GH Update Tuesday 8/3/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/3/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Jason, Spinelli, and Dante watch video footage from Franco’s camera crew. Spinelli zooms in on Franco’s desk. Franco is holding some papers in his hand. Jason senses that there’s a clue in the paperwork. Spinelli is tired of Dante hovering over him. Spinelli says that the resolution is low. Jason hopes that Spinelli can find some answers. Dante reminds Spinelli that Jason will go back to prison tomorrow if they get no leads. They manage to read off some numbers and letters but nothing makes sense. Spinelli makes a comment about “privileged info”. Jason wonders if the papers are from a lawyer. Dante is on Spinelli’s case to find out some information. Spinelli asks Dante to back off. Dante suggests leaving for a while. After Dante leaves, Spinelli brings up Jason going on the run. Jason asserts that he’ll be going back to prison after Franco is apprehended.

Olivia and Steven have some margaritas at Jake’s. Steven vents about his suspicions concerning Lisa and Patrick. Steven wants to tell Robin the truth. Olivia advises against it. Olivia knows that Robin trusts Patrick. Steven feels “obligated” to speak his mind. Olivia believes that Lisa used Steven to make Patrick jealous. Olivia tells Steven that he’s better off without Lisa. Steven brings up Olivia’s boyfriend Johnny. Olivia confides that she can’t save John but can’t walk away either. Olivia wants to go see Johnny but Steven insists he owes her a drink. Olivia agrees to come back to Jake’s after seeing Johnny.

Carly shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Carly wants to have a chat. Johnny wonders what Carly means when she says they have the same goals. Johnny is curious as to why Carly is okay with the fact that he wants to bury Sonny. Carly admits that she doesn’t care what happens to Sonny. Carly confides that Sonny was unable to protect Michael. Carly blames Dante for Michael’s prison time. Johnny wishes that Michael hadn’t been caught in the middle. Johnny compares Anthony to Sonny. Carly doesn’t have any sympathy for Claudia. Carly acknowledges that Sonny’s way of life is destructive. Carly says that Sonny is very selfish. Johnny inquires about Carly’s marriage to Jax. Carly mentions that she and Jax are over. Carly maintains that she is looking out for her children. Johnny tells Carly that Claudia didn’t mean for Michael to get shot. Carly still wants justice. Johnny can’t stop thinking about Olivia. There is a knock on the door. It’s Olivia. Olivia is furious to find Carly sitting on the couch. Carly won’t leave. Carly and Olivia start arguing. Carly badmouths Dante. Johnny tries to play peacemaker. Olivia warns Johnny that he shouldn’t get involved with Carly. Olivia storms out.

At the Corinthos house, Sonny warns Brook Lynn to stay away from Johnny. Sonny states that Johnny is using Brook Lynn. Sonny badmouths Claudia. Sonny blames Claudia and Johnny for Michael’s shooting. Brook Lynn listens without saying a word. Sonny is mad that Johnny knew the whole time that Claudia was involved. Brook Lynn says that she likes Johnny. Sonny reminds Brook Lynn that Johnny used Kristina, and she almost died. Sonny brings up his family connection to the Cerullos. Brook Lynn refuses to make any promises to avoid Johnny. They hug. Claire walks in. Sonny introduces Brook Lynn to Claire. Brook Lynn insists that she’s just a family friend. Brook Lynn leaves. Sonny assumes that Claire is jealous. Claire brings up her baby-making proposition but Sonny isn’t interested. Claire announces that Sonny could be facing criminal charges. Claire explains that the photos aren’t doctored. Sonny isn’t worried when Claire mentions a search warrant for the warehouse. Sonny implies that he doesn’t make mistakes. Claire says that there is surveillance on Johnny’s place, and Carly is visiting with Johnny right now. Sonny makes a call to Carly. Sonny asks Carly where she is. Carly hangs up on Sonny. Claire tells Sonny that he’s in a pickle – if Johnny dies, he’s the lead suspect. Sonny knows that Johnny has a “death wish”. Carly barges in. Claire quickly leaves. Carly and Sonny argue. Sonny walks upstairs and Carly storms out of the house.

At the hospital, Robin shows Patrick the cut-up photos from her hospital locker. Patrick is shocked. Robin figures that Lisa did it. Robin confronts Lisa. Lisa denies having anything to do with it. Lisa explains that she came straight from Jake’s to the hospital. Lisa makes a joke of the situation. Lisa doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Lisa accuses Robin of cutting up the photos herself. Robin is outraged by the allegation. Lisa refuses to play any more games. Later on, Patrick asks Robin how Mac is doing. Patrick tells his wife that hospital security will look into the locker situation. Patrick points out that Lisa was “convincing”. Robin still believes that Lisa is a suspect. Patrick throws the pictures in the garbage. They head for the elevator. Lisa is watching.

Lulu pays Ethan a visit in the hospital. Ethan refuses to eat the hospital food. Ethan wishes he could have a cheeseburger. Lulu laughs. Lulu apologizes for the fact that no one else has visited Ethan. Ethan thanks Lulu for stopping by. Ethan jokes about allowing strippers into his hospital room. After Lulu leaves, Tracy shows up, shopping bag in hand. Ethan opens it to find silk pajamas. Tracy complains about the hospital’s accommodations. Ethan brings up Luke. Tracy changes the subject. Tracy suggests that Ethan stay at the Quartermaine mansion for a while. Tracy admits that she can’t locate Luke. Ethan wants Tracy to find Luke. Tracy can’t get over the fact that Luke stole her money. Ethan reminds Tracy that Luke did it for attention. Ethan advises Tracy to call Luke and tell him about the hospital shooting. Ethan believes that Luke and Tracy are meant for each other. Tracy feels that love isn’t enough.

Lulu walks into Jake’s. Lulu talks to Coleman. Lulu speaks of her visit with Ethan. Lulu is worried that Jason wants Dante dead. Sam overhears the two talking. Sam intervenes and defends Jason. Sam reminds Lulu that Jason helped saved her life when Franco was in town. Lulu worries how Dante will be impacted by all this. Sam maintains that Jason won’t run while Franco is still missing. Sam understands where Lulu is coming from. Sam points out that Lulu can’t lose herself even though she’s in love.

At the penthouse, Spinelli continues to check video on his laptop. Sam returns. Sam asks if Spinelli and Jason have made any progress. Jason figures that a good night’s sleep is best. Spinelli leaves so Jason and Sam can be alone. Sam is upset. Jason hugs Sam. They kiss.

Dante returns to the loft. Dante tells Lulu that there’s no sign of Franco. Lulu vents about her conversation with Sam. Lulu is thankful for Sam’s valuable input. Lulu wants to find a balance in her life. Dante suggests slowing things down in their relationship. Lulu and Dante kiss. Michael walks in the door. Lulu and Michael play “Guitar Hero”. Dante looks bored.

Johnny sits down at a booth at Jake’s. Brook Lynn is near the jukebox. Brook Lynn and Johnny make eye contact. Brook Lynn slides into the booth across from Johnny.

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