her past friendship with Sonny and her past relationship with Stone. Robin apologizes for shutting him out and they embrace.

Jason and Sam have a sentimental moment in the interrogation room before he is transferred.  Jason apologizes for how his choices have affected her. Sam understands and they embrace.

Spinelli and Carly talk at the penthouse. She recounts to Spinelli how Dante arrested john and she said he looked at acted self-righteous.  She said the plan was taking too long and she wanted a short-term gratification. She told Spinelli she wanted to put something in motion tonight.

Lucky goes back to Karenís house and tells her that he is a cop and that Aiden was kidnapped and not adopted. He tells her that he is Aidenís father.

Jason and Sam say their I love youíd and their goodbyes.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly tells Brooklyn that she is going to get Michael and Lulu out the apartment so she can seduce Dante tonight.

Johnny and Claire keep talking about killing Thomas Lopez. Claire tells Jonny all he wants is a mob war. Johnny tells her she is too far-gone. On her way out the camera shows Claire smirk to herself

Sonny walks on the dock and flashes back to how he met Brenda.

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