GH Update Monday 8/2/10

General Hospital Update Monday 8/2/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Jason argues with Dante and Lucky about Franco’s true intentions. Jason figures that Franco wants to keep Aiden. Jason regrets not seeing the hints that Franco gave him. Jason brings up Franco’s focus on Josslyn. Jason is fairly certain that Franco wants to raise a baby. Jason figures that Franco wants to emulate his relationship with Michael. Dante thinks that Jason is nuts. Dante believes that Franco is still playing a game with all of them. Dante and Lucky want to concentrate on finding Aiden. Jason sticks by his viewpoint. Jason says that Franco faked his death as a diversion to kidnap Aiden. Lucky admits that the baby could symbolize Jason, therefore Franco doesn’t need to fixate on Jason anymore. The men worry that Aiden could be dead. Jason doesn’t think that they’ll find Franco. Dante wants to start looking for Karen Anderson. Dante reminds Jason that he’ll go back to prison if he doesn’t help them in the search. Lucky doesn’t want to tell Elizabeth about the situation with Aiden. Dante and Lucky wonder how they can locate Karen. Jason senses that there’s someone out there that knows something. Spinelli is busy typing on his laptop. Spinelli manages to hack into the Los Angeles police database. Jason says that Franco’s cameraman Vince is dead. Dante worries that Spinelli is breaking laws. Lucky informs them that there is no sign of Karen Anderson in Woodstock. Lucky wants to go to Woodstock and speak to Karen’s neighbors. Lucky promises to keep everyone updated. After Lucky leaves, Jason watches the video on Spinelli’s laptop. It is coming from Franco’s office. Jason notices some questionable paperwork on Franco’s desk.

In Oregon, Karen gets settled into her new home. Franco watches as Karen picks up Aiden and holds him in her arms. Franco hopes that Karen will raise the baby. Franco wishes that he had been a better son. Karen agrees to watch Aiden. Karen looks out the front window. Karen comments that the water is “peaceful”. Karen suggests naming the baby Pablo. Franco thinks it’s a great name. Franco hugs his mom before leaving. Franco says that Karen and Pablo will be safe and sound in Oregon. Franco hints that he’ll be starting on a new series. Alone, Karen rocks Pablo until he falls asleep.

At home, Carly and Jax argue about his trip to Barcelona with Skye. Carly assumes that Jax slept with Skye. Carly knows that Skye wants Jax all to herself. Jax swears that nothing happened in Spain. Jax brings up Carly and Sonny. Carly confesses that she slept with Sonny after Michael’s transfer to Pentonville. Carly justifies her actions by saying she was “angry and hurt”. Jax is speechless. Jax wonders if his marriage to Carly can be mended. Jax thinks that Carly slept with Sonny as “payback”. Carly denies the allegation. Jax asks Carly how they move on. Carly is saddened to hear Jax say their marriage is a “sad sorry mess”. Jax admits that he had fun spending time with Carly, Morgan, and Josslyn this afternoon. Carly says that Jax is a great dad. Jax promises to adopt Morgan as planned. Jax and Carly agree that their marriage might be over. Jax storms out of the house.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Johnny interrupts Sonny and Claire’s dinner meal. Sonny wants Johnny to leave them alone. Johnny discloses that he has photographs of Sonny’s illegal shipment. Claire’s curiosity is piqued. Johnny urges Claire to contact her boss. Sonny questions why Claire is hesitating. Olivia butts in. Johnny realizes that Claire isn’t going to make any calls. Johnny laughs at Sonny. Sonny is annoyed that Johnny won’t walk away. Olivia pushes Johnny toward the elevator. They argue over Sonny. Johnny is mad as he boards the elevator. Nearby, Sonny apologizes to Claire about Johnny’s interruption. Claire brings up Johnny’s photographs. Sonny pours some more wine. Claire says that Sonny could be charged with RICO violations if the photos are credible. Sonny wishes Claire wouldn’t believe Johnny. Sonny says that he can call Diane. Olivia walks up and makes a scene. Olivia warns Claire to stay away from Sonny. Olivia says that Sonny is using Claire. After Olivia leaves, Claire reflects on the warning. Claire is done eating. Sonny suggests getting some champagne and heading back to his place. Claire goes over her proposed plan again. Claire figures that getting pregnant by Sonny will lead to a professional conflict-of-interest. Claire asks Sonny to think it over.

Patrick walks into Jake’s. Patrick asks Coleman for some whiskey. Coleman implies that Robin has got Patrick on a short leash. Patrick vents about Lisa. Patrick implies that something happened between them. Coleman advises Patrick to keep quiet. Patrick feels torn up inside about sleeping with Lisa. Coleman wonders if Lisa is the kind that holds a grudge. Lisa walks in. Patrick and Lisa sit down at a table. Patrick has a serious look on his face. Lisa apologizes for acting like a crazy person. Patrick insists that Lisa needs to stop flirting with him. Patrick says that he and Lisa can’t sleep together again. Lisa starts reminiscing about old times. Patrick reminds Lisa that they need to stop talking about the past. Lisa agrees to back off because her friendship with Patrick is more important than sex. They shake hands. Patrick tells Coleman that he and Lisa have come to an understanding. Coleman hopes that Lisa won’t sabotage Patrick’s marriage to Robin.

Nearby, Brook Lynn walks up to the bar. Coleman mentions that Brook Lynn is “trouble”. Brook Lynn is looking for Johnny. Brook Lynn asks for a beer. Johnny walks in and asks the bartender for a drink. Brook Lynn and Johnny talk about Sonny. Johnny is surprised that Brook Lynn isn’t upset over his vendetta against Sonny. Carly walks in. Carly starts playing darts with Patrick. Patrick vents about his frustrations concerning Lisa. Patrick wants to tell Robin the truth. Carly advises against it. After Johnny leaves, Carly confronts Brook Lynn. Carly reminds Brook Lynn that she needs to sleep with Dante. Carly warns that Johnny is off-limits to Brook Lynn.

Steven is getting dressed in the locker room. Robin walks in. Robin brings up a patient consult. Robin and Steven talk about Aiden’s kidnapping and the shootings at the hospital. Steven blames himself for what happened at GH. Robin says that Steven isn’t at fault. Robin comments that Dr. Hardy would be “proud” of Steven’s decision-making. Robin hands the patient file to Steven. Steven promises to have a decision tomorrow. Robin brings up her fears concerning Lisa. Robin blurts out that Lisa is obsessed with Patrick. Robin worries that Lisa and Patrick are having an affair. Steven admits that Lisa likes Patrick. Robin asks Steven if Lisa can be transferred to Mercy. Steven confides that he slept with Lisa. Steven worries that Lisa would start a sexual harassment suit if he tried to transfer her. Robin assumes that Lisa just used Steven to make Patrick jealous. Robin decides that she and Patrick need to figure out how to deal with Lisa. Steven wishes Robin good luck.

At the nurses’ station, Robin is looking at a patient file. Steven walks up to Robin. Steven admits that Robin is right about the consult, that the patient does need a drug protocol. Steven comments that Robin should go home and get some sleep. Robin nears the elevator but Lisa stops her. Lisa apologizes for trying to come between her and Patrick. Robin is clear that she and Patrick are in love. Steven watches from close by.

Steven enters Jake’s. Steven bumps into Patrick. Coleman says that there’s a special on margaritas. Steven and Patrick talk about the drama circulating around the hospital. Steven tells Patrick about Robin’s concerns. Patrick is surprised to hear about Robin wanting Lisa transferred. Patrick admits that he talked to Lisa. Steven agrees to keep quiet about Patrick and Lisa. Steven suggests that Patrick should go home to Robin. Patrick leaves. Olivia walks in and sits next to Steven. Steven implies that he’ll be at the bar for a while.

After taking a shower, Robin opens her locker at the hospital. Robin notices that her photographs have been tampered with. In all the photos, Robin’s face has been cut out.

Brook Lynn shows up at Sonny’s. Sonny speaks of his concerns regarding Johnny. Sonny asks if Brook Lynn and Johnny are serious. Brook Lynn says that they are just friends. Sonny fears that Brook Lynn might get hurt due to Johnny’s vendetta. Sonny tells Brook Lynn that Johnny wouldn’t hesitate to use her.

Carly shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Carly mentions that she wants to check on the blender. Johnny wonders what Carly really wants. Johnny pours Carly a drink. Carly admits that she and Johnny are a lot alike. Carly implies that they both have “similar goals”.

Franco is on a flight. Franco makes a phone call but is interrupted by a stewardess. Franco mentions that he wants to book a model – Brenda Barrett.

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