GH Update Wednesday 8/4/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/4/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the loft, Dante makes a call to Lucky. Dante finds out that Lucky has come across no new leads on Franco. Lucky plans on continuing to interview Karen’s neighbors in Woodstock. After the phone call, Dante speaks of his frustrations to Lulu. Dante fears that Jason will be headed back to Pentonville. Dante knows that he’s been preoccupied lately. Dante wonders how Franco will be found if Jason’s in prison. Claire barges in the door. Dante wishes that Claire would have called beforehand. Claire announces that her superiors want Jason back in prison – now. Dante brings up the 5:00 deadline. Claire asserts that Jason needs to get back. Dante promises to keep an eye on Jason. Dante reminds Claire that Jason is the bait to lure Franco. After Claire vacates, Lulu tells Dante that the attorney isn’t very nice.

Elizabeth is confronted by Helena in her hospital room. Helena says that Liz let down Aiden. Elizabeth doesn’t know what to say. Helena speaks warmly of Nikolas’ concern to help Liz. Nikolas walks in and demands that Helena leave immediately. Nikolas wants to call security. Helena warns Nik that he has “misguided loyalties”. After Helena leaves, Nik apologizes to Elizabeth. Elizabeth blurts out that Helena’s right.

Karen is holding Aiden (Pablo) when the phone rings. It’s Franco. Karen tells her son that Pablo is doing great. Karen wonders if the adoption is legal.

Jason enters his living room. Sam is sitting on the couch. Sam says that the coffee is ready. Jason and Sam wonder if Spinelli came across any leads. Jason doesn’t want to go back to prison yet. Spinelli returns. It is obvious that Spinelli didn’t discover any clues. Spinelli apologizes for letting down Jason. Sam is frustrated. Jason asks Spinelli to recheck the video frames. There is a knock on the door. It’s Diane. Diane informs Jason that he can’t delay his return to prison. Jason says that Spinelli is trying to find a lead on Franco. Spinelli talks about the legal jargon they came across. Diane realizes that it is an adoption term. After they confirm that Franco has an adoption contract, Jason is fairly confident that Aiden’s alive. Sam plans on heading to the hospital to check around. Diane figures that Jason will be headed back to Pentonville one way or the other. Diane says that Jason is still looking at a Class D felony sentence. Jason has no regrets in going to prison for Michael. Diane has no legal standing to delay Jason’s return to prison. Diane makes a comment that Sonny is caught up in this situation with Johnny. There is a knock on the door. It’s Dante. Dante asks if any progress has been made. Diane leaves the penthouse. Dante updates Jason and Spinelli. Dante says that Claire is trying to stall Jason’s return to Pentonville.

Maxie visits Mac in the hospital. Maxie reassures Mac that she’s been doing cleaning at the house. Maxie says that the houseplant is dying. Mac praises Maxie and Robin for taking good care of him. Mac wants to celebrate by having dinner with Maxie and Robin. Mac senses that Maxie is stressed over work. Matt walks in. Maxie kisses Matt. Mac figures that Matt is using Maxie. Maxie leaves the room. Matt checks Mac’s vitals. Matt tries to skirt the issue. Matt mentions that Maxie is after him, not the other way around. Maxie returns. Mac mumbles out that Maxie is better off with Spinelli. Matt walks out of the room.

At the hospital, Steven and Maya talk about a mistake she made in a patient’s chart. Steven insists that the notation screw-up could happen to anyone. Maya apologizes for the mistake. Maya brings up Ethan’s shooting. Maya wishes that she wouldn’t have froze afterwards. Steven reminds Maya that she’s still learning. Steven suggests that Maya find a balance at work. Ethan is listening nearby. When Steven walks away, Ethan asks Maya to take him to bed. Maya and Ethan return to the hospital room. Ethan makes some jokes. Maya says that this isn’t a date. Maya is beating herself up about freezing. Ethan wants Maya to let it go. Maya realizes that she has to do better. Maya leaves and returns a short time later. Ethan refuses to eat the chicken broth, applesauce, and orange juice. Maya thanks Ethan for his advice. Maya says that she didn’t freeze with a triage patient. Ethan wonders what his “reward” is. Ethan asks for a sponge bath, followed by a massage. Maya laughs in response. Before leaving, Maya says that she’ll get Epiphany to help Ethan.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Carly and Brook Lynn meet to talk. Brook Lynn insists that Dante is preoccupied with work. Carly figures that Brook Lynn is just making excuses. Carly wishes that Brook Lynn would stop concentrating on Johnny. Brook Lynn knows that Dante is worried about Aiden. Brook Lynn promises to work harder. Olivia shows up and confronts Carly about last night. Olivia warns Carly to stay away from Johnny. Carly maintains that Olivia can’t tell her what to do. Olivia wishes that Carly would back off. Brook Lynn listens from her table.

Brook Lynn runs into Johnny at the MetroCourt. Johnny and Brook Lynn talk about their night at Jake’s. Johnny is looking for Carly. Carly tells Brook Lynn to talk to the sound guy. Johnny hands an earring to Carly. Carly wants to spend more time with Johnny. Johnny assumes that Carly wants to make Sonny jealous. After Johnny walks out, Brook Lynn sits down and starts eating a salad. Carly is furious that Brook Lynn isn’t contacting Dante. Brook Lynn assures Carly that Dante is working on finding Franco and Aiden. Brook Lynn brings up Johnny. Carly makes it known that it isn’t any of Brook Lynn’s business. Carly wants Brook Lynn to keep an eye on Dante. Brook Lynn asserts that she isn’t Carly’s “puppet”. Carly threatens to stop providing funds for Brook Lynn if she doesn’t comply. Brook Lynn warns that she’ll tell Jax that Carly is after Johnny.

Lulu finds Nikolas at the hospital. Nikolas is on the phone with Alfred. Lulu assures Nik that Dante and Lucky are looking for Aiden. Nikolas tells Lulu that Helena confronted Elizabeth. Lulu thinks that Helena is nuts. Nikolas worries that Elizabeth will continue to blame herself for the abduction. Lulu apologizes for not being there for Nik and Elizabeth. They hug. Lulu leaves to get some coffee for Nik. Nikolas stares at Aiden’s ankle bracelet. Nikolas has a flashback to when he and Liz named the baby. Lulu hands Nik a cappuchino. Nikolas wishes he hadn’t pushed Elizabeth to move into Wyndemere. Nikolas feels bad that he tried to control Liz. Nikolas tells Lulu that Elizabeth is a wonderful mother. Lulu says sorry for judging Elizabeth.

Outside, Johnny and Olivia run into each other. They start arguing over Carly. Olivia can’t believe that Johnny was flirting with Carly. Olivia points out that Johnny gets involved with women connected to Sonny. Olivia jokes that Johnny should go after Alexis or Kate next. Johnny says that Olivia always defends Sonny. Johnny points out that all conversations lead back to Sonny. Johnny swears that he has remained faithful to Olivia. Olivia maintains that she doesn’t want Johnny killed. Johnny doesn’t buy Olivia’s justification.

Elizabeth starts packing her bag to leave the hospital. Steven walks by the hospital room. Elizabeth is missing Cameron and Jake. Steven apologizes for what happened to Aiden. Elizabeth says she was out of line to “lash” out at Steven. Elizabeth wonders if she should have rested during her pregnancy. Steven leaves the room. Nikolas returns. Elizabeth signs the hospital release papers. Elizabeth can’t believe she’ll be leaving GH without Aiden. Nikolas tries to console Liz. They leave the room together. Elizabeth is saddened to see a mother feeding her newborn baby. When they return to the house, Liz starts crying when she sees a welcome-home sign and blue balloons everywhere. Nikolas hugs Elizabeth.

In Oregon, Karen talks to Pablo. Karen mentions building a tree house in the future.

In his hospital room, Ethan tells Epiphany that he doesn’t need a sponge bath. Epiphany puts on gloves. Johnny walks in. Ethan is relieved. Epiphany vacates the room. Ethan tells Johnny that he needs to get released. Johnny confides that Carly is interested in him. Johnny wonders if sleeping with Carly is a good idea.

Spinelli is typing on his laptop when he finds a clue. Spinelli tells Dante and Jason that the legal papers have a zip code on them. The zip code 97103 is for Astoria, Oregon. Dante figures that Franco will not blend in there. Dante makes a phone call to Claire. Spinelli books a flight for Dante and Jason. Dante wants to notify the Astoria police but Jason is against it. Jason figures that they can find Franco on their own. Spinelli hands the men their tickets and information on Astoria. Before they can leave, Ronnie shows up and announces that Jason is going back to prison.

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